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Bad weekend

Monday, June 02, 2008

Well, I knew this was coming. I had been fighting this happening for a few weeks now and I really crashed and burned. I had the munchies and when I say munchies I mean it in capital letters. I did real good for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was awesome, I stir fried some hamburger along with a lot of onion, celery and sliced up bok choy. I added soy sauce and half portion of cooked brown rice. It was really good and filling as it made so much. But later that evening (always bad for me) I was ravenous. I started with some strawberries, That was OK. Then later it was radishes and that too was OK but neither satisfied me. I then toasted an Alternative Bagel which on WW is 1 point. That too was not bad. But still I craved something and I didn't know what. None of the cut up vegetables seemed to call to me and they were just not what I wanted. I wanted carbs and I mean real carbs. Not those ones that are good for you but carbs. I have not had anything made with white flour in I don't know how long, but that was what I wanted. At midnight I was standing in the kitchen making pancakes. OHHHHH they were so good, but do I feel guilty. You bet. I am my own worst enemy.

No to get back on track.


First mont down

Monday, May 05, 2008

I have completed my first month back and for me it was a successful one. I made up my mind and began weighing and measuring everything. Takes a bit more time than I like to spend cooking. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook but I don't measure when I cook so this is something very foreign to me. I is really going to take some doing on my part and I am trying really hard to do this.

It must have paid off because I lost a little over 5 pounds. So I will keep at this until it becomes a real habit.


I'm Back

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hi everyone.

I am not new to Spark People. I originally began with Spark People back in January of 2006. Recently I changed my e-mail address and each time I went into SP and changed my e-mail address according to their insturctions, I never received anymail or was not able to get into my mail from my many groups. I was a very active participant and thank SP for making me much more conscious of my self. I might not have lost much weight in the 2 years I was with SP but I sure didn't gain like I am doing now. I have decided that is is most necessary for me to sign up and hope that this new registration will work.