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New and Renewed Friendships

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mistake - TOMORROW is radio.

Okay, so, after yest afternoon at internet, Abel suggested rather than go home to get Mrleni, HE could navigate us to the market. Well, bear in mind, he´s not from Iquitos. But then, along came Brandon, Fore´s friend, and he suggested a place and negotiated a motokar for us. So I got makings for spaghetti dinner for the youth leaders. While cooking, Esli arrived, and when dinner was ready, I served myself, Abel, and Esli, and left Fore and Yeli to take care of the rest when they were ready.

The 3 of us went out afterwards, going to the Plaza de Armas for another hour on the internet. While online, I chatted with my son Cesar in Lima,
and then saw that a friend from the village of Manacamiri, whom I met in 2003, was onliine. I told him where I was, and he said he was 145 minutes away. I told him to come join us , so he did - Guido arrived and we gave each other a BIIIIG HUG, and I introed him to my sons. We finished up at the internet, then took a stroll in the Plaza, Esli and Abel chatting, and me and Guido. Guido has been studying English to teach it, so whenever we´ve been online we´ve chatted in English so I could help him practice. We went to an ice cream place and I tried a new flavor at Guiod´s suggestion (I can get CHOCOLATE ANY time). We sat in the back away from the noise of the street and went back and forth between Spanish and English.

Guido will be going to Lima in October, and staying not too far from where Esli´s brother Devy lives - which is also not too far from Abel. I´m glad to see how well Esli and Abel have connected. They´ve both been on Encuentro´s, a Christian retreat similar to Rochester Koinonia (similar to Cursillo, to De Colores, Footsteps, Emmaus Walk, etc). There´s a real communion in spirit among us. So, anyway, emails were excahnged.

I had to tell Esli last night how very sweet it was of him, how much it meant to me, that he went out of his way in his spare time to come and visit me - even when he doesn´t talk much, he has said he enjoys just BEING with me - "because I feel such peace", the presence of God. What a blessing!

This morning was free, and lazy...I had been wakeful around 3 am, so spent the time in prayer (okay, Al, what watch is THAT?)... so I ended up having a nap early, before Marleni ,Abel and I went to intercessor Consuelo´s house for a lunch of fish. Then Abel and I got a motokar to the Plaza for the internet, of course, and I got on the IM and was able to chat with my daughter Abi.

You know how when you´re I M-ing there are odd juxtapositions of conversation. We were discussing our knees, how mine was bugging me, and Abi´s was too. But her communiques read "I´m marinating some chicken breasts..." "Mine too". Of course, I knew she was referring to her knee hurting, but I was laughing at the image, and told her, and we were both wiping our eyes from laughing so hard. Still makes me chuckle thinking of it.

So, right now I´m just going thru mail, IMíng with one of my Lima sons, (Cesar), and tonight will be preaching, if they remember to come for me and can find the place in the midst of all the road construction. If not, I´ve got friends and family to keep me occpied. It´s pleasant - closest thing I´ve had to a real vacation in a loooooong time, and yet at the same time I´m ministering to others. How restful to be doing what the Lord wants you to be doing, in His time!

Tomorrow morning is the radio proagram, then lunch with inteercessor Erlinda, then a trip to Quistacocha, this time with Abel, Esli, Marleni, and her daughter Veronica. THIS time I should be able to swim more, without carrying 3-4 boys around ! Evening is free, so we won´t have to rush.
Hasta luego!

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IMANI4000 7/11/2007 10:45AM

    Good morning, Shel! So glad that your trip is going well -- be blessed, my friend. I thank God that He has put you exactly where you need to be, and that you are getting some rest as well. He takes care of us so well!

Be blessed!

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Making a Difference

Monday, July 09, 2007

Well, continuing from yesterday...Marleni said that, since there wouldn´t be room for 4 in the motokar to go to the church, she´d stay home, but I would bring her soemthing from Kikiriki. Now, there has been construction going on all over the place, and so it´s hard to get to Fore´s house. Before he and Yeli left for church, we discussed the plan - if my host didn´t come by 8 (supposed to arrive around 730) Abel and I would join Fore at Nueva Vision. And that´s what happened. So after church, the FOUR of us (andEmanuel) went to Kiki´s, and there were a bunch of others from church, and we threw some tables together to extend the fellowship. There was this big guy, Johel, and his wife, who are the fruits of their daughter coming to the Lord at the church´s camp LAST year (in which some of you participated through donations). BTW, if anyone wants to contribute to THIS year´s camp, let me know and I´ll tell you how.

Oh, befrore leaving for the restaurant I spoke to Ysabel, where I was going to go this morning to do drawing with the kids at the Bible institute. But she said they´d been invited to a paseo (outing) at Quistaccah...Could I come another day? So I pulled out my agenda, and she saw I had written the park´s name for Thurs and suggested Abel and I go with THEM today. So that´s what we did.

