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my weekend

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday we went to a race and took our trailer to spend the night and then go to another race the next day. That is the race I cooked 80 pounds of tritip for before I left!

We hadn't been there long when a call came through the pits for paramedics. Two of the guys in our club went running. Apparantly, one of he drivers in a sprint car, had a wheel break while putting a tire and it hit him in the face. 25 years old, just out to have some fun and he was killed.

It was so sad and tragic and I was again reminded that things happen in the blink of an eye and life changes forever for someone. It was a sobering reminder. All the drivers donated money and a lot of the fans did too and it was a nice show of solidarity.

After the races , because races always go on, even under those circumstances, we dwarf car people had a potluck and I ate very late, like, midnight which I normally don't do. Topped it off with 3 cookies for good measure and had a little visit with the Captain, too!

The next morning, I made breakfast burrito's for us and a few guys then we got word that one of our best friends had fallen while pushing his sons car in the trailer. He shattered his wrist and needs surgery which he will wait till Monday. This guy is lucky to be alive. 5 years ago, we were at pismo riding quads and he was in a bad accident and literally broke his body in half.

We had a big race so he got it wrapped, got meds and came to the track to watch his son race. After the race, I served dinner to 100 people and I have a lot of tritip left but you will be proud of me for not taking all the leftover cake and other crap home! I can make a lot of meals out of the tritip and the kids can take sandwiches for lunch at work.

The race was also a memorial for franks dad who passed away a year ago..yes, its already been a year!!!!

Then one of our friends came to race, and a very close friend of theirs has a little girl, 11 years old, who got a cut on her thigh and got stitches a few days ago. Now she has a massive infection and has undergone two surgeries and is fighting for her life. Wtf is going on!!!

I did not eat well this weekend I worked hard but I did not work out, I can feel myself being full of sodium and I am not weighing in until my final weigh in Thursday am before we leave for Utah for 10 days. I set out to lose 10 pounds 4 weeks ago. We will see how close I get.

This weekend was a reminder to me to enjoy each day, be present with people, tell them you love them, do the best I can and always be grateful.

You are all a big part of me and I worry, care, enjoy, think about, pray for and love each of you.

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MOONBIRD 6/15/2012 6:56PM

    It's so sad to hear all those things, but you are right that we can't take our lives for granted. So often we go through life not really paying attention to what is our life.

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CANNIE50 6/13/2012 1:23PM

    Oh my gosh. I am so sorry to hear about the tragic accident, and the other traumas. I am thinking of you.

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JEREMY723 6/12/2012 5:09PM

    Sorry your weekend has so many injuries and worse! There was a fatal drag race accident about 30 minutes from me on Saturday afternoon. Some media coverage and all races were cancelled the rest of the day. I hope the next time around is far better!

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    Wow...what a weekend. Prayers for all those affected by the sad things that happened...and gratefulness for all the blessings!!

Have a wonderful day...and thanks for sharing. All too often we forget how precious our life is, especially when we allow ourselves to get caught up in all the relatively non-important BS that we go through.

- Michelle

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GRACEISENUF 6/10/2012 7:31PM

    I love you too Jan. Oh man you have had friends who are facing some heavy duty stuff right now, so sorry to hear of all this. I will say a prayer for each person you mentioned (God knows their names) even though I don't.

It's hard to believe Frank's Dad has been gone a year...time does fly.

We had our sons graduation Friday at a Mandarin restaurant. They had a very small cocktail menu when I looked it over. And then, BAMM...there it was, the word Captain. Mind you I have never had it but I ordered one (it listed it was made with coke so I asked for sugar free). I wound up having TWO! I hope you know I only ordered it because of YOU, was good too! :) Everything sure tasted even better after TWO, ha ha.

Know I love ya,
(off to Pismo in the am), wish you were gonna be there.

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CELLISTA1 6/10/2012 5:36PM

    My goodness! Yes, all that stuff reminds us of how fragile our lives are. It's human nature that we just carry on blithely because if we didn't we'd be paralyzed. The scariest part of the story is about the little girl, because where did she pick up that infection? At the hospital, when she was getting stitches, probably.

