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to Continue...from June 30

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

To continue...They have a pretty kitty, Minina, who is pregnant...She's a very sweet cat, and valuable to keep mice and rats away from the house "bodega." Well, today, Josué accompanied mama and me to the market where I got grapefruit - get this: 5 for one SOL. I got FIFTEEN for 3 soles - just a little over a dollar! Let me know if you're jealous! Other things too. I made lunch of broccoli salad, ...and chicken salad, and soup from boiling the chicken. Meanwhile, Josué and Papito continued working on the room. Papito is amazing for 80 years old! I am so blessed to have this time with them. Levi stopped in briefly and I gave him 3 little sandwiches of the chicken salad, then he had to leave again.The rest of us lunched together. I met another nephew, David, uncle Armando's son, when the two of them stopped by. Not ready to be tested on them just yet!
So, anyway, that's about it - my journal has more details because I was able to make entrees more frequently. Niece Leidi came for me so I could use the internet at Erica's house, but it was dark in that corner, so they led me next door to Marita's, and here I am. Till Levi comes home. Gonna try to load some fotos!

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BLONDEE53 7/5/2012 1:20PM

    OH me too!
I'll bet they are so good...and good for you too. When you get a bargain, it's a blessing as well.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/4/2012 11:44PM

    I am definitely jealous over the great price you paid for the grapefruit!!! You sound so very happy to be among you chosen family again which makes me happy and excited for you.
May God continue to bless you and yours.

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from June 28

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Today, today, I leave to be with my Belovéd!
Yesterday we had a quiet day in the DAYTIME...Originally, Ps. Jorge was going to have us (the church) go to Huascar Park but since he and I had already walked our legs off there on my goddaughter's birthay, he changed plans to be a pass-a-dish lunch at the church. SO MUCH FOR LOSING WEIGHT! I didn't have any of the cebiche Sabi made because she made my... favorite little fried fish, peje rey, JUST FOR MEEEEE! One person made a fried rice with bits of hot dog and chicken.Someone brought "chicharones" - fried bits - of octopus (sweet and tender!), someone else brought chicharones of chicken. Someone brought a salad of broccoli and avocado. There was also a warm pudding of pineapple. When we thought we had stuffed ourselves - someone else brought a platteer of spaghetti with chicken. I crammed a bit of wing and noodles in th last remaining space! Later people caame and went, Jorge practiced or composed songs, I loaded pix and chatted on the computer...Then we all went to Santosa's house - for HER birthday. Let me tell you, CHRISTIANS KNOW HOW TO PARTY - and with no liquor (just the New Wine of the Holy Spirit - see Acts 2), we had a delightful time, singing praises to the Lord and dancing. I used to be able to do a "Holy Ghost Hop" but now I do more of "Trinity Two-step!" I think I may have worked off that big lunch! Tito led in some gams before there was food - a wing in sauce, rice, and potato with creamy picante sauce. fter a while, I asked Sabi if I could have José escort me home, and Teresa came along, since she lives between José and the church. It was eleven when I got home and crashed into bed - Sabi said the rest of them got home around 2 after cleaning up when the party ended around 1:30!
I'm hearing some music by Paul Wilbur in Spanish with a Jwish flavor, the same song that sister Ana danced to at Ciudad de Refugio the last Sunay I was there. Today after lunch with my friend Nimia we'll go to the airport - early, in case of traffic delays. And perhaps we'll have the traditional Papa John's pizza! Meanwhile, my nieces Leidi and Tutty have told me the family is anxiously awaiting my arrival in Pucallpa tonight! Ah, but who is MOST anxious? Song - "Tonight" from West Side Story!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/4/2012 11:41PM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with lots of delicious foods. Praying for safe travel for you as I know you are anxious to get to Pucallpa. ENJOY!!!
Blessings and hugs,

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yesterday was my goddaughter's birthday. Lis had asked me in 2007 if I could be her madrina for her quinciñera. So here she's TWENTY now! Well, I stayed in Lima especially for her. So anyway, after I had a nice wash-up at the church and did stuff on the computer, her mother Luisa came for me. She took me and Ps Jorge to a restaurant which she runs by day ( another relative runs it as a pizzaria by night) where she served us a yummy chicken noodle soup to start, followed by a nice salad. Jorge had the pork chop. When I mentioned lasagna was my favorite dish, she prepared a pasta dish for me that had a nice cheesey sauce, and a bit of ground meat in tomato sauce, that just hit the spot. For dessert, enormous plump tangerines. Then we took a cab to the local park, Huascar, where I have been taken at least once every visit to Lima. I had a good long walk, and observed some new additions to the amusements offered there. Then we parted with Jorge and went to the Juarez residence where I lay down a while (my feet were swollen and sore!) Then up to visit a while with Lisbet's father Marcelino, catching up on events. Gradually other relatives arrived. Her cousinSilhi plopped next to me and let me tell her about my love. I also met an 11-yr-old girl whom I have to "friend" so she can continue practicing her English on me. It was pleasant to be reunited with others from Manantial de Vida for Lisbet's birthday. Silhi warned me they were "mañaneros," coming from work to join the party and staying to the wee hours of the morning - mañana. So Sabina called around 10 pm and asked when I might be coming home so my poor hostess Irma would not be inconvenienced. It was decided that Jorge would come for me. We stayed to sing a number of renditions of Happy Birthday, in Spanish and English, and to have some cake, and "another picture!" "otra foto!" It has ALWAYS been difficult to take leave of this delightful family in Christ. We rode with another cousin, Pilar and another partier to arrive home around midnight! All in all it was most pleasant fellowship, and Lis and her family were very glad that I "honored" them with my presence (while I in turn felt honored to be included!)