Fore gave us the address - more or less (wrong intersection but a passerby helped us ) , and when we arrived, as I saw a flurry of activity in the kitchen, I made myself available: Taking bread out of bags for sandwiches, folding napkins (with a boy, Martin, who had a little knowledge of English), assembling lunch bags with apple, 2 sandwiches, yogurt, and candy type snack. ..the extra hands were appreciated. Oh, the institute is an orphanage...there are about 52 boys there. Since Thurs morning is now free, I may return to do the drawing. Meanwhile, when all was ready, we boarded a chartered bus and off we went. The kids in back burst into loud and happy, if a bit offkey, singing - various Christian songs.

I did bring my drawing materials with me, and did a simple drawing of a part of the beach of Quista, which included a sketch of "El Ladron", the thief, a little capuchin monkey who´s noted for snatching unguarde bottles of gaseosa(soda) such as MINE (I was more intent on protecting my bag and art supplies!) After lunch and finishing the drawing Ysabel and I played a bit in the rain-dampened sand, where I made a large bas-relief elephant (which was later destroyed by the boys in their building of a fortress in miniature). Then I went swimming - sort of - as little boys piled on me and I played "Peque-peque", taking them to various "ports" and losing some to "alligators" bigger boys who pulled them off of me) I got to know a few names. They loved the extra attentions. Abel helped with photos, but also just enjoyed the zoo, and he also had a swim. I also met some from another missionary group, making a friend with a kindred spirit from Alabama (with a modified accent, as she´s traveled elsewhere, but says she can pour it on when she´s up north and just charms the Yanks).

We left around 2, and, not wanting to wait for the bus, Abel and I took a motokar to the Plaza de Armas( Junior helped to negotiate a reasonable price for us). When we get back home I´ll have to go shopping for ingredients for spaghetti for tonight´s dinner.

Tomorrow morning I return to the radio station to share from the word, so yáll can be praying for that. In the evening I go to another church. Till next time...
Blessings !

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GRAMMIE4 7/10/2007 1:34PM

    Shel -

I love reading of your daily interactions - they are so vivid that I can picture them in my mind and thank you so much for allowing us to be there with you on your mission ...

Love ya'

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SJG1953 7/9/2007 7:23PM

    Shel, It looks as though everything is going well or has turned out okay. I pray the Lord's blessings and favor for you and your 'extended family'. Dear Lord I pray that you would stay close beside Shel and have Your way in all she says and does. Annoint her with Your Holy Spirit and keep her safe and well along with all those in her company. In Jesus Precious Name I ask these things, Amen.
Thanks for all your blogs so that we can 'come along' with you on your journey! (((HUGS))) Shirley

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Catching Up

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Friday after the internet, we ended up not going for Chinese - didn´t want to take another motokar. Rather, we walked to a restaurant Esli knew (took plastic) called The Yellow Rose of Texas - features Tex Mex as well as regional cooking. Fore told me it´s about the only restaurant his Arkansas friend Brandon goes to, because he doesn´t care much for regional cooking.Well, I DO; but I thought it might be fun to offer the guys a taste of stuff from MY country. What we ended up doing was ordering 3 different things and spitting them 3 ways. Abel got the Dorado, a filet of a large fish, very tender, cooked in its own juices in a banana leaf, with fried platanos on the side. I ordered the venison ( native deer) with fries on the side. Esli got the Texas BBQ pork ribs - not as good as Applebee´s or Abi´s BF´s BBQ, but good enough. We also got a caraf of Sangria, and enjoyed the meal before taking a stroll to the Boulevard.I got Mom earrings and I also got myself a shirt for 25 soles, about 8 dollars and change. I had considered a t-shirt with a Peru map, but opted for this hand-stitched one in the style of the tribes of the selva, which will be nice for my school wardrobe, worn with my turtle-head necklace! I had a very nice evening with my boys, and we got home at a fairly reasonable hour.

Saturday early Marleni and I went downtown to get fresh buns for the sandwiches I´d be serving: It was the day of the youth lunch at Refugio. I made a rich chicken soup, and served good old American PBJ´s. Of course, rice and platanos on the side - we ARE in PERU. Fore had a volleyball court set up, and there was the soccer field. While we don´t have buildings in place yet to hold any kind of overnight (or inclement weather) events, at least it CAN be used even NOW for recreation for the youth. The sun was strong, but we were under a cluster of trees which offered a wonderful cool shade. Fore had some hammocks slung for the trees as well. So, with volleyball, soccer, food, and fellowship, a good time was had by all.