You are the hardest working MAMA in town, that's for sure! Sounds like you didn't do too badly on your food, considering. Thank-you for always giving lots of love to us all. We love you too!

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DAISY443 6/10/2012 4:07PM

    What a sad weekend. Take care of you and yours! Hugs!

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BIGMAMAT 6/10/2012 3:50PM

    Gosh Jan, so sorry to hear about all the sad things that happened this weekend. emoticon Praying for your friends. Love you. T

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who knows jan?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Let's play a game... who knows me best?

1. What is my dog's name? Extra points if you can name daughters or husband

2. Who do I love more than anyone?

3. What do I do for a job?

4. What is my food weakness?

5. Why is my name mamadwarf?

6. Name 1 thing that I like to do on weekends?

7. How long have I been on spark?

8. What exercise have I recently started?

9. What's the one thing you can count on me for?

10. What's the one peice of advice you have given me or want to give me?

Ready, set...GO!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CANNIE50 6/6/2012 12:54AM

    I am giving myself a big old A+ because, I am happy to say, I knew all of them. I quote you on my page, you know. Advice......hmmmmmm......I LOVE to give advice, as you know. So, here goes. Focus on strength - eating to be stronger, exercising to be stronger, taking whatever steps necessary to be stronger. Strong is good. Strong is the new skinny (and skinny is not a good look at our age, anyway).

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TERRYT55 6/5/2012 7:13PM

    I love your blogs! And love getting to know you better! I did not see an answer to #5......why is your name mamadwarf? I'd love to know.

Thanks for making me smile and believe in myself. You rock.

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CELLISTA1 6/5/2012 6:48PM

    Hey, I knew most of them! Where's my cake pop?

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AAAACK 6/5/2012 4:49PM

    Wanna hear something funny? since I just started hanging out with you, I didn't even know your name was Jan! But now, after this blog, I know so much more. Maybe I should go read your Sparkpage. I did already know you were good for a laugh, your blogs and comments crack me up.

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MAMADWARF 6/5/2012 2:32PM

    LOL, you guys are awesome!!

Correct answers are:
Stitchy, Frank, Kelly and Kady
In my intro on my page, I state I love my dog more than anyone!(although Frank would not be a wrong answer!)
We have a roofing company and yes, also a racing business
Cookies are my weakness and they are calling me from the kitchen, right now!!!
Weeknd activities are usually racing and going to the movies as well as our favorite mexican food place.
I have been on spark over 2 years. Start date, March 10, 2010 at 291 pounds, officially.
I recently started playing tennis for excercise and it is a lot of fun. I do not consider the way I play it as a sport! HA!
You can always count on me to be here and cheer you on. I hope you can count on me for a laugh or something profound once in a while too!
I love all the advice and comments you guys give. I would have quit a long time ago if it werent for you!

ANd yes, I beleive BIGMAMAT deserves an award! I would send her some cake pops but that would be bad of me...LOL. Thanks for playing!!

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GRACEISENUF 6/5/2012 1:49PM

    I think BIGMAMAT deserves a spark trophy!


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GRACEISENUF 6/5/2012 1:48PM

    Must confess I started being a copycat, lmbo.

I did know five's been such a blessing to have you as my friend Jan.

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OJIBWEEQUAY 6/5/2012 9:23AM

    1. Stitchy and Frank
3. Racing??
9. listen
10. Keep on keeping on! Just today emoticon

You are one of my favs! emoticon

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BAYBELIEVER 6/5/2012 7:21AM

    2. I hope yourself!!

9. Humor!

Keep doing what you are doing! You are getting healthier AND enjoying the life you have! Awesome accomplishment!

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DAISY443 6/5/2012 7:12AM

    OK, I can answer 6 of them! The one piece of advice I want to give you is to keep doing what you do! And I can always count on you to be a great friend!

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BIGMAMAT 6/5/2012 7:09AM

    1. Ok, I'm bad with names, but I am thinking Stitchy? Frank, Kelly and Kady.

2. ME! haha

3. You work with your husband in the roofing business, You make cakepops, lol.

4. hum... COOOKIES?

