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nice comments!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Warm day today - hurray! -so I wasn't wearing a sweater. I'd gotten rid of some of the yo-yo'd pounds... Well, one of the (male) teachers commented, 'I don't remember if I mentioned anything to you or not - if I have forgive me for being redundant - but you're reallylooking fantastic." I told him that yes, he had mentioned it, but it's nice to hear it again! And on my way to professional development meeting after school i bumped into a couple of comrades, and they were exclaiming, "What is it with this Skinny Minnie?" And they said one of the sentries - who, I believe, had had gastric bypass - was also wondering how much weight I had lost "150 pounds?" No - but anyway, it's nice to know such comments are being made.
But of course, that's not the motive...
It all boils down to wanting to honor my Lord in EVERYTHING, and to be able to serve Him well. If excess weight causes me to have a stroke and so shorten my years of service, my ability to go on missions, etc - well, that isn't terribly God-honoring is it?
We were doing a study of Purpose driven Life, and one of the creeds of the early church was that our purpose was to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. "ENJOY HIM FOREVER" - I liked that.
I enjoy being able to dance before Him in praise (according to the psalms - it's scriptural!) without pooping out mid-song.


fasting and praying

Monday, May 28, 2007

Not to lose weight, mind you, even though I am disgusted with my previous lack of self-control. I want to embark on this 40 day prayer-fast with my church (and others) - and decided to take it from day to day as to what I will fast.
I breakfasted on Slimfast, and had my cardio workout. Then at 7:30 after bringing various supplies up to the sunporch off our bedroom, I began the painted version of the drawing I had done during one prayer vigil. I brought water with me so I could keep tanked up to make sure I got up from time to time to stretch and pee. Interestingly enough, it took seven hours (breaks included) to complete - and I'm so thrilled because as I was working I wondered if I'd be able to finish it today. I have to work tonight, from 6-11, and I didn't want to have a long spell between times at the canvas. The last large painting I did I think was the elephant one in the living room, 3x4 feet, and I forget how long that took. But, anyway, being able to work at it steadily, I got it done, and am so pleased with the results. I took pix of it (posted here with some of the original drawing on which it is based) and emailed them to the pastors and my senior minister. I still have to wait about 3 days before doing the spray acrylic finish. But I'll be able to bring it to Al at the next prayer vigil in Brockport Friday. Woo-hoo!

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BSYMOMOFJRLH 5/29/2007 3:25PM

    Shel...I am on a 40 day fast too with my home church from Tn!! It started last night and goes til July 7! Can I ask why your church called the fast? Ours is fasting and praying for the US and other countries. That God would turn our country around for the next 40 years from the last 40 years of sin and rebellion we have seen run rampant!! On July 7, 2007 there will be a gathering in Nashville Tn (close to my home church) with a leader named Lou Engle. He is asking for 100,000 people to join him in prayer there at the football stadium and ask God to turn our country around!! OUr church is doing the Daniel fast. I will keep you in my prayers as you are fasting!!

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one step backwards...

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's the eating thing. Food just tastes so good, and sometimes I'm just tired of tracking the calories I would rather just stuff into myself! BUT I continue to workout...even when I would like to skip it...and I even do more than my goal of cardio and strength. So, I'm not TOO down on myself, and I know I'll advance, because I really do want to get rid of this extra weight. One of these times I'm going to break through this whole yo-yo bit and be persevering in self-discipline., even on WEEKENDS. The power to say NO, I DON'T CARE HOW DELISCIOUS IT IS, I'VE HAD ALL THE CALORIES I NEED FOR TODAY AND I CAN HAVE THAT SOME OTHER TIME WHEN I CAN FIT IT IN MY ALLOWANCE.

On the positive side, I do eat less fatty things, I do focus on fruits and vegs,
and Extra Large is a little TOO baggy!


"How come you're so nice?"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

As a Teacher Assistant, I'm occasionally asked to take kids out of the class...whether they're being disruptive, so that others won't be distracted...or the class is particularly distracting and the ones I take out are the give some individual help them catch up on work missed for whatever reason (especially tests and quizzes.) The other day I took out 2 "drummers". It was 3rd block, so I couldn't use the students' cafeteria. We went to my "office" (jokingly called "the Dungeon", a little room off the 3rd floor balcony) and while I had work for them, I didn't anticipate them doing it. I let them drum...and when they got bored of that (what fun is it when you can't drive the teacher nuts?) I offered them the photo album of my 2004 trip to Peru. I find kids usually enjoy looking at photos. So, the one less recalcitrant took me up on the offer, and as he perused them, he asked, "Miss, how come you're so nice?" It kind of surprised me! But I had the answer - "The grace of God."
It's His grace on which I depend to be able to separate the sin from the sinner, to love as Jesus loves. To be able to let remarks like that of the OTHER student - "Were you ALWAYS this ugly?" roll off, recognizing he was lashing out because I had to call the sentry on him for trying to burn the tape that was fastening a box closed, in order to be able to see what was therein. (I told him beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and that I wasn't always this weight.And to the other student's credit, he rebuffed his fellow.)
As the school year progressed, kids changed from not wanting to be separated from their peers, lest they be thought to be in Special Ed (the stigma!) to begging to go with me. Yesterday when I was going to take 3 out, I almost had half the class trying to press out the door with me. And I give honor to Jesus - to His presence in me. Because, consider how the mothers brought the children to Him to bless them, how He encouraged it - I imagine He must have been swarmed with kids. Kids can sense when you genuinely like them. And I genuinely like THESE kids (though at times I may wish to defenestrate the more obstreperous ones - go look it up and improve your vocabulary!)
But when I go to Peru, I'm with youth who are energetically, passionately loving and serving the Lord - and I am so refreshed in THEIR presence, away from the foul language and bad attitudes and disrespect in the public school. Thirty-six more days!


Killer Kanoli...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Well, I'm not sure the exact spelling...somehow that doesn't look's that Italian pastry, made from a waffly type cookie, rolled and stuffed with a sweet cream-cheesy flavored confection and this one was coated with dark chocolate. Well, it didn't kill me of course. I had done very well even since Friday, and this was the last temptation I faced and this one I yielded to. After all, I never buy the things, and they are seldom in my sphere, so I decided to enjoy it. I have continued my workouts faithfully, even going beyond the goal of calorie burning.

I'm planning ahead for the trip to Peru. I'll be bringing the one resistance band because of its portability, and at least one of the cardio dvd's (all 3 if Abi doesn't thnk she'll use them) I'm glad Foreman was blessed with a dvd player. He also got a refrigerator for Yeli for Mother's Day so he can keep my yogurt and fruit therein (and the cheese and chocolate I bring to hiim!)There's one kind of yogurt, from a fruit which looks similar to an avocado but its flesh is orange. I forget its name, something like Lucuma, VERY tasty...and Mango yogurt is good too. The yogurts there are all liquidy, drinkable, and I found them very beneficial when afflicted by travelers' diahrrhea. Fruits are more readily accesible than vegetables. Broccoli and carrots are expensive, but you can get tomatoes well enoough. And onions.
Chicken is very common, and of course fish - Iquitos is surrounded by rivers, and Lima is on the coast.
After the setback of the previous week I had finally worked my way back to the low weight. I grumble at myself occasionally for all the yo-yo-ing, but even now I consider that the skirt I have on I bought 20 pounds ago, and it was just a weeeeee bit snug, and now it fits just fine ("and soon, "she says by faith, "it shall be too large!")Getting there.

So, changed the pix AGAIN, to show some before and afters, as well as some of the fun of mission trips from last year and this, and family.


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