Then we returned home in the afternoon, as the Women´s Society of Nueva Vision wanted me to come and share with them at 4:30. Well, soon after getting home, while Abel was washing up to escort me (´cause Marleni had to watch her grandkids), there came Pastora Carmina from Esposa del Cordero (a church I had visited in 04) with a sister, and they wanted to bring me early. Well, Mar helped explain I already had a commitment, but suggested they see where I was going so as soon as I finished at Nueva Vision I could go with them to Esposa. Which is what we did.

At Esposa there was a nice turnout, a warm welcome, jubilant and enthusiastic praise. I didn´t know any of the words to the songs, so I just prayed in the spirit throughout before it came time for me to share from the word. Afterwards, they presented me with a little windcatcher, and paid for Abel and my trip back home.

During the night we had a welcome rain. Hearing it on the metal roof, I got up to make sure the reservoir was turned right side up, which it was - but I also went out, grabbing washbasins, pots, and pans, and put them in strategic places to capture more water - it´s been quite dry, and I like to be able to bathe with more than ONE bowl of water. ( I can DO it but I can´t wash my hair). Fore got up and asked what in the world I was doing in the rain, as he´d already arranged the tank - I said "We have to take advantage of the blessing". He teased me for getting all soaked, but at least I didn´t have to bathe in the morning!

This morning I went to Nueva Vision, and worked on a drawing which had come to mind while I was praying at Esposa. Towards the end of the service, a young man from Dios Me Cambio approached - the one who wanted to know more about drawing during worship. He presented me with some of his drawings, and I got his email (he has mine) and we tried to talk a bit after the service ( a little difficult, as some of the kids were bashing about on the drums, and there were other noises) . I gave him my finished drawing...I may do one similar on large paper when I get home. Oh, I also gave him my baggy of colored pencils, because he hadn´t any - I still have my "pallet" of pencils from Marie.

Fore, Levy, Yeli (and baby) and Abel and I went to one of Fore´s favorite restaurants for lunch, and this tiime he treated (he said HE wanted to pay because HE wanted the blessing, as it´s more blessed to GIVE) Then home, and a brief nap, and Mar, Abel, and I went to visit Ray, the quadreplegic, and Reina the intercessor. And here we are at theinternet, after which I´ll go home, go to Aposento Alto for their evening service, and then the 3 of us will go to KikiRiki - yes AGAIN.



Pleasant Days...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, I stopped by the internet yesterday but didn´t post a "newsletter". In the morning I went with Marleni to visit intercessor Dora Tamani where we breakfasted on TOCINO (bacon - but lean, slab style) and platanos. Then we took the collectivo (bus) to visit an older intercessor, Brigada , who´s up in years and down in health. She was glad for the visit, however.

We returned home, and I lay down for a bit - having risen early, I was ready for an early nap - and around noon Fore´s best friend Dany came to take us to his house for lunch. ORIGINALLY, he asked ME to come, and of course Fore, being his best friend, invited himself, and Marleni said I should take my son Abel rather than leave him behind. So the four of us traipsed up the hill over the road under construction - what a sandy mess! I was glad I had THREE sons to keep me from falling into pits or toppling off banks. We dined with Dany´s mother Claudia, chicken, platanos (MADUROS; my favorite!) cole slaw, and the ubiquitous rice. We talked about ministries, about having vision, about administration and stewardship...

then Fore, Abel and I went downtown where I spent a little time on the internet and also took out a cash advance so that I could help Fore pay for motorcycle parts (his birthday present!) We went to a grocery store and got stuff for the house, including some different yogurt flavors...some kind of berry, some other tropical fruits (why settle for strawberry? OOOOO, MANGO!)

Then home again, and Yeli prepared a Chinese-y chicken. Around 10 to 7 Clara, Pastor Modesto´s wife, arrived to take us to Pan De Vida. Abel accompanied me so that she needed bring me back. I let him handle the camera for me...We descended some steep and uneven wooden stairs and went across a foot bridge, then over the terrain to the church where I was warmly greeted in song as I ascended the steps. I´d been to Modesto´s church the first time in 2004, and he was delighted to have me back. They have a children´s ministry: he covets prayers for (re)construction of the church building next to the present facility in order to accomodate all the children. Half the church was packed with youngsters. ..I shared from the word, depending heavily on the Spirit´s leading, and afterwards Modesto called to mind how the last time I was there I´d had to read from a paper, but THIS time, I was proceeding without a script. ADELANTE!(forward!) I was presented with a paper mache macaw (which, happily, replaces the ceramic one broken by a clumsy student) and then we had refreshment, a soft drink made from star fruit. Then From the offering I was given fare home, and Abel and I returned to Fore´s house. Levy was there to let us in, and I was ready to throw myself in bed.

