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the value of FORGIVENESS

Monday, May 22, 2006

Jesus taught us not only to pray asking for foregiveness but exhorted us to forgive, giving us examples in the parable of the wicked servant who did not forgive his fellow who owed him little after he had been forgiven an unpayable debt by his master.
"I owed a debt I could not pay, He paid a debt He did not owe". If I, with all my shortcomings (euphemism for sin!) can expect that my Pather will forgive me because of the precious blood of Jesus, shall I not also extend forgiveness to those who've inconvenienced me?
Self forgiveness is also necessary. We need to value and believe God's word that He HAS forgiven us in Christ. If by Christ's death on the cross my sins were atoned, when I was not even born to commit them, how can I think that the future ones are not under the blood? While in this earthly tent I'll be struggling against the issues of the flesh. I may lose an occasional battle - but the war itself has already been won thru the cross. Halleluiah!


the value of STEWARDSHIP

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I remember in the days of being a Missionette leader of the Primroses, we spoke about being good STEWARDS...of time, talent and money.
I've been having a problem with one young believer who is lacking in maturity, and hasn't learned this lesson yet. I think I know how the apostle Paul felt when John Mark backed out of the journey with Paul and Barnabbas. What bothers me more than her renigging on the trip, though, is the failure to communicate with me - I found out thru someone else. Had she told me sooner I could have acted sooner on the ticket I purchased for her. Well, I have to call the travel agency and see if I can just switch it over to myself and go again NEXT year so that I won't be out the $1200! I go!



Friday, May 19, 2006

getting together with other believers to talk about experiences in the Lord, and even just to talk about's a time of being knit together, of enjoying one another. How's that Bill Gaither song go? Something like..."Going together, enjoying the trip, getting used to the family I'll spend eternity with.Learning to love you, how easy it is getting used to the family of God" I appreciate the "e-church" fellowship through Spark...and I treasure the local family of Shepherd's Heart. I'm so glad Ron and Sue will be at Koinonia this's such a cross section of the Body of Christ. "HOw beautiful the Radiant Bride who looks at her Groom with His light in her eyes..."How beautiful is the Body of Christ.But I've got to avoid putting so many unnecessary calories in THIS body!


values and beliefs

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why do we do the things we do?
Lord, I know I undertook this weight loss program on Dr's strong exhortation...but what keeps me going is my desire to be all YOU made me to be, to head towards that ideal. And I want to be a good example in all things. Self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit...and can be applied to the area of eating. At the same time, I have to guard against judging - ie, my husband, just because he isn't under the same conviction (even though as a diabetic he SHOULD care even more).
It is a joyful journey using Spark because of the friends I've been making. It'll b nice to get to know them better in Heaven, but meanwhile, online is fun. And I value the Body of Christ and believe that our Unity is one way to show Christ to the world.



Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Abi changed the exercise bike so that one works the arms as well, which makes it easier to pedal, but the WAY the arms move is still a good workout! This morning I also did a few stretches for my knees before pedaling. I've been gradually adding to my list of strengthening exercises, and adding a little more weight for some of the reps (doubling up the little 3-lb. weights)
Often the physical, natural world expresses things going on in the spirit as well. For instance, I know my faith is being stretched as I face this next missionary venture with nothing written down (much less translated) in advance. After all, did Jesus write His sermons out ahead of time? Did Paul or any of the apostles? But the Holy Spirit gave them utterance for the crowd according to the need of the moment. And so I read the word and store it up, and listen to music and teachings, and soak it when I'm called upon, the Spirit can direct me to give each group or individual a custom-made teaching.
But it's a scary place to be...well...maybe not scary so much,as exhilerating - like taking a bungee jump. I think I'd rather do this than bungee!


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