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So I am off again....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yep, Im going out of town again. This time, camping, but I am in charge of the food situation this time.

97% fat free kosher hot dogs, bbq chicken, tri tip, turkey burgers and asada taco's. My sparky sister is bringing the sides and I am doing the main dishes so I know we will be eating well and staying on track. I sent my daughter to get the snacks they would like and I got some baked chips and salsa, and some fresh fruit. There is a killer vegetable stand on the way to the lake and I will stop and get fresh corn on the cob.

I will swim, walk my dog and enjoy the time with friends and family. Food will not be an excuse or my focus, it will be an enhancement to the good time I am planning on having. I am bringing my laptop and will log my food and excercise.

So have a great week and weekend and I will check in when I get back. LOVES!!!

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CLEVAGAL 7/24/2010 2:44AM

    Catch you on the flipside Jan xxxx

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HEALTHYASHLEY 7/23/2010 2:09PM

    Nice! Way to plan ahead. Have fun!

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MISHKALA 7/23/2010 2:04PM

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy that quality time with the family.... Congrats on your planning! I definitely need to follow your lead! emoticon

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NEDERLUNG 7/22/2010 1:42AM

    You are so with it in the planning department and sis is on board too - you are a pair to recon with! Have fun and truly enjoy yourself! I know you will!

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HEALTHIERTINA 7/21/2010 7:01PM

  Have a wonderful time on your vacation. Sounds like you are all prepared. emoticon

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BIGMAMAT 7/20/2010 11:50PM

    have fun on your camping trip! our family is going camping this weekend too! I planned out the meals tonignt. lol. hope the weather is nice. emoticon

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It eating that is wrong, I dont want to be right!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ok I just heard about a desert at Claim Jumper called the "I declare". It's a custard eclair with a hot fudge sundae on top of it.. uh. yeah. Take a minute. The problem? 2700 calories!!!
But I have to say that I will be eating that one day (or at least a shared portion of it) but who the heck thinks of that stuff??? Like, what, you are eating, an eclair and suddenly you think, hmm if this was a sundae as well, that would be great?

Anyway, feel free to add your wild temptations to this blog.

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NEDERLUNG 7/20/2010 9:58AM

    You are so cute - someday...

There are so many other things I'd rather eat with that 2700 calories.

If you just have to have it, I'll bet you could dream up the same desert at a reasonable tasting size and calorie level.

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TRENTDREAMER 7/19/2010 5:19PM

    "Like, what, you are eating, an eclair and suddenly you think, hmm if this was a sundae as well, that would be great? "

* There is a restaurant chain that has a hamburger with two grilled cheeses rather than slices of bread or a bun. Even that didn't get as scathing a review from SP as the KFC double down.

I wonder why Americans have so many health problems.

They should change the name of the restaurant to "Health Insurance Claim Jumper". I'm just sayin'

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GRACEFULIFE 7/19/2010 5:18PM

    How funny. I happened to be at a Greek bakery yesterday that also had ice cream. I was joking with people, musing on whether or not they'd make you a baklava ice cream sunday. That still sounds ridiculously good... but even just one whole baklava kind of sent my nutrition screwy today - I decided to only eat half a one per day next time so it's not so messy to hit my macro targets!

Hmm, either that or I have to get them to make chicken baklava.... naaaah.

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JENNY32MN 7/19/2010 3:57PM

    2700 calories, holy cow! My body has become quite accustomed to eating well that the other day after 4 slices of thin crust pizza, I had the worst tummy ache ever. I cannot imagine how I'd feel after an eclair sundae!

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JESTICJADE 7/19/2010 3:53PM

    I know it sounds crazy but when I know how many calories are in something like that I don't even want to eat it any more. Maby ignorance is bliss, lol. I do know you have to splurge once in a while but that is way over my calorie range of and entire day. I might take a bite to taste it but not enjoy the whole thing to myself. Good luck with that one. emoticon

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Even though....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just got back from 4 days at a race with friends, food and alcohol. It was in Yreka, California which is about 50 miles north of Hell. It was over 100 degrees every day and we were outside, all day, every day. In the shade, it wasnt too bad and when the sun went down, it was really nice and cool and in fact (since we were up till past 1 am every day), I needed a sweatshirt.

Anyway, in my "summer it trying to derail me" blog, I listed some things I was going to do to stay on track so here is how I did.

I stayed hydrated with water (except for a diet pepsi and vitamin water every day), EVEN THOUGH, I wanted milkshakes, more diet pepsi, and smoothies. I stuck to the deal.

Due to all the drinking of water, I had to use the bathroom alot. So EVEN THOUGH there was a porta potty fairly close, I walked to the nice built in bathrooms instead (1/8 of a mile each way) several times a day.

