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Pastora Lorenza and the Pants

Thursday, January 18, 2007

At my wonderful birthday party in Lima, Peru last year, Pastora Lorenza gave me a pair of pants. Well, I'm sure they were the largest one could find THERE (on the whole, the indigenous people are considerably more petite than us gordito Americans), but I could not fit into them...until NOW. I wore them Sunday to church, and today I put them on for school. I was thinking about her and wondering how she was doing, because when I last saw her she told me she was expecting her 6th child. Then recently I'd heard she was having some health problems toward the end of her pregnancy, and I was concerned and sent out prayer requests. I was told everything was fine...later I was told she'd had the baby...but I STILL didn't know GENDER. Well, here I am today, wearing the pants she gave me, and looking at my email before going to school. My "son" Abel, who goes to that church, told me she had a little girl...and named it Shelley.

AWW-w-w- I'm going to cry. Sniff.

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SLIMJOHN 1/23/2007 11:21PM

    It is awesome that you not only responded to my email, but that you are actually part of the YWAM family! I have been wanting to find someone on this site from YWAM for a long time now, and now I have found that person! Therefore, I will attempt, seeing as it is quite busy where I am right now, to keep in contact with you regularly! You have encouraged my soul, spirit, and Holy Spirit, which all live within me! Therefore, I want to encourage you by saying that your Father loves you, and the love that He has for you has resounded onto me! May you continue to stay connected with this site for it is one that everyone should be connected to for motivation and other issues!

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LIVINMYDREAMS 1/18/2007 1:51PM

    I am so proud of you, Shel! You are doing so well. Keep it up. Come rub on me so I will be like you:)

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Pressing on

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I still struggle with weekends, which actually start Fridays - because Fri is my one eve off, and DH likes to go out to a restaurant. The less I eat at home, the less control I have over how much I take in. But even at home I trip up occasionally.
Still, it isn't like before. And the weight isn't staying and accumulating - I'm fighting back! Okay, so I WON'T make goal by a certain date - but it is still in sight.
I was walking an extra block (1/2 mile) but the weather is cold now and the sidewalks may be slick. So I've been putting Simmons in and doing that instead when I get home from school. So, I use 15 minutes more...and I burn more calories. Now, if i would just stop using that as a reason to justify EATING more calories!

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AMYBETH70 1/19/2007 9:17PM

    When I was on weight watchers, we earned activity points every time we exercised and we were told we could use them on food, unfortunately, I would use every activity point on food instead of just letting my exercise help me more.

I know what it's like to use exercise as a way of justifying my eating tendencies, it's something I fight all the time.

Good luck with your struggle, I hope I get better with mine as well.

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Yupi, Woot, Woo Hoo and other expletives of excitement and joy

Monday, January 08, 2007

Today I am wearing SIZE SIXTEEN JEANS. Okay, so they're STRETCH jeans, but STILL, they FIT, I could ZIP them without gasping for air AND sit AND bend over! Oh Victory in Jesus, my Savior forever...!


YES! ONEderland!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tracking those calories, working those muscles...started downward again, and I HOPE it will continue in that ONE direction. ABi and I have discussed going partly vegetarian, especially since DH seems to be making up for our controlled eating by eating uncontrollably. If there's "nothing but health sh--" (like in the movie ET) he should be better off (He CAN'T exercise, AND he's diabetic!)
Hm, think I'll start checking out tofu...glad Spark has recipes!

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    Hey Shel,

That is pretty much what I am doing but no way on the tofu, yuk. I tried it but cannot handle it. But I am trying mostly just one meat a day, like fish or chicken. Veggies and fruits or so much less calories.

Keep up the good work!

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one last fling...

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Well, I got up today and followed the recommendation for the SECOND time, of having a light carb (slice of whole grain bread) prior to working out, to fuel the body. Since it's a non-strength day, I used Denise Austins Fat Burning dvd, and I also did some crunches.I am so pleased at the progress I've made - I remember when I started I couldn't hold the warm up or cool down stretches - my knees wouldn't let me. Now, while the left still does tend to snap crackle and pop, I can hold the stretch.And when I got home from church today, I found I actually weighed 2 pounds LESS than I started! Hm, perhaps this little piece of toast is just what I need...we'll see.
BUT, meanwhile, Abi wants one last fling, pizza, which she's been craving, and I also would like some. So...last one till after I get back from Peru? I've already put myself down for 2 slices of cheese pizza and two wings - and a salad, which I hope will help stave off the voracious desire to consume large quantities.


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