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Birthday Bash...ES

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Had fun last night at a polleria (chicken joint) called Adoai, owned by Christians. Abel, Sabi, Marcos, Cristina and I arrived first and went upstairs whence we could look out the window to see approaching comers. There were people from a few of the churches I*ve visited. We all had chicken with fries and salad, and theyīd brought 2 cakes as well. I was more greatful for their PRESENCE but I also received various presents, and so had to reorganize my luggage. As it is, I*m leaving a large ceramic piece, given by the family of my godchild, Lisbeth (pastro GregorioĻs niece). It features five doves...I said, oooo, like the fivefold ministry, no?

Well, one of the sandwiches I had on the bus must have been turning, because my stomach had started to go a bit sour, and by last night I found myself making numerous trips to the bathroom. Of course, I had left the cipro and immodium with Marleni...not an oversight but as an aide. So, this morning Abel went to a pharmacy to pick up some cipro for me. Apparently one need no prescription. I daresay it is not the same quality as here. Still, I took it with gratitude, having totally emptied my entrails.

Gregorio came this morning in a cab. Last night he had asked if I could make one more visit...I was planning to spend the day with an elderly couple who were recent converts. Braulio is 86. Anyway, Sabi let Gregorio borrow me for a couple of hours, while Abel took my stuff (Sabi came to help) to Voz.

I turned down the lunchmeat sandwich they offered for breakfast, explaining I was a bit DELICADA, but received crackers and tea quite happily. Gregorio and I stayed about an hour and a half, left with a blessing (and received one as well) and went to Voz, where Tito, Ruth, Moises, and Abel were, with Sabi. People trickled in ...some of the youth from Sunday school, some of the intercessors. Jhon also came, to my dlight, so we were able to spend some time in pleasant fellowship. He said for one of his school projects he*s making a webpage about my missionary adventure last year, with music, and using the pix from photobucket. He just needs me to send the narrative from my journal.

Well, we had a lunch of soup : my recipe using chicken, noodles, broccoli, carrots, onions, peas, lentils, and seasonings. And cake. AGAIN. I shudder to think what my weight may be when I get home. clothes still fit, so, it should not be too horrible! After a while of eating and fellowshiping, I asked Sabi if I could take my kids - there were Ruth, Moises, Abel, and Jhon - one more time to the internet, so here we are.

It's been a happy birthday, lacking only a couple of things - primarily the ability to stay a while longer, and also I wish Cesar could have been here.

Well, my next newsletter will be from the homefront.

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SJG1953 7/31/2007 9:13PM

    Happy Birthday Shel. What day is it on? I hope you have a safe trip home. My prayers are with you. -Shirley

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ZETAGIRL 7/31/2007 5:22PM

    May the remainder of your birthday be blessed and full of fun and excitement!
God bless you!

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In Chiclayo and Back

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sabiīs sister Vicki wanted to take be to Lambayaque, the "state" next to the one Chiclayo is in, to see the "largest KING KONG." Of course, the only one with which I am familiar, and probably most of you, is the primate of cinematographic reknown. Well, a King Kong is a confection of wafers, not TERRIBLY sweet, layered with a cramy milk based fudgey substance - sweet but not sickeningly so. Canīt wait to get pictures loaded onto Photobucket! We also tried to go to the musum there, but the entry fee was up due to the holidays (Fiesta de las Patrias - the Peruvian Independence Day is July 28) so we decided to sav it for my NEXT trip to Chiclayo.

We returnd downtown to the Christian Radio station with which Vickiīs church, Fuente de Bendicion, is affliliated (her son Walter works camera for them) where I was to be briefly interviewed, given a chance to greet the youth of Chiclayo and invite them to the service at the center where yours truly would be sharing from the word. Whiole awaiting said interview, we took a stroll to said youth center to watch them practice choreography. The Lord drew my attention to one young man, and as they finished I left him with a Word. On leaving, we encountered a youth of AFRICAN countenac, "morenito" - a rarity! I told him I work at a high school where the students are primarily morenitos - and said it was nice to see a familiar face! He and another youth did some Spanish of course!

I enjoyed th youth service, was delighted to be able to share with them, and bequeathed my bandana to the girl who sat beside me affectionately...and told her I also left with her my anointing in intrcession, worship, and who knows but that she also may go afield on missions.

Sabi, Vicki, Leydy and her little girl Brigith and I split a half a chicken and some fries, then returned home to top off with some warmed up soup from lunch. We all slept in the guest house Sabiīs dad had set up (I asked him earlier if heīd be my Papito, since mine had did, and he was thoroughly delighted). We slpt well despite the noise of 2 bands in the area.

