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Featuring Esli

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

For those who followed my blogs while I was in Peru, you heard the name of Esli frequently during the first 4 weeks.
I "met" Esli in 2005 on the internet. I had met his father, Pastor Mario Gonzales, in 2003 when I went to Peru for my friend Pastor Hugo's wedding. Mario interviewed me on Christian radio and had me speak at his church Rey de Reyes. He passed away in 2005, but not before having given Esli my email. We began a bilingual friendship (he'd practice his English with me), and when I returned to Iquitos in 2006 he introduced himself at the opening service. I saw him occasionally during that trip, and he became one more spiritual son. After leaving, I wrote letters to him and his widowed mother, and we continued to chat whenever we found each other on line. When I returned to Peru this year, I paid his passage to join me as we went down the river to visit some churches. He became good friends with another spiritual son, Abel, who also accompanied me. Esli, with Abel and Levy (too old to be a son - he's my BROTHER in Christ!) became "Soldados de Espera", soldiers of waiting, for all the waiting we had to do during that trip!
Esli teaches music (piano lessons), and works among three churches in turn for 2 weeks at a time, leading in worship at their services. He also helps his mother minister to children in the mornings. But every spare moment he had, he came to spend with me, because, he said, "when I'm with you, I feel such a peace of God's presence."
He'll be 29 in January. Quiet, thoughtful, intelligent, talented, anointed, affectionate, with a delightful sense of humor, his company was a great blessing while I was there, and I MISS him!So, he's my featured son for this set of photos!



Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There is a cereal in the house, a chocolate frosted sugar bomb, which beckons to me before I go to bed - double whammy.I didn't purchase it, my daughter did (she should know better!) but still...I SHOULD exercise the power to make GOOD choices.
At least I did my exercises!


the slow return to routine

Monday, August 06, 2007

This morning I did my cardio and my strength! I have a ton of other things to do, notably work in the clay, but I want to get back in the routine of exercise and being careful of what I eat. Surprisingly, veggies weren't as readily available to me in Peru. I had to deal with rice, platanos, yucca, and potatoes. STA-ARCH! When I got home Abi had plenty of salad fixin's available.
I don't know when the weight will shift downwards, don't know when I'll finally reach goal, but I'll work towards it.


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well, after a little nap it was time to make preparation to go. I was so delighted that Gaby, the youth pastora of Voz, was able to come by after work - I hadn't seen her until then. And Elvis also came by after work - soI saw them enough to be able to give them ABRAZOTES - big hugs. Gaby told about a project the youth have, for which she'd like prayer support : a little "talent show" as it were for all the area youth groups, with the idea of fellowship, unity, and encouraging striving for excellence. They'd like to be able to offer a prize, such as a guitar. There'll also be an entry fee, and all money brought in will be to offer a Christmas blessing to the area's poorer children. So, add this to your prayer list!

Abel, Ruth, Moises and Sabina accompanied in the cab ride to the airport. We arrived around 8, and I was an hour and a half iin line to check in. I had sent them ahead to Papa John's there at the terminal to get us a couple of pizzas. While in line, I saw pastora Betty, the missionary whom I'd met in Chiclayo. There was also a large group from a Baptist church. Peru was crawling with missionaries in one form or another! Also while waiting, some blessed person had the idea to serve us a little something to drink, because the wait was so long.

Finally checked in, I headed to Papa John's. Clay also joined us, and I gave him some money for medical expenses - his wife Barbara has been having more problems with this pregnancy. The baby is due this month, and Marleni hopes to be able to go to Lima to help with the newborn, see her new grandchild, and get to a doctor about her own health (accompanied by Abel, who knows a specialist who won't charge her). That's another prayer matter (for finances for the trip)

The flight was delayed till 1 am, and of course I didn't want my friends hanging around too long, as it's harder to get cabs, so we bade a fond, fond, fond farewell, Abel thanking me for all I'd been and done for him as a mother. The liine through the security checkpoint was LO-O-O-O-ONG, but it moved quickly, only about 20 minutes, and then I just did the usual terminal waiting.

Of course, the delay of one flight involves missed connections and the need to reschedule THOSE, so I ended up arriving home later than expected. Blessings on Deb who was able to come get me, since the change affected Sonia's ability - but I thank the Lord for such friends who made themselves available.

My legs are understandably a bit puffy still, but I was delighted to find that I had not put on any weight, and when I get rid of some of this fluid I may find that I've actually lost a bit. I started back on my exercise/diet routine this morning, and should be back on track towards my goal weight (I want to be able to fit into my wedding dress again by the time of our anniversary in October!)

So, here I am again, with the richness of clean hot and cold running water (had a good soak and scrub after supper of BEEF), air conditioning, my grandkids, and my computer.

God is good....All the time.


Birthday Bash...ES

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Had fun last night at a polleria (chicken joint) called Adoai, owned by Christians. Abel, Sabi, Marcos, Cristina and I arrived first and went upstairs whence we could look out the window to see approaching comers. There were people from a few of the churches I*ve visited. We all had chicken with fries and salad, and they´d brought 2 cakes as well. I was more greatful for their PRESENCE but I also received various presents, and so had to reorganize my luggage. As it is, I*m leaving a large ceramic piece, given by the family of my godchild, Lisbeth (pastro Gregorio¨s niece). It features five doves...I said, oooo, like the fivefold ministry, no?

Well, one of the sandwiches I had on the bus must have been turning, because my stomach had started to go a bit sour, and by last night I found myself making numerous trips to the bathroom. Of course, I had left the cipro and immodium with Marleni...not an oversight but as an aide. So, this morning Abel went to a pharmacy to pick up some cipro for me. Apparently one need no prescription. I daresay it is not the same quality as here. Still, I took it with gratitude, having totally emptied my entrails.

Gregorio came this morning in a cab. Last night he had asked if I could make one more visit...I was planning to spend the day with an elderly couple who were recent converts. Braulio is 86. Anyway, Sabi let Gregorio borrow me for a couple of hours, while Abel took my stuff (Sabi came to help) to Voz.

I turned down the lunchmeat sandwich they offered for breakfast, explaining I was a bit DELICADA, but received crackers and tea quite happily. Gregorio and I stayed about an hour and a half, left with a blessing (and received one as well) and went to Voz, where Tito, Ruth, Moises, and Abel were, with Sabi. People trickled in ...some of the youth from Sunday school, some of the intercessors. Jhon also came, to my dlight, so we were able to spend some time in pleasant fellowship. He said for one of his school projects he*s making a webpage about my missionary adventure last year, with music, and using the pix from photobucket. He just needs me to send the narrative from my journal.

Well, we had a lunch of soup : my recipe using chicken, noodles, broccoli, carrots, onions, peas, lentils, and seasonings. And cake. AGAIN. I shudder to think what my weight may be when I get home. clothes still fit, so, it should not be too horrible! After a while of eating and fellowshiping, I asked Sabi if I could take my kids - there were Ruth, Moises, Abel, and Jhon - one more time to the internet, so here we are.

It's been a happy birthday, lacking only a couple of things - primarily the ability to stay a while longer, and also I wish Cesar could have been here.

Well, my next newsletter will be from the homefront.

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SJG1953 7/31/2007 9:13PM

    Happy Birthday Shel. What day is it on? I hope you have a safe trip home. My prayers are with you. -Shirley

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ZETAGIRL 7/31/2007 5:22PM

    May the remainder of your birthday be blessed and full of fun and excitement!
God bless you!

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