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My number one Peruvian Son, Foreman

Sunday, March 25, 2007

He's featured in the photos right now. I gotta go to work, so I'll add more later about how we met and how he came to be my number one (and most expensive) son!


we battle not against flesh and blood

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Although it seems like it sometimes!
But having recently finished a mission trip to Peru to do some spiritual warfare at Machu Picchu, when I perused today's spotlighted Spark Page, I was disturbed to read the blog about Mayans "spiritually cleansing" after Bush's visit. We ARE in a war, and the question of the generation is "Whom will you worship?" God have mercy on Guatemala and raise up His intercessors to reclaim the high places!

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LADYBUGNOREEN 3/24/2007 6:12PM

    I came to your Spark Page because you made a comment on mine, concerning what I said in the Daily Reflections Blog. You said that you are or were a high School Special Ed teacher.

Wow, you must be a Christian! I am glad that you found me. We are sure seeing more and more that we are not in a battle against flesh and blood. I would only add that not only must we remember this but we must remember who wins the battle in the end and that we cannot fight this battle without God's help.

As for me and my house we will worship the Lord. We can't afford to just stay in our houses either we must witness to our neighbors. We may not all be called to go abroad but we are all called. What have I done to fulfill the "Great Commission today?"

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INFUSION413 3/24/2007 2:25PM

    Oh my... yes. Talk about backwards!! I hope Bush cleanses himself from THEM! They likely felt covicted and wanted rid of what was good because they don't recognize a good spirit when they see it. In our 40 days of prayer with our church, the armor of God verses have come up a lot and the one you references is one that sticks out in my mind more than ever. Keep writing, and God bless you.

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Diddle diddle dumpling, my son Jhon

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yes, it's spelled JHon, and I think that's to indicate that it has the English pronunciation of the J as opposed to the Latino, soft or fricative H.
I met Jhon the first time when I was in Lima with Pastor Hugo in 2004 for a week. He was friendly, eager to practice his English on me. I gave out my e-mail address to loads of people, and he is one with whom I have frequent opportunity to chat. So when I saw him again in Iquitos in 2006, it was a happy reunion. I got to know him better as we experienced the rigors of the missionary trip down the Puinahua River to visit churches in the villages of Uralina, Nuevo Kuwait, Jorge Chavez, Atun Poza, San Juan de Paucar, and Bretaņa. Unfortunately, the bugs seemed to find him particularly tasty! He and the other 2 lads with us, Elvis and Cesar, became fondly known as the "Soldados de Barro", Soldiers of Mud, or Mud Soldiers, for their adventures of slogging through it to get into and out of the canoe and hauling it when the motor ran out of oil. Jhon had some additional adventures when he fell in the pond while trying to wash his clothes.
The Lord has led me to invest in his life further by paying $85 monthly for him to go to a business institute to learn computer graphics in hopes of getting a good career to help out his family. Jhon plays guitar and is active in the music ministry, and tells me he is also writing some worship songs. He likes to sing them to the Lord when he's alone in the house.
He turned 23 on Feb 27th, and I gave him a baseball cap - he collects those and visors.

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BRENDA2007 3/22/2007 6:40PM

    That is such a worthy use of your resources. The money for Jhon's education will continue to bless that family for years to come. I hope you are intending to write a book some day with all of your memories of Peru and how the Lord worked it out for you to be there. These are marvelous stories!

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featured son Cesar

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The first time I met Cesar was in Lima in 2004. He was very quiet, looked very serious. We were reunited, along with others from Lima, in 2006 when I went to Iquitos. There's nothing like shared experiences to bond people together. Cesar was with us the week we traveled on the Puinahua to visit jungle churches. He was still the quiet type, but I noticed he had a sense of fun as well as a serious side. When we were waiting to meet with a pastor during a week of door-to-door evangelism, I asked how he came to know the Lord. He said when he was very young his parents divorced, and he and his sister went with his mother while his father took other siblings. He grew up an angry young man, joined a gang, would get into trouble and cause trouble. But he was drawn by the music at Jorge's church and one time he was grabbed and dragged in there. Not only did he hear the message, but when Jorge embraced him he said he suddenly felt a father's love, and something broke in him. When he gave his heart to the Lord, he went to his mother and repented for his behavior, and went to his father as well for reconciliation. His passion for the Lord has grown, and I noticed spiritual growth in him even since last summer when I saw him in Feb. My senior minister Al had some prophetic words for him about leading worship, and it didn't surprise me - I had seen how earnestly he turns his heart to the Lord in worship. He definitely has an anointing.


a note about Abel

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

For a time I'm featuring pix in my gallery of one of my many spiritual sons in Peru. Abel Amaņe and I met in 04 at his church where he played keyboard. But we developed our relationship over the chatline, as he shared his story with me. His mother died when he was 3, his father took him to live in another part of the country. His father was an alcoholic, so Abel suffered abuse and neglect. Then at the age of 14 he was drafted in the army durnig the conflict with Ecuador. He learned at that age that he actually had sisters, when he discovered an open letter addressed to his father. He called them, and when he got out of the army at the age of 16 they were reunited. He accepted the Lord soon after through the church his sister took him to. When I knew he was motherless, I told him if he wanted to he could consider ME his mother. He was thoroughly delighted and we continued to develop the relationship throughout the year so that when I returned in 06, he was at the airport to meet me, 4:30 in the morning, struggling to hold back tears of emotion. And when I returned in Feb this year, while in Lima I stayed with him at his sister Cristina's, who was speechless and delighted to welcome me. So, that'll be my digs whenever I'm in Lima, and I plan to be there last week of July this year. Meanwhile, I'm hoping Abel can join me while I'm in Iquitos at the home (my second) of another (my eldest and most expensive) spiritual son.

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    Thanks for sharing this. :D I just subscribed to your blog, BTW, and so I'll be keeping up with it this way. Keep looking up! :D

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INFUSION413 3/13/2007 4:22PM

    How delightful!! Praise God!

I seen this post on the "recent blogs." I'm glad I read it. God bless you!

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