The next morning we were supposed to breakfast with Pastors Carlos and Paola, but theyīd been up till 3 am with preparations, so we had breakfast all together with Papito Campos, including sister Yenny and her husband Meme, brother Elmer, and assorted children. Then we went to the service. Vicki was on the schedule to be intrceding, so I sat with Sabi in th second row. Three times ushers tried to move me up to the stage with the guest missionary, and I explained I was just visiting, I wasnīt scheduled to speak. But finally they prevailed upon me.

The missionary who did speak, Betty C., married a Mexican, lives in MARYLAND (so next tim I go to visit my sister Leigh Iīll also look HER up). She shared her testimony of trusting God even when w donīt know why things donīt go as we expect based on prophetic words. Afterwards, we compard notes and discoverd we may actually be on the same flight stateward. Iīll be looking for hr!

In case you didnīt notice, the e dosnīt always work on this keyboard, and I donīt always catch it!

Sabi and I had gone before church to get our tickets back to Lima . First place wanted 130 soles per person! We went elsewhere and got our passage at 130 for the BOTH of us! We lft after a light supper, and the bus had COMFORTABLE seats (we were in the very last, and I could actually stretch my legs). We left around 8 pm, arriving in the station before 730 am, catching a cab to Sabiīīs, arriving by 8.

Ruth was there, and Cesarīs mother brought over a tray of juice, milk, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Moises showed up - with bandage and cut by eye! Saturday heīd ben jumped by 8, EIGHT youth for his cap and coat, but he resisted. They did get the 20 soles he had worked for, but Sabi said it was Godīs mercy that that was all they got - 8 against one, usually they leave one beatn and half naked. She exhorted Moises, and I seconded it, to follow hard after the Lord, devloping his relationship - heīs been having some struggles -and to be thankful that he wasspared a worse fate.

So, that bring s us up to present, Iīm with Moises and Ruth, and Abel will be coming to take me home. Tonight is the dinner in my honor, not the pastoral dinner I had planned to give, but they kindly rmemberd my birthday.
And tomorrow Iīll spend most of the day with the gang here from Voz, such as are here. There may be a sendoff at the airport tomorrow night.

I donīt want to leeeeeeeeave!

But I must.


Chiclayo and a recap

Saturday, July 28, 2007

We arrived after a bus trip of about 14 hours...oog! But I did actually sleep a bit. Leydy, Sabiīs niece, has brought me here to the local internet, and after some false starts, itīs finally up and running, and I plan to use at least 2 hours to get caught up in mail. But first this newsletter!

Backing up to earlier this week...Sabi, Abel and I went to a supermarket so I could get stuff for the lunch. I also invited Sabi to go ahead and grab stuff for the home..laundry soap, shampoo, toothpaste, staples... we ended up with about 2 carts of stuff, so we took a taxi rather than trying to lug it all on the bus. We went to Manantial - and it was missing the roof! Pastora Juanita later explained how it occurred, and itīs rather complex. Suffice it to say, pray for wisdom, discernment - and a new roof! Through Godīs grace it didnīt rain for th lunch and all the specials of that eveningīs service!

Antonio, Pilar, and Flora were there - A&P are part of the dance group. I presented them with camouflage colored bandanas to go with their black shirt, camo pants gear, much to their delight. They helped cut and chop, as did Flora and Abel while Sbi and I spread peanut butter and jelly on the bread, making some 75 sandwiches. When preparing food for a lot of people, there are 2 concerns - that there wonīt be enough, or that not nough people will come and there will be too MUCH. There was enough for alll to have seconds (and Abel said he had three PBJīs and probably as many bowls of soup) and have some left for those who hadnīt been able tocome. A goód-sized group of youth from Hernan Puellesīchurch came as well.

When lunch was pretty well taken care of, and I had eaten and served and helped clear for next round of people a couple times over, around 3 pm I felt tuckered out (my bodyīs usual clock - nap time after I finish at school!) so Pilar walked me to her auntīs house, where her cousin Lisbeth invited me to snooze on her bed under warm covers. I woke refreshed after a couple of hours, returning to the church where we prepared for the evening service of worship and specials, besides whatever message the Lord had.

I had brought my sketch supplies and Antonio asked if I drew as well. I wasnīt sure the light would be good enough, but it was, and I did indeed draw when worship began, and actually got a picture of the drawing before giving it away to Antonio. (He also draws, so I told him it may just be that the Lord would have him explore THAT form of worship as well as the dance he does so well).The second song lent the title..."God is doing New things" (eh, Pauline and Al?)

Much of the worship at Manantial is led through cdīs, but it is anointed as much as many "live" instruments. And Juanita and some other women accompanied by a couple of young men on Peruvian instruments - most notably a harp - led in some worship-praise songs with a very Peruvian flavor that had everyone up and dancing (even me despite my complaining knee - sometimes one just CANNOT stay seated!) I canīīt wait to load the video clips onto Photobucket so yáll can see.

