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keeping up

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

with my busy schedule it's hard to remember to do everything needed to remain a Community Team Member. Perish the thought of losing THAT distinction! I note, my goodness, it's over 10 days since I blogged! OOPS! So here I am. I'm on my way to being back on track after the bounty of Thanksgiving. We finished off the turkey, and I decided to buy some BEEF and PORK last night, a change from so much poultry. But I also got some pickeld herring, not for myself - DH loves it, and it's also the closest thing to the Peruvian dish, Cebiche, so I thought I'd get some for Foreman to try. He's been calling me "Gringuita menos Gordita" or "gringuita mas flaquita" - and I can call HIM "cholito mas gordito" because he isn't as active as he would be at home, and he's been enjoying my larder!


"I'm a DOCTOR, Jim, not a bouncer!"

Friday, November 17, 2006

Or, to paraphrase McCoy from the old Star Trek series, I'm an EDUCATOR, not a disciplinarian! The frustration is that I have to write a referral if I eject a disruptive student. Well, I've done that...gotta see who gets it...didn't do it during class, because there's already so much going on. Actually, a few others could stand similar write-ups, but I have a relatively long fuse. It's shorter with this one student because not only doesn't he do work (or very little) but he also distracts others from theirs. Some do much better when he's not in the room.
I'm tempted to MUNCH - emotional eating triggered by the stress - but I have to go shopping anyway for Thanksgiving. I'll bring water with me and guzzle that...and hopefully having Foreman along will have a soothing effect. SIGH.


running fool!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, not really...but I DID do a bit of a jog on Saturday morning while at the retreat. It was still quite dark, they had just woken the team. I did a run-100, brisk walk-100 but I don't know how many times or for how long. But more than I have ever done since getting out of High School! Foreman is calling me EX-gordita.


the ugly American

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am still grieved over the treatment Foreman - and other Latinos - received coming into the States through Houston. I am glad he came through Atlanta last year when he came the first time - pleasantly uneventful, he was even given 10 days more than the Embassy's approved 3 months. But in HOUSTON! - we were lucky (blessed) that he was given one of the 3 months the Embassy approved. That was bad enough, that I will have to pay the peanlty for changing the date on his return flight. But the contemptuous denegrating attitude of the immigration officers towards the incoming people - this on top of a long trip not having eaten in several hours - "burns my hide!" I have emailed senators and representatives about it and will look for whom else to inform. Let me not overeat in my state of high emotion!


Nearly there...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This morning the scale said 201.5 (pre-poo, so I've entered 201!) much to my delight. Alas, this morning I only did my school-walk cardio, nothing extra, and I may not get to the strenght either: last might I was doing last minute prep for Foreman's arrival today, including repapering a wall in the attic room. (Hey, THAT burned some calories, no?) I will do my best to focus on the healthy stuff at the retreat this weekend. Maybe Foreman will feel up for a good walk later this afternoon (after some rest!) after the long time traveling.


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