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 6/29/2012 7:43AM

    So glad that you agreed to be your god-daughter's madrina. What a blessing you with be to each other. What a wonderful time and great pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful extended family.

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MAESTRAPLANK1 6/28/2012 6:50AM

    What a very precious experience! You have made my morning by sharing it with SparkPeople! As a madrina you are very important in the life of a very special young lady. Blessings to you and your family! emoticon

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Good Investments

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yesterday morning before I went out visiting, Sabi and I were just sitting and talking, and I told her what a blessing it was to see the kids growing in the Lord. She told how all were increasing in boldness. For example, her daughter Ruth didn't participate in school festivities of singing certain songs with ungodly or satanic themes, enduring the mockery of her fellows - and then asked the teacher permission to preach. At first there was mockery, but then even th mockers were silenced. The teacher stepped out of the room, crying, and others were crying under the conviction of the Holy Spirit; and many received the Lord. Furthermore, Sabi told me how the "Soldados de Bendicion" (Soldiers of Blessing) tees I gave them last year also encouraged them, as they went out together and ministered through choreography or skits, and this year's "God's Army" baseball caps only added to the uniform and put fuel on the fire. I was so blessed to know that these little gifts contributed to the work of evangelism that they do in their spheres of influence. I may not get out like they do, but I am nonetheless a participant in the work they do, and so I can also share in the reward!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 6/29/2012 7:26AM

    I got chills just reading the wonderful blessing of this blog!!! The Lord is working in the lives of so very many though you and so many others. I can not praise Him enough.
emoticon emoticon

Thank you for sharing these great pictures too.

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Progress and Friends

Monday, June 25, 2012

Leví is entering the 21st century - last night he was at his niece's house and she told him I was online on facebook. So he started to message me under her name, till I reminded him of his account and password (wife=secretary!)While we chatted, Sabi brought me sandwiches of meat sauteed with peppers and onions. He went home after a while and tried to call me at the church, but could not get through. So he returned to his niece's house. Meanwhile, Sabina sent one of her nephews to get me a pre-paid phone card so I could call HIM. And that's what we did, finally connecting, talking about my arrival. Around 9 I was yawning like crazy so he urged me to go to bed. I slept well, and when I got up around 7:30 I went to Sabina's for breakfast. Chicken bits with peppers and onions - I told her, you can make anything taste good by adding peppers and onions! We had no formal agenda planned, so Jorge escorted me by mototaxi, with a bag of the clothes my grands outgrew, a big bottle of vitamins for children and one for women, to the tailor shop of my friend pastora Lorenza (whose daughter Ester is one of my 2 god-daughters, and whose 5-year-old daaughter was named after me!) She was totally surprised and delighted, and said my coming was very timely because she is in the midst of a very heavy economic crisis due to a loan her oldest daughter took out and has been unable to keep up with paymnts - so Lorenza as co-signer faces losing her house, and the sewing machines of her trade. I told her, were I rich, I would pay off her debt ( the equivalent of about $1500)- but that I would at least pray and alert others to pray for her situation.(SO PLEASE PRAY! And if you can help let me know, I'll tell you how to wire money to her!)) I have faced such crunches too, and understand the stress - and have seen God move, to the glory of His name, in unexpectd ways. While I was at her shop another sister, "Soldd de Roca, Anglica, who was with us at Machu Picchu, happned by and was surprised to see me thus unannounced. Lorenza's eldest son David - he's 14 or 15 - also came by. He has left school to work to help his mother, at HIS insistance (let me mention, Lorenza is a widow with many children) and today was his first day. My goddaughter Ester came by and gasped when she saw me. I think she'll be 17 this year! Well, then Lorenza was calling our mutual friend Cristina, and telling her "You have to come quickly, I don't know what to do, I'm desparate, hurry!" SCRING her (and Lorenza's muffled laughter sounded like crying). I hid when Cristina was approaching, and she took a seat, wondering what was up, and out I popped. Again - surprise and delight. Well, I treated us four adults to "pollo a la braza" (rotisserie chicken) with chicken noodle soup, fries, salad, and good ol' Coca Cola. Angelica brought her 4 yer old grandson, who focused on the fries. We had the whol chicken cut in eighths, and I sent the leftovers home with Lorenza to shar with the other kids. For that meal it was the equivalent of $14...a worthwhile expenditure to treat my friends. But you can't outgive God. Lorenza bought me some small bananas and tangerines to snack on! Then Cristina and I walkd to her house to visit and catch up on what we'd been going through during the past year. Lorenza and Anglica joined us a bit later with bread, whole grain crackers, cheese, and coffee.I crammed some cheese and crackers into the space in my esophagus, till Jorge came for me around 4:30. And here I am online!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 6/29/2012 7:18AM

    So glad to see your blog, know that all is well and you are having a great time Praying...

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GIRLINBRAZIL 6/25/2012 8:04PM

    Glad to hear from you and that all is well so far on your trip!

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