Today Marleni and Abel accompanied me to the radio station. We arrived early, and the manager was late, so I ended up just speaking during a half hour, interspersed with music, after which Martinez invited me to come back again! So I´ll return Wed. Meanwhile, we invited him to Refugio tomorrow for the luncheon with the youth.

Then the 3 of us went to the market in Belen, where I got makings for soup. Now, this is the first tiime I had such FRESH chicken. We went to this little shop, and Marleni told the guy she wanted 4 chickens weighing 2 kilos. So he steps into this pen and chases the screeching hens around, thursts them on a scale, and if they´re the right weight, he tosses them in a crate where they await their fate (rhymes!) Grabs ém by the feet, whacks ém on the head and thrusts them in something else in back - maybe boiling water - they were prepared for us right there. Abel transfered the plastic bag into our grocery bag, and I felt its heat - so unusual, coming from a place where it´s refrigerated! So, that was the highlight of THAT experience.

Once home, I had a bathe, and then since I just was gonna be waiting for Esli, Yeli and I worked on the choreography. I´m started to get it - goofing up less. Worked up quite a sweat! The other 4 girls who are in on it were late coming, and Yeli said "Buenas NOCHES" in greeting, to let them know they were LATE. But I told her at least it gave me more time for one on one. We ran through the routine one more time after Esli had arrived, and then I joined him at Marleni´s, taking a bottle of water with me!

Esli´d brought his keyboard, and he and Abel and I just had a nice time of worship, as first at Esli´s request I did some songs in English. When my voice was finally giving out I suggested we head out. So the 3 of us are here at the Plaza de Armas, I´m catching up, then we´ll do supper, maybe take a trip to the Boulevard for some crafts - I gotta get Mom some earrings! Then we´ll try to get home at a decent hour. Later!

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    I have been reading your posts and enjoying them. Just not posting all the time. Blessings! :D

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Something New

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well, yesterday after I had a nice nap, I asked Yeli if she had some nailclippers as my fingernails were getting a little ragged. But she wanted to give me another manicure (NOT your typical missionary agenda!) and paint them. So, as I was sitting there waiting for the nail polish to dry, Marleni brought the key intercessors from her church by before they went to meeting, to greet me. Of course, with sticky nails I couldn´t give a proper hug! When they dried, I pulled out my calendar, my agenda, and we set up dates for visitation. Then they went their way, and Yeli started to give me a PEDICURE! Later Esli arrived. We waited a bit, but Esli said the entrance to the street was difficult with the construction. He knew where the church was, and suggested he could take me and Abel. So we left word with Yeli, in case someone DID get through to get me, that I´d already gone.

The church Dios Me Cambio is in the district of Belen. We had to descend some steep stairs, and then ascend again. The building itself is nice. There were just a couple of women there, and they greeted us, and told us the pastor would be along. After a bit, as we noticed there weren´t many people, I told Esli, maybe they just don´t get a big turnout on Tuesdays.But then one sister asked our purpose, and I told her I´d been invited to speak...and she said Tues is when they have their intercessory meetings; Weds as the day of praise and worship service. Esli and I looked at each other, and I told him I KNEW there was nothing signed up for on Wednesdays. Well, when they were about to begin, they invited us to join them anyay, and I figured, why not, that´s hat I DO. Then the pastor arrived, and it had NOT been an error on HIS part - nor ours. He said he knew from Psator Johel that I was an intercessor, and so invited me purposely to share something with the group. So I was able to pull from my experiences and observations and seminars. I talked about the importance of worship being part of our warfare, and how at the coordinated inter-church vigils I´ve gone to, as well as in my own church´s worship service, I´ve been addiing drawing to the already well-known forms of worship. Well, there was a young man present who said that of late he, too , had been drawing we´re going to get together and compare notes, and I´ll see if I can help him to develop his gift in the church.

Afterards, Esli, Abel and I went to a pizza place - it was the same one Pastora Sonia had us stop at last year when she had a hankering for pizza. It´s not Domino´s or Papa John´s, but it´s good. I ordered 2 large, and a pitcher of Sangria - since I dind´t have to drive and the lads are of age! - and we had a nice time together.

This morning I went with Fore first to a meeting of his church leaders at the ground where they´re building their new church: they wanted to start off the construction with prayer and dedication. Then Fore dropped me off at the Bible school where Isabela had asked me to come and show certain talented children about incorporating color. BTW, to go the few blocks there, Fore borrowed his aunt-in-laws motorcycle and had me climb up behind him! THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE PRAYING!

This afternoon I´ll join Yeli and the dance team. I don´t know how cooperative my knee will be, but I´ll give it a try anyway.

Tomorrow I´ll be having lunch with Dany, and going to the church Pan de Vida in the evening.This is one I visited in 2004. Keep those prayers going up. Gracias!


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