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Counting down, not calories...

Monday, May 12, 2008

I have been very lax, not tracking my calories, but I have tried at least to eat responsibly, with occasional forays into chocolate... emoticon My exercise has dropped off because I have had to work extra hours. I can no longer set my alarm for 5:30 to exercise because I need the rest. But if I DO get up early enough, I'll exercise. And when i don't get distracted by other things I have to do during my lunch break, I'll try to squeeze in exercises then. But a regular regimen, while not out of the question, is certainly not very likely.
As a result, not surprisingly, I put some of the weight back on...but I have been maintaining. I expect when I am in Peru I may be able to drop some of it again - for one thing, their chocolate isn't as good! And it is much more difficult to snack.
And speaking of Peru, that is where the "count down" comes in. As of today as I write this, there are 46 days before I arrive in Lima. I leave here on June 26 in the afternoon. My "son" Abel at the very least will be there to greet me at the "butt-crack" of dawn on the 27th - and Esli has said he plans to be there too.
Meanwhile, my DSIL and younger DD gave me their computer, and I am just learning to load pix from it, which accounts for why I have not changed my gallery until today!

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LUV-BEING-NANA 5/12/2008 8:44AM

    Shel, good to see you online...I've missed you on the Christian Missionary Women's daily check in!! Sorry you are having to work so much. Seems it has brought you down a bit. I will pray for added energy and strength so that you can do all that is needed. Your trip is coming up fast!!! Yeah!!!

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How We Influence Others

Friday, March 28, 2008

I was chatting online with one of my Peruvian "sons" Dany (above at his mom's house in Iquitos, Peru) who is presently a missionary in Colombia. I'm going through some stuff here, and he wanted to encourage and comfort me. "Mom, I'll tell you, I learned some things about you. I hope when I am your age I have as much energy and passion for the Lord as you do."
A couple of days ago, I was talking online with a newer spiritual daughter in Lima, Peru, whom I haven't yet met face-to-face, but will when I return there this summer. She told me that she knows one of my spiritual sons, Jhon, and he had told her that when I hug him, he feels the love of God. And just today I went to Western Union to pick up money FROM one of my spiritual sons who is working in Brazil. He said, when he told me he was going to send it, that I have the Father's heart. His gift is the equivalent of a month's wages.
Their testimonies of love touch me, and encourage me, and make me want to press on to stay fit and continue to serve.


Prepare the Way!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Well, Foreman and family have been gone 2 weeks...I miss them! But today I went and had my taxes done, and am delighted that my return will be enough to pay my airfare to Peru this summer! Of course, I still need to raise funds for other parts of the trip, especially the 10-14 day trip to the jungle churches after the third week there. Sparkmail me if you want to know how you can participate in this Kingdom work! Meanwhile, I am eager to be with my Soldiers of Blessing, and include their pictures as I write this blog (except I don't have one of Yuri). We have built our relationships over the months and years, through e-mail and IM'ing, and face-to-face time. God is all about relationships, and I look forward to seeing us all drawing closer to each other and especially to the Lord.
MEANWHILE, I have GOT to get this body in shape for the rigors of missionary work. I'm better than I was, but I put some of the pounds back on. GIT OFF!

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LUV-BEING-NANA 3/22/2008 5:23PM

    WooHoo! Praise The Lord!! He truly is Jehovah Jirah (Our Provider).


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Reflections before saying Good-Bye...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Today is Foreman's last day, so I stayed home from school (I'll go to my evening job because he'll be out preaching anyway). He has made some contacts that he didn't have before, networking through people I have known - my friend Sonia's daughter introduced him to a brother from Chile, who brought him to a Calvary Chapel. The same brother put him in touch with the Peruvian pastor of the couple he works for.That church is in Naples (NY!) I put him in touch with the Peruvian brother I met at the bilingual church I visit, who had more success than I did in connecting him with Pastor Luis of said church.
And also through someone he knows in Peru, who has the brother pastoring in Philly. So, while we didn't do what we thought we would, God has ordained His own plans, and they are always good.
I'm taking Foreman to pick up an offering from the bilingual church, and I'm also taking him with me to an agency as a reference to take care of Sonia's mom (so I could start sooner rather than waiting for another written reference to come in.)
Connections. Relationship. God is all about relationships.
WHO's going to TEASE me when Foreman's gone????


More Adeventures

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've posted the pictures from Maryland and NYC as well.
After we left Philly on Mon the 18th, we drove to Maryland where my sister Leigh lives (Pasadena). Not as difficult to find as our destination in Philly! We spent the night, and Fore + enjoyed the enormous TV and my brother-in-law's Harley Davison. The following day we went in to DC so Fore could see the White House (which is what he thought the CAPITOL building was - he saw both!) . Having been up and driving all day, when we returned to Leigh's it occurred to me after paying the toll that I did not remember crossing this bridge on the way TO DC....Foreman woke from his snooze and was impressed with the great span over the bay - "You gringos sure know how to build things!" - but he too said "I don't think we came this way. Sure enough, had to double back, but my sister reassured me it happens to her too - you miss your exit and land up somewhere else.
After that night we headed to NYC, and it was my original intention to go to Rochester NY afterwards. But Leigh said I'd have already driven the 5 or so hours to NYC, why drive 6 more? Stay the night somewhere! Well, Philly was supposedly only 2 hours away...HA. Remember what I said about driving there? Wrong exit, traffic, overshooting, I ended up driving 6 hours ANYWAY. "If you lived here, you'd be home by now!" Oh, well, all's well that ends well.
I ended up my photo gallery with a few favorites of me in Peru with some of my upcoming Soldados de Bendicion.


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