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ANOTHER reason

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I finally got some pix of my new granddaughter, penny. And NOT from her daddy (my only flesh-and-blood son ) but rather from her AUNTIE, my daughter in Texas. Apparently my son sent her some pix via his cell phone, and she just ASSUMED that of COURSE he sent them to grandma! She and I were on the phone the other day and when it came out that she had pix and I didn't , she hastened tohave her hubby download them to the compu to send me. So, here's the cutest of the cutie featured on my page. A friend coined the phrase. I can't wait to get my hands on her, but I'm gonna have to. I'm hoping they can visit for Christmas (they live out of MY state)


More Motivation

Sunday, October 21, 2007

While Iquitos is my home-away-from-home, and Foreman is my number one spiritual son, I've gotten to know other Peruvians. Abel is another son, who hails from Lima - but was able to accompany during my time in Iquitos. It's good to have lost weight so I can ride more comfortably in the airplane seats! Trudging up hill and down in Lima, on sandy roads, is another good reason to keep the weight down. I was so delighted, as I changed from shorts and sleeveless top to sweatpants and long sleeves and layers, that I was able to fit into the pants that were given me at LAST year's birthday but hadn't fit at that time. Clothing they sell there is not geared for chunky gringos!
I need to keep fit and get the weight down so I can continue to be among these people whom I love and miss so much.


Some of My Motivation

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Most of the pictures I posted today are from my number one spiritual son's birthday. Foreman Varela is a youth pastor at Nueva Vision in Iquitos, Peru, as well as a youthleader/missionary with JuCUM (Youth With A Mission). It was pleasant to have the day with him, celebrating with his extended family, and later with the youth at their meeting, where they honored him. I'm not only his spiritual mom (his natural mom is my best friend) - I'm a partner in the work of Refugio (the Christian campground that's being developed 10 minutes' rigorous walk from his house);secretary, bank, public relations...I want to be able to keep going, to handle the rigors of travel and tromping around the countryside in Peru. I want to be able to go visit my fellow iintercessors, as those pictured here...and there are still many unpaved dirt roads, steep ascents and descents, and narrow foot bridges traversing the terrain to get to their humble homes...and outhouses with holes in the ground over which to squat. So I need to be physically fit, I need to continue towards my goal weight. It's not going to get any easier with age!


Two memorable days

Monday, October 15, 2007

The photos here are from July 14 and 15. Esli got us a deal on the boat trip to visit the Bora tribe. And I, having been to Peru enough times, made so bold as to dicker down their asking price of 50 soles to 40 soles, since I was just a poor missionary. But I DID buy 10 soles worth of memorabelia - a little armadillo for Abel (who said that had been his nickname as a little boy because of his big ears!) and a bracelet for Esli, "so I can wear it and remember you, Mom" (isn't that sweet?). When I was invited to dance with the women, Esli supposedly video'd it for me, but I hadn't shown him correctly, so it had been missed. I was resigned to the loss, but he spoke to the spokesman, and they did it again for no extra charge.
That outing was the last time Abel and I had with Esli - he was going on a missionary trip and wouldn't be back before my departure. So, now I'm always hoping to find him online for a chat.
That evening Abel and I went to the church, Rios de Agua Viva, where I preached, and afterwards we had cake, soda, and fellowship.
The next day after going with Foreman and Yeli to their church, Nueva Vision - where a group of missionaries from Y-WAM had a presentation, and it was fun to speak English for a change as I chatted with a couple of the gringuitas - we went to have lunch with the director of Y-YAM in Iquitos, Clark Barnard. Talk about small world, his original home church in Brockport, NY is the one whose pastor married my husband and I. Anyway, we went to this (PRICEY) floating restaurant. It was a fun experience, but I wouldn't make it a habit. That night Abel and I went to the more economical polleria, Kikiriki's (that's the Spanish equivalent of cock-a-doodle-doo).


Final days with Esli...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Well, these pictures start with our lunch at Quistacocha on July 12, and the evening service at Branza de Dios. Most of the service was by candlelight, due to the power outage (not an uncommon occurrence) . Love the good strong flash of my digital camera! The next day was Foreman's sister Veronica's birthday. It was a Friday, my free night, but I was nearing broke - with 2 more weeks yet in Peru! So when Esli came over, we decided to listen to some music, and then watch a movie. The corner BODEGA (market) had popcorn, so I sent the boys - Abel and Esli - to get some. Esli cooked it up and we watched ELF with Spanish dubbing. Having seen it enough times in English, I could follow it well. The following day Esli had arranged with a friend of his to take us in his speedboat to visit a tribe along the Nanay river (a tributary of the Amazon.) I got a discount - 60 soles as opposed to a hundred (about $20). But I hadn't realized there was also a fee at the village itself. Having become menos gringuita, I dickered them down a bit, and the money I saved I used to buy a couple mementos for the lads. Next entry will show pix of the village and tribe! A sad note was that after that evening, Esli'd be leaving on a missionary trip, so I wouldn't see him again until I return to Peru - I HOPE it will be NEXT year!


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