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Friday, August 24, 2007

I love my digital camera. I changed the photos again - keeping the two Foreman took of the earthquake damage (by the way, HIS camera was STOLEN!)Anyway, These are from my third week in Peru, still in Iquitos. I went on 2 outings to the park called Quistacocha, which features a zoo, a botanical garden, and a little lake (LAGUNA) for swimming.
The first trip was with the boys (orphans) from Union Biblica. One of the teachers, Ysabel, goes to Foreman's church (Nueva Vision - you can see in the photo of me on the bus that I'm wearing a shirt the church gave me) and invited us to go with them. I had been to Union another day, demonstrating to some promising art students how to incorporate color in their drawings. While swimming with them, I played at being a "peque peque" (little boat propelled by the motor named for the sound it makes) - it's easy to carry 3 boys around when their weight is buoyed by the water! Of course, they loved the attention.
The second trip was with Foreman and his little family - wife Yeli and yearling son Emanuel - as well as his mother, Marleni (who is my best friend), and their helper Veronica. Of course Abel was with me, and when Dany pulled up on his motorcycle while we were waiting for motokars, we invited him to join us. You have to see the picture of Foreman eating suri, the huge grubs that they assure me are very RICO. No thank you! Not this time!
I spent several free evenings going to the center with my sons Abel and Esli. Abel lost his mom when he was about 2 or 3, and I brought him with me to Iquitos in part to minister maternal love, and also so he could see HOW he can relate, by observing my interaction with Foreman, my #1 spiritual son, who after so many years feels free enough to tease me mercilessly (and I, right back at him). Esli still has his mother, and knows how to feel free and easy. His father passed away in 2005, but not before giving Esli my e-mail, which is how we met on the internet. We met in person last year, and this year we had much more time together. So, I got to know and love him more, which makes me MISS him more.
I can't wait to go back, but I have to!


THIS JUST IN - Earthquake news

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I got an e-mail from Foreman with photos of what he's witnessed in Ica and Pisco, 2 of the hardest hit regions of Peru's 8.0 quake, which I've put in my photo gallery. When I saw them, and thought of the many people I've come to know and love, and how many in Lima, and some in iquitos, have family in these cities - well, it got me crying. There is a way you can send aide with surety that people will be helped directly. I have two of my spiritual sons, Foreman and Abel, doing relief work, in whom I have all confidence that if I say "use this for thus and such" it shall be done. Sparkmail me for details!


More about Abel

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Abel has grown so much in the Lord since we first got to know each other through the messenger. I like to think that I had a part, when I "adopted" him and began covering him in prayer, as well as ministering Mother's Love (and a little spoiling!) while we were together during my 5 weeks in Peru. Of course, he also experienced breakthroughs at the Encuentro ("Encounter") - a retreat.
He has been actively involved in the relief efforts in Pisco, one of the areas hardest hit by Peru's recent 8.0 quake. I'm proud of him for the work he has done, for the risks he has taken to help his countrymen. I'm so pleased with the friendship he and Esli formed during our trip on the river. "Soldados de Espera" means Soldiers of Waiting, because we had to wait around so much during that trip. But he is patient and trusts in the Lord's timing. Nothing seemed to bother him! And he was always willing to be the photographer, and happy to accompany me and be my escort around the city. He didn't mind the trips to the restaurant either! (as I said, a little spoiling!) Anyway, these pix are mostly the second week, with a few Abel features.


A Sigh of Relief

Friday, August 17, 2007

I've been getting reports trickliing in from my loved ones in Lima. While they did experience a severe shaking, physical and emotional, those I know have not suffered loss. Sabina's home has a wall that is particularly dangerous, as it isn't resting ON anything - so they're going to be sleeping in the adjoining church for a while. She was at Elvis's house that night giving a Bible study, and her daughter Ruth was home. Ruth ran over to join her mom, and meanwhile some streetlights took a fall. Cesar said he wasn't the only one who wondered if it were The Day Of The Lord, and is even more serious about his walk. My goddaughter Lisbeth also emailed me saying they were all right - had a little scare because her cousins Gypsy and Kelly hadn't shown up, and theri parents, Pastors Gregorio and Juana, were understandably worried. But all are well. I, meanwhile, was concerned because I HADN'T heard from Abel, from whom I'd expected earlier word. Even imagined how I would feel if he had somehow perished in the chaos that hit the city.But today he emailed me that he had been involved in helping victims as much as possible. He's had some training for such emergencies when he was working in Iraq - including the handling of corpses. So he is going to be busy serving in the relief efforts. Foreman also emailed me that a pastor loaned him money for passage to Lima so he could go with a team to help bring relief to Ica and the other areas most severely hit. One of the youth in his church, Marcio - another one of my spiritual sons - said his grandparents are from Ica, and there are some relations there, aunts and uncles. So while people I know personally are not in the heart of the destruction, they're still involved, touched by it.



Thursday, August 16, 2007

I hadn't realized just how many people I'd come to love so strongly until I got home from work last night and my husband told me there'd been an earthquake near Lima, Peru. If you could see how the houses are constructed , stacked up the mountainsides, you'd understand how destructive a quake can be! I remember being in a couple of places that had signs in Spanish "Secure zone in case of earthquake". Anyway, I was going through my contact list and clicking on those who were in Lima (and there are many loved ones in Iquitos as well) to send an e-mail asking them if they were all right. ANd I thought of all those whose e-mails I DON'T have, whom I also love. I have to wait and pray now, hoping to hear from someone as soon as he can get to a working public computer. Abel is most likely, as he works around computers.
Anyway, my heart has been greatly enlarged in its capacity to love...


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