5. Cause you da MAMA. lol. and you race Dwarf car thingy's.

6. YOu plan tennis, which is your new sport.

7. 2 years.

9. ALWAYS BEING THERE!!!!! ( and giving me a kick in the pants when I need it)

10. Never, ever, change . EVER. I LOVE YOU. hugs. T emoticon

P.s. Good thing I am in WV, or you might think I'M a stalker. hahaha. I laugh.

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    Well considering we've just met I can only answer #10:

My advice - Save me some carrot cake. It'll be better in the long run if you learn to share. :)

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left, right and wrong

Sunday, June 03, 2012

First one of our kitties has a huge lump on her face. I'm thinking abscess, gotta take her to vet tomorrow. Please think good thoughts for Saki.

In the last 2 months I have doubled my weekly calorie burn. I like having that commitment because I'm on a streak and I tell myself I HAVE to play tennis today or I HAVE to walk to make my goal. Its been good for me.

My sister came up from about 6 hours away and we went to my other sisters for dinner. Ate wayyyy too many snacks on Friday night...salami cheese and Ritz crackers, oh how I have missed thee!

Then Saturday we went to breakfast then a graduation party. The problem there was I was trying to be sneaky and only eat twice that day. That backfired. By 5:00 I was starving and the nachos were calling my name. Not to mention the carrot cake BUT I did eat fruit salad and barely went over my Cal's but went pretty far over my fat grams.

Today we went and walked stitchy then had lunch at our favorite Mexican place which I did NOT have my usual chicken salad, I ate part of a fajita burrito instead. We went and saw the new snow white movie (thumbs up) but did not eat popcorn! So then I had mini rice cakes and peanut butter for dinner.

Notes to self: eat regular meals
Plan your dinners for the week
Stay far away from cheese this week
Keep working out
I have 10 days to meet my 10 pound down goal by June 13 which I have 3 more to go
REMEMBER the above items!!

Keep working towards my goals. Every day. I can. Do. It!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TERRYT55 6/4/2012 7:49PM

    How is your kitty? Sending good thoughts your way. Take care.

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GRACEISENUF 6/4/2012 4:54PM

    I said a prayer for Saki Jan...let us know how the visit turns out ok?

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GRACEISENUF 6/4/2012 4:53PM

    I sincerely started to give it my best try this past week because I had gained SEVERAL pounds and I refuse to move my ticker AGAIN.

I find on a low fat, low calorie diet I am friggin starving all the time and thinking about food ALL the time too.

I found some GREAT low carb sites with some seriously yummy food and I have not been hungry ONCE and I am eating great stuff. In three days I have lost 6 pounds and I am not craving sugar either. I hate to eat fake sugar but at this point I am using some in sugar free jello and a few other products but mostly I use stevia like I have always done.

If you want to know the sites ask me Jan. I made a yummy quesadilla quiche that is so good. I topped it with sour cream, salsa and jalapeno slices and had three pieces of bacon too. They are recipes for 5 minute ice cream on youtube. I can't believe how far low carb has come since the ole Atkins days. Finally I can eat!

Comment edited on: 6/4/2012 4:54:17 PM

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BEACHTUDE 6/4/2012 9:09AM

    You're aware of all of this. That's good. Keep on working. You're getting there! emoticon

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    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! :)

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 6/4/2012 7:30AM

    You've go this!

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BAYBELIEVER 6/4/2012 7:21AM

    Another weekend behind you! 10 days! You got this!

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DAISY443 6/4/2012 6:59AM

    Hope Saki does well! It is hard to avoid snacking, but if measured carefully and tracked some of those goodies can be worked in! Keep up the good work!

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STRIVER57 6/4/2012 2:50AM

    yes, you can do it. emoticon

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    Best wishes to Saki.

And you're doing great. Keep up the good work, but save me some carrot cake.

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CATS_MEOW_0911 6/3/2012 11:34PM


Hope kitty is okay and it's just a small abscess!

