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Friday, June 22, 2007

I got home from school yesterday all tired...but WIRED. I KNEW I wasn't going to be able to nap until I had somewhat finalized my packing. (I still ended up shuffling things from carry-on to Iquitos box to Lima box to carry-on). Of course I can't leave behind Foreman's cheese, chocolate, and wine!
I took 2 tylenol-pm around 10 to help me sleep, and got up as usual around 5. Sonia is coming around 12:30 to get me to the airport, bless her heart. The real challenge will be the 6 foot long bushwhacker for Refugio. Mental check - have prescriptions (eyedrops for ocular hypertension, pills for malaria, cipro in case)...I've got 2 exercise dvd's and my resistance band...
When I get to the airport in Lima I'll be met by Sabina (with my hammock for the boat trip) and Abel, who'll keep me company for a while before Clay comes for me. I plan to go through the Liima box a bit, to give Sabina her surprise - a mug with a picture of me and her kids Moises and Ruth, and half of Al (poor cropping!); and to get stuff out for Clay (I put some bags in there to hold the stuff) - the special hat Al is sending to Moises by way of encouragement. The other things can wait until I get back to Lima.
For those of you who are offering prayer support, always ALWAYS ask for the anointing of the Lord. I want to be His vessel, transparent so His glory and power can be seen;that HIS word would come forth in every setting.
I'll probably post again Saturday afternoon aftera nap at Clay's.



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's 3 days before I leave for Peru. I've bought all I'm going to buy, and will finalize packing Thursday night (okay, probably last minute adjustments Friday when I get home from school). I'm bringing workout dvd's and resistance band, trusting that I WILL continue my cardio and strength routine at LEAST in part. The trip on the river during first week will be the main obstacle - but at least I won't be snacking, and I'll be eating a lot of fish (note to self - do NOT eat that fruit that gives the runs! such "purging" is NOT a good way to lose weight!) Hm, I wonder how many calories in alligator?
I hope to get to the internet some time Saturday after my arrival in Lima. I'm sure I can pursuade Clay to take me, especially if I pay for a cabina for HIM.I probably will not use precious time tracking - but I WILL be posting, especially Peru news.

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IMANI4000 6/21/2007 9:19AM

    Que Dios te bendiga en tu viaje, mi amiga!!!!

I hopa all goes well for you on this trip -- I'm so proud of you going again, you really do so much for the people of Peru. I know the blessings are coming back 100 fold to you and your household.

Be blessed, my friend!

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NO_DISTRACTIONS 6/20/2007 11:19PM

    I would like to pray for your to have journey mercies on your traveling to Peru. May the Lord bless you time there and also the people with you. We look forward to you coming back and sharing with us at Putting Christ in first place in our lives.

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    Looking forward to hearing about it! :D

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Great Expectations

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Although I didn't get rid of more pounds as I'd hoped prior to my trip, I've at least maintained and am happy that I'm ten less than when my Peruvian friends last saw me. So that's SOMETHING. And being there, I'll have less temptations - less OPPORTUNITY - to go over. Love that fish!
So, I've changed my photos to reflect a little about what I'll be doing, where I'll be going, whom I'll be seeing. Of course all the pix are from the past - when I get back from Peru, I'll put in some fresh ones, and y'all can see the change! I'm looking forward to working out by practicing with Yeli and the youth group of Nueva Vision. I'll bring down my exercise dvd's and resistance band. My schedule shouldn't be QUITE as full as last year's, since I have taken a little more control of it (and I have Foreman watching out for my best interests!) so I should be able to do my workout.
NINE DAYS! I can hardly wait!

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    Whoohoo for you! :D

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Changing Lives

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lately in the daily reflections we've frequently discussed our power to affect others and the world around us. So, since it's been a while since I changed my pix, I figured I'd focus on that. The gallery shows progressive pix from the 5 week mission trip to Peru in June and July of 06, a couple of "my boy" Foreman while he was visiting in November last year, and then some from the trip to Peru in February. So you can see me goiing from 230 to 195.
The 3 pix on my page feature 3 of my spiritual sons - other blogs speak in detail of them. But they are an example of people in whose lives I have invested - mostly with time and love, but Foreman has also received financial investment for his work as youth pastor and missionary in Peru.
The gallery shows pix from different opportunities the Lord brought my way to extend my influence - a few days on Christian radio in Iquitos, which incuded an interview and the opportunity to share from the word about the power of God's love; meeting Peru's reknowned Pastora Pilar Cueto in Chiclayo, who invited me - ME! - to sit at a table of civic and spiritual leaders of that city at the opening of a fair of businesswomen, and to share something on her radio program via telephone from Lima. There are pix of me with friends and spiritual sons and daughters, to whom I write regularly via snail mail and with some of whom I chat online, frequently giving counsel in the Lord, or just building them up in love.
One of Foreman's sayings is "Soy un hombre ordinario haciendo cosas extraordinarias." Well, I'm an ordinary person, doing extraordinary things...through my extraordinary God.


nice comments!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Warm day today - hurray! -so I wasn't wearing a sweater. I'd gotten rid of some of the yo-yo'd pounds... Well, one of the (male) teachers commented, 'I don't remember if I mentioned anything to you or not - if I have forgive me for being redundant - but you're reallylooking fantastic." I told him that yes, he had mentioned it, but it's nice to hear it again! And on my way to professional development meeting after school i bumped into a couple of comrades, and they were exclaiming, "What is it with this Skinny Minnie?" And they said one of the sentries - who, I believe, had had gastric bypass - was also wondering how much weight I had lost "150 pounds?" No - but anyway, it's nice to know such comments are being made.
But of course, that's not the motive...
It all boils down to wanting to honor my Lord in EVERYTHING, and to be able to serve Him well. If excess weight causes me to have a stroke and so shorten my years of service, my ability to go on missions, etc - well, that isn't terribly God-honoring is it?
We were doing a study of Purpose driven Life, and one of the creeds of the early church was that our purpose was to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. "ENJOY HIM FOREVER" - I liked that.
I enjoy being able to dance before Him in praise (according to the psalms - it's scriptural!) without pooping out mid-song.


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