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a bit off...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tonight, we sent out for Chinese cause Abi wasn't feeling well nor up to cooking.It made for difficult calorie tracking though. I had a veggy eggroll...but that's not listed. SHRIMP is, so you pick that, but wonder about the calorie equivalent. Then there was the dumpling. Pork filled. I thought, well, maybe I can substitute a ravioli or a stuffed shell value. Best I could come up with was manicotti...I thought perhaps a half serving would be equivalent. And a few of the chunks of sweetnsour chicken, but it wasn't 4 ounces, so I put in as chicken nuggets. Stuff like that. I did go over the calorie limit, BUT as I looked at the week, I could see that at least the other days I was sufficiently under the max so as to average out as within limits. And I've done more than the necessary exercise. So, while I went off, I wasn't BADLY off, and don't feel "well, I've gone this bad, so I may as well go whole hog." Rather, it's back to good ol' oatmeal tomorrow, and a closer watch.Glad I kept it low the rest of the week!


sleep and water

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The challenge to drink 8 whole cups of water daily is met with tryng to get 8 hours of bladder can't hold as well as it used to since being nicked in surgery, and I have to get up during nap and night to get rid of some of that water! The UP side is that it DOES seem to be "washing out" some of the weight. Towards end of my nap today I was dreaming I had to pee and was also soaking wet in the shower. Guess what I had to do as soon as I got up!


moving on up...

Monday, April 24, 2006

This being day 13, tonight I moved up to stage 2. Abi and I have been using measuring cups anyway the last couple of days. We are being more careful about portion control.
I DID splurge a bit tonight. Genya'd given me a burger patty and bun (I think it may have been a meat-FLAVORED patty) and so I heated it and prepared it with K,M, R, &O. MMM. But it only put me a LITTLE over my max (like 17 calories!) and I've been fairly successful at keeping my intake on the lower side. While my weight showed a slight increase this morning, I'm not discouraged - my measurements actually showed a decrease. When I walked to school I tried to put a little more OOMPH in my step, breathing with concentration. I don't know my speed - I entered it as a 30 min mile. I hope it will be better with time. I'm encouraged with the use of SP and trust that I will indeed see a change in habits, to become healthier.



Friday, April 21, 2006

I was weighed in at the doctor yesterday, and I weighed 11 pounds less than I did when my gynecologist had me weighed 2 weeks ago! The Nutrition tracking of SP is definitely helpful, and the exercise bike helps accomplish what diet alone could not. I don't expect the next 10 pounds to fall off so "easily" but at least I had this encouraging first "shedding."


first results

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This morning when I weighed in, my (inaccurate) scale said I weighed 245, finally budging from the 249 it had been showing the past week...bearing in mind I have to add about 10 pounds thereto.(GOTTA get a new scale!) Even though I know it's not accurate, I'm encouraged that it shows a downward motion. I also took measurements last night to keep track of those.


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