As usual it was hard to leave the service. We got out about 10, and went to Marcelinoīs home - heīs Gregorioīs bro, and the father of Lisbeth, who had asked me to be her Madrina (godmother) for her quinciņera (like USAīs sweet 16, only for the 15th bīday). I hadnīt been able to be present the actual day, but had sent her a card and money via Sabi, and also brought her a little ceramic rabbit Iīd made (she said rabbits were her favorite animal) Well, I wasnīt familiar with all the traditions...apparently it is custom to kill the fatted OX and serve it up whole to the godmother with the expectation that she consume it entirely on her own. Not QUITE, but not far from the truth - I was given a platter of two whole CHICKENS (BIG ones) and about 10 pounds of potatoes, and, as Cristina described it, 5 ostrich eggs (actually, 5 rounds of scrambled eggs, probably 2 or 3 eggs each)...AND a torta (cake)...all of which I was to take home with me and not share out with the other guests - all Gregorioīs relations who had gathered at the house that night. Well...when we got home with the goods, I divvied it up and the nex morning Abel and I took 1/2 a chicken and some of the tatoes to Sabi before being picked up by Hernan to go a-visiting; the other 1 1/2 chix and potatoes and torta we took to Lorenza and Victor as they had a number of children and ministered to other children as well.

Oh, and Wed night at the service Angelina was there fromVictorīs church, with her grandson...this is the grandson who, while we were here in Feb, had taken a seriouc fall and cracked his skull and had a very grim prognosis. Al had been allowed to go into the OR to pray...and I testify you have never seen a more normal and active and busy little boy - youīd never know heīd been at deathīs door or facing paralysis. GOD IS MORE THAN GOOD.

Thurs, as I said, in the morning and early afternoon, weīd gone with Hernan to visit among various members of his church, praying for them and encouraging them in the Lord. Sabi and Abel were with me as well, for fotos, and also added to the ministry. It was good to be with Hernan again - Sabi testifies, he is a humble man who reveres God and has a servantīs heart. Pastor Hugo had led him to the Lord when Hernan had been a terrorist with the Sendanistas. What canīt God do?

On the afternoon Abel and I went with Victor and Lorenza to visit, encopurage, and pray for various members, then we had dinner, and the sevice, which Iīd already mentioned.

So NOW Iīm caught up!

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SJG1953 7/28/2007 6:35PM

    Praise God for His Goodness and Saving Grace. Praise Him for healing and for answered prayer. Praise Him for what you are doing in Peru and for all the servants of God who are there. May God bless you and keep you safe. I am still praying for you and the people there.

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I Love surprises

Friday, July 27, 2007

Iīd been looking forward to being with the church Juan 3.16 today, because of last yearīs experience. They have a strong ministry of worship and intercession. The only thing I regretted was that I wouldnīt be able to go to the evening service since we were leaving for Chiclayo (Iīm in the bus station waiting even now.)I thought Iīd be going with the pastor to visit various people, as I did with Ps Puelles and Chumpitaz yesterday.

Well, we went to the church, opened the door, and SURPRISE, I get confetti thrown in my face. We had a regular service, albeit not as heavily attended, but people took off from WORK and from SCHOOL to come for this gringa. I was moved to tears as they sang Better Is One Day (in Spanish of course), which Iīd told them in letters that I can never sing in OUR church without thinking of THEM. After praise and worship (and they also sang Lord I Give You My Heart and let me do a solo in Englsih) they had some specials, and I was given a few gifties in celebration of my upcoming bīday...we went to a sisterīs restaurant for lunch and then hastened back to Sabiīs house to take bus and taxi to the city for this bus. Back later!



Friday, July 27, 2007

I have about 10 minutes if hat...Iīll be going with Ps Hernana from Juan 3.16 this morning and then this afternoon Sabi and I leave for Chiclayo by bus. Keep that trip in prayer - I will be preaching in a considerably larger church ( i WAS TOLD MEMBERSHIP IS ABOUT 1000) unlike the 100 member average! I was with Ps Alberto Tues, Gregorio Wed, and Hernan Puelles yesterday morning, Victor in the evening, ministering in visitation and encouragement as is my calling. Wed we prepared a sumptuous soup at Gregorioīs church. Iīll HAVE to tell you more about that day when I get a chance, cause youīll be tickled. i hate not having enough time to go into detail yet! Maybe in Chiclayo...Iīll have some time tomorrow.

I was able to see some of my kids from Voz at Manantial and Aposento. Sabi has been at all the services. BTW for those wondering, Ps Jorge Samelvino is on a trip to some other city, so I havenīt seen him. But Sabi has been great. Abel is enjoying my presence at his house, and his nephew Marcos not only came with us to church last night, he actually played and sang a few songs, to his mum Cristinaīs joy. Iīve been helping him with practicing his English, too.
Well, time to go!


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