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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I hadn't realized just how many people I'd come to love so strongly until I got home from work last night and my husband told me there'd been an earthquake near Lima, Peru. If you could see how the houses are constructed , stacked up the mountainsides, you'd understand how destructive a quake can be! I remember being in a couple of places that had signs in Spanish "Secure zone in case of earthquake". Anyway, I was going through my contact list and clicking on those who were in Lima (and there are many loved ones in Iquitos as well) to send an e-mail asking them if they were all right. ANd I thought of all those whose e-mails I DON'T have, whom I also love. I have to wait and pray now, hoping to hear from someone as soon as he can get to a working public computer. Abel is most likely, as he works around computers.
Anyway, my heart has been greatly enlarged in its capacity to love...


The Power of One Woman - A Review

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The pix I put in the gallery today from my second week in Peru feature the church Comunidad Cristiana Nueva Vision. Jorge Utia and his wife Sonia pastor it, and my spiritual son Foreman Varela is the youth pastor. I had also gone to the church Dios Me Cambio that Tuesday evening, speaking to their intercessory group, because the pastor had heard I was an intercessor in MY church.
I am always mindful of what an ORDINARY person I am. I struggle with my weight among other things. I work at 2 jobs, as well as a small business as an artist. But my God is EXTRAordinary and it pleases Him to use insignificant people like me to make a difference in significant ways. Through my relationship with Foreman, bringing him to visit me stateside twice now, he has gained some financial support from my church, for his work and for Refugio, the Christian campground we're developing. The natural talent the Lord gave me enabled me to bring Foreman's best friend Dany from Ecuador to help Foreman at another youth event; and through my influence at my church, since my senior minister finally had an opportunity to see the work I do here, I was able to help Dany return to Ecuador - accompanied by Junior, a new spiritual son also with a missionary call.
I have been developing the natural artistic gift that the Lord gave me as an expression of worship during MY church's services...and I shared about this at Dios Me Cambio. There was a young man there who told me about HIS drawing, and I believe the connection will have him doing more with what God has given HIM.
I brought my spiritual son Abel with me from Lima so he could receive ministry from me as a MOTHER (his own having died when he was a little tot) and I have seen the good it has done him.
These are just a few of the things the Lord has been doing through this ordinary woman.


Cesar at last!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

When Abel and I arrived in Lima from Iquitos, we didn't go directly home. We stopped by a music store on the way so I could get Cesar a new guitar (July 24 blog entry). But I was disappointed to find out that Cesar had to go out of town: his grandparents were needing him on the farm. Well, he got back in the wee hours of this morning, I learned when I happily came upon him online this afternoon. I asked him how he liked his guitar (I'd left it with Sabina for him.) He was surprised. "Guitarrrr????" And I reminded him, yes, I'd TOLD him I was going to get him one. Well, he had thought that we were going to go together to get it(which I was planning originally, but I wanted to save the time and money of traveling into and out of the center of the city), and since he hadn't been home, he figured there'd be no guitar. Silly boy! No, I assured him, he needed it to develop hijs gifting and lead worship. I told him it was with Sabina. He was quite surprised, possibly overwhelmingly delighted. And he also told me that he hadn't realized how much he loved me until he was unable to be there during my visit, and it just about broke his heart. Mine too. But I told him next time I'm in town I'll make sure to spend extra time with him. I'm HOPING the next time will be next year! Anyway, we parted cyber-company as I had to go to work, and I told him to go get his guitar!


Featuring Esli

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

For those who followed my blogs while I was in Peru, you heard the name of Esli frequently during the first 4 weeks.
I "met" Esli in 2005 on the internet. I had met his father, Pastor Mario Gonzales, in 2003 when I went to Peru for my friend Pastor Hugo's wedding. Mario interviewed me on Christian radio and had me speak at his church Rey de Reyes. He passed away in 2005, but not before having given Esli my email. We began a bilingual friendship (he'd practice his English with me), and when I returned to Iquitos in 2006 he introduced himself at the opening service. I saw him occasionally during that trip, and he became one more spiritual son. After leaving, I wrote letters to him and his widowed mother, and we continued to chat whenever we found each other on line. When I returned to Peru this year, I paid his passage to join me as we went down the river to visit some churches. He became good friends with another spiritual son, Abel, who also accompanied me. Esli, with Abel and Levy (too old to be a son - he's my BROTHER in Christ!) became "Soldados de Espera", soldiers of waiting, for all the waiting we had to do during that trip!
Esli teaches music (piano lessons), and works among three churches in turn for 2 weeks at a time, leading in worship at their services. He also helps his mother minister to children in the mornings. But every spare moment he had, he came to spend with me, because, he said, "when I'm with you, I feel such a peace of God's presence."
He'll be 29 in January. Quiet, thoughtful, intelligent, talented, anointed, affectionate, with a delightful sense of humor, his company was a great blessing while I was there, and I MISS him!So, he's my featured son for this set of photos!



Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There is a cereal in the house, a chocolate frosted sugar bomb, which beckons to me before I go to bed - double whammy.I didn't purchase it, my daughter did (she should know better!) but still...I SHOULD exercise the power to make GOOD choices.
At least I did my exercises!


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