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the Value of STEWARDSHIP...4?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Time is one of the things we must steward."Manage" is the term we usually use, but it IS a matter of stewardship. I NEED to have time with the Lord - He is my Life, my reason for being, my purpose. If I neglect my relationship with HIm, all else suffers.
Rest is necessary. I slept fitfully the other night so I went almost immediately to bed on homecoming last night rather than reading and posting to the message boards. I probably could have slept more had I not had to wake for school.
When I went home for lunch today, after eating I did 10 minutes on the cycle rather than getting on Spark - knowing it's Wed, a "short" day, and I could get online after classes let out.And being sleepy prior to lunch, I figured - correctly - that the pedaling would energize me so that I wouldn't be too bleary eyed the last class.
I should nap well...and tonight I'll do the strengthening, perhaps after a little warmup (WARM UP? in THIS heat?) on the bike. The numbers coax me to go beyond myself..."just so many more seconds to get an even number of many more to get an even 2 miles..." The gauges on the bike are wonderful incentive!
Lord, help me to be a GOOD steward...of Time, talent, and the Missionette statement, right?


the Belief in the WORD of God

Monday, May 29, 2006

It's amazing to consider, this piece of literature can be read in so many ways. But best of all is its veracity and applicability to our lives, and how ETERNAL it is - How God can quicken a scripture to you, to speak directly to you for a particular situation.
Today I went to Sonia's for lunch, and she shared a scripture the Lord gave her from Ezra, how he went to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem,and was given favor so that many contributed to the work, even the king of his captivity. She said the Lord indicated it applied to our going to Peru, so we were considering how so. She'd invited a couple of other sisters over, and shared it with them, and one sister said how Esther, Nehemiah, and Ezra were similar books, and how Nehemiah had gone to rebuild the walls. That quickened something to ME - how 2 years ago, when I went, I was with Pastor Hugo, and he had begun the work of trying to unite various pastors and churches and rebuilding spiritual walls around the spiritual city of God ; and now Sonia and I going with Pr. Jorge to address even more churches, speaking about unity, worship, and intercession - rebuilding as it were the spiritual temple by encouraging even greater unity among even more churches.
Christ cannot return for HIs Bride, if the Body is still disjointed rather than working in coordination and harmony.
Well, anyway...that's just one small example. But how marvelous is the Word!


te Value of REVERENCE toward God

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I took my granddaughter Lakeiah to church with me today. She enjoys the opportunity to dance and to wave a flag. But occasionally she forgets WHY, and I have to remind her, it is not PLAY time, and it is certainly not time to be focusing on Josiah (whom she seems to really like) by trying to run around and chase with him. While I want her to find that church is an enjoyable experience, I also want to instill in her the understanding that we come here for GOD, to worship HIM, to give HIM our expressions of worship, whether it be singging, dancing, carrying a banner or flag, drawing - it's GOD time with the rest of the BOdy.

And I think sometimes as adults we lose sight of this. We "grade" the service by what WE get out of it - when, as the song goes, the heart of worship is all about "YOU, Jesus". And as Jeremy preached today, based on Leviticus, WE should be giving God OUR best - our whole hearted attention and honor.


the Belief in the FAMILY OF GOD

Friday, May 26, 2006

I love my earthly family. Dad's gone, but I have some fond memories, and I knew he loved me. Mom remains, and she's also a believer, as are my 3 sisters, Pam, Leigh, and Gwyn - and we're all getting together this weekend with Mom! I don't know if Rochester can take it! Leigh and Gwyn are supposed to arrive tonight.
But when I first met Christ our relationship faltered. Leigh had been my friend and confidante, but now I knew a greater and more intimate Friend. Pam mocked my praying. Gwyn was a clueless little sister at the time. Mom was long backslidden and bemoaned my falling into the religious trap.
Jesus SAID He would bring division within a family. In some families - moslem, orthodox Jew, hindu - the new convert often faces total ostracism. But to make up for it, "God sets the lonely in families". I have found a far deeper intimacy of relationship within the family of God through Christ whose blood bought our adoption as children. But when you can combine blood and spirit, it's a grand thing!


the Value of STEWARDSHIP, 3

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time is a resource that needs managing. One has to have so much sleep, and there are so many things to do during a day...Most important is to spend - INVEST - time in our relationship with the Lord. ANY relationship suffers when we don't spend time with a person, even if it's only over the phone/internet/or mail. I have to balance my minutes - I need to be able to do the tracking and such to get my body in submission to the spirit ( ie build good health habits to be honorable to God with the flesh) I also WANT to do the posts, because it is a form of accountabiltiy, but also it is an outlet for ministry. But I have to be careful not to spend a whole LOT of time on the boards (I'll focus on end-of-day review) because I also have to be able to put in time to exercise.
The first part of my day I turn to the Lord, but that's not to say I turn away later during the day. The connection is open, as I meet with situations ("Lord, how should I respond here? How can I comfort/counsel/show your love?" - praying for th epeople I work with, young and old alike.Lord, grant me wisdom and help me to steward the time YOu place inmy hands, to know when to say NO, when to refrain from one thing in favor of another.


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