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BIGMAMAT 6/3/2012 11:31PM

    emoticon emoticon

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HEALTHYASHLEY 6/3/2012 11:10PM

    You can do it. I know you can. Way to go on increasing your activity so much!!! Love you

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show my sister some love!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is her latest blog. She has been a member for awhile now but is back. Show her some sparky love would ya?

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    Consider it done.

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GRACEISENUF 6/1/2012 3:21PM

    on my way

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 5/31/2012 3:22PM


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BAYBELIEVER 5/31/2012 1:16PM

    Hugs to you too for being such a great sister!

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DAISY443 5/31/2012 9:57AM

    And sparky love to you, too!

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more tracker insights

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking at my nutritional tracker over the last couple weeks, and I suspect, over the last year, a light bulb finally went off. I see my problem, why I have been stuck within a 10 pound range since July of last year..

Its the snacking!

My meals are great, my snacking is crap. A little chocolate, something I baked, some chips, some processed crap granola bar which is a glorified candy bar. If I went back to the year before, when I was losing weight like a champ, I would see fruit salad, some light popcorn, maybe some cheese and whole grain crackers.

I am going back to that. I am going to finish out this year with a lot of weight gone. I won't always be perfect, but I will make progress....remember when that was my motto? We'll, I'm bringing it back. And I'm going to hit my mini goal for June 13 and I'm going to make another one after that and keep going til I finish what I set out to do.

I invite you all to take a look at that food tracker of yours go back and read it until you see a pattern that is within your power to change...then change it. Today. Tomorrow. The next day. That's what I'm going to do.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BIGMAMAT 5/31/2012 11:34PM

    emoticon Mama's Rule! emoticon

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WELLNESSME09 5/31/2012 1:53PM

    emoticon reminder, your so right.
The snacking has been my big problem also in the past year, especially in the evening.

Wishing you great success in making the new old again!

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IMIN2GENES 5/31/2012 1:16PM

    Thanks for the perfect reminder! I'm going to bet that's part of my stall... I've been snaking on a few too many cookies lately. You go girl!

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TURTLERASKIN 5/31/2012 1:06PM

    Yep, the snacking is a killer! Things changed for me when I preplanned my snacks and forced myself to eat them. (Remembering Michael Pollan's advice: if you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're not hungry.)

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WRITEWAY73 5/31/2012 9:11AM

    Snacking is so hard...and worst for me on weekends! Keep up the good work!

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HEALTHYASHLEY 5/31/2012 8:51AM

    Mindless eating is my number 1 biggest obstacle. I eat healthy normal meals. It is the crap I sneak in between that kills me. Who am I sneaking it from anyway? Me? I am the one eating it!! I try to think before I put something in my mouth. "Will this help me to reach my goals?" It does work for me a lot of the time. Other times I just choose to eat it anyway but at least I made that choice consciously.

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BAYBELIEVER 5/31/2012 8:31AM

    So true. I am finding my old addictions rearing their ugly head. Need to purge this sugar out of my system...again. Aaack. Why do I do this to myself?

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DAISY443 5/31/2012 7:41AM

    You're right! Gotta stop that snack attack thing, NOW! Let's do it!

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 5/31/2012 7:21AM

    That's what I did a few months back. The weight stopped coming off and I realized it was my food choices. I looked at when I was losing the most weight and realized it was the fiber bars, and protein bars, and all that processed stuff that was, literally, weighing my down, or I guess UP ; ) I know you'll meet your goal!

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TEMPENATIVE 5/31/2012 1:29AM

    great blog, something to be mindful of. thanks!

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SLIMINMIND 5/31/2012 1:06AM

    I know where you are coming from. I was so motivated in January , I have slacked off some what. My problem is I don't track my snacks or my exercise.

We must remember what we have done and repeat the good and throw away the bad!

Go to it Girl!!! emoticon

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IBECCA 5/31/2012 12:54AM

    I always think I NEED a snack.. I NEED another meal... I NEED to stop and eat when I am HUNGRY.. good luck to you

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