EVEN THOUGH I didnt have my dog, I walked with my friend and her dog around the fairgrounds (a bit over a mile).

Once I even walked around it by myself, EVEN THOUGH it was 100 degrees and my friends kept trying to give me a ride in their golf carts, etc. I said, No thanks, EVEN THOUGH it would have been nice to ride back to the pits instead of walk in the heat. It also gave me an opportunity to say that I was doing the walk for my health and to tell a few people about SparkPeople.

EVEN THOUGH I have a lot of weight left to lose and most people haven't noticed I have lost 35 pounds, I NOTICED and felt great about the things I was doing to keep on track.

EVEN THOUGH dinner was being served, I got my buddies together and had a great healthy lunch of bbq chicken and fat free hot dogs instead without making it a big deal and everyone was really happy about it.

EVEN THOUGH there was a lot of drinking, I had 2 Captain Morgan and diet pepsi's all weekend, and was the much needed designated driver.

We ate at a Black Bear Diner every morning and EVEN THOUGH they had biscuits and gravy and lots of things I would have ordered before, I ordered the "little breakfast" and added a side of fresh fruit and was really happy with it.

There was a spa and a pool at our hotel and EVEN THOUGH the spa looked great, I chose to swim instead and did some laps.

EVEN THOUGH,I have a long way to go but I am happy I have started, happy about the progress I have made and am excited to be having this journey and will be happier still to hit my goal!

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NEDERLUNG 7/20/2010 9:52AM

    EVEN THOUGH you had lots of temptations, YOU were GREAT at staying with the plan! Very proud of you, lots of temptations and you were sensible and sounds like you might have just impressed your friends. How could they not have noticed the difference, they must have just been saying Hmmmm, something new and wonderful about this girl! What a great example you set for the rest of them. When you persuaded them to eat healthy, what power you must have felt. GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT job!!!!

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JENNY32MN 7/19/2010 9:48PM

    I did some research when I started this journey and discovered that Captain Morgan is the lowest calorie alcohol at only 60 calories per ounce. So if you are going to splurge, that's the right choice. I gave up my Diet Dew (will be 4 weeks ago on Thursday) but giving up several drinks 1-2 times per week is something I cannot give up. My honey and I have "date nights" and with five children, a few drinks is essential to our sanity. :)

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up, up and a why

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am up 2 pounds. Normally, that would send me into some type of upset but I understand why. I have been on a very strong hormone for 2 weeks (go back to dr. on monday) and after reading about it last night, I understand whats going on. Not that I wanted to put that number at my weigh in today, but I know I am on track with nutrition and excercise so I am just going to stick to the plan and trust my body to level out. I thought about not changing the number but that is cheating and I told myself I would track on Thursdays (the day I began) no matter what the number, although I also get to put a lower number in the tracker if I hit it before Thursday!

I am going away for 4 days to a race and I have set a plan for myself with food, excercise and hydration. I set a goal to be down 1 pound when I get back but it may be a challenge because of this medication, but am still going for it.

I will not lose sight of my goals no matter what obstacles get in my way. I am on my way to my next goal of 40 pounds lost. I have a visualization. I see myself looking down a road. There are mile markers and there is the destination. The mile markers are in 5 pound increments and the destination is my goal weight. Sometimes, I turn around and look behind me and I have come so far, I cant even see where I started anymore, so I turn back around and keep moving towards that next mile marker. I am walking towards it, even tho I would rather be in a Dodge Challenger speeding my way to where I am going (or maybe a Harley, depending on the day!) but I am still on the road.

I can picture when I am halfway there and when I get there and as I walk this road, I am getting smaller and healthier and smarter and stronger. So today's lesson, kids, is stay on the road and keep going!
(Im dropping fat behind me like a trail of bread crumbs! Kinda gross but I think it pretty much evaporates when it hits the road so I am not messsing up the environment or leaving anything for those following behind me to step in).

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MISHKALA 7/23/2010 2:07PM

    You and I are so on the same page!!! I'm in the exact same boat with the gain and the hormone pills and man, it gets you down. But your words are truly encouraging!! Thanks for the blog, and I'll be sure to read it over and over!!! Have fun! Mish emoticon

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NEDERLUNG 7/17/2010 10:33AM

    Great thoughts, hope you read this again and again. Stay strong, up scaling is only temporary (and sometimes normal).

I have several debates on whether to record the ups on the weight tracker - I ALWAYS record the ups - come on, we have lived in denial for years, that is how we got so fat to begin with. Now that you are being honest with yourself, why would we want to start lying again? Just my thoughts to those people who won't record the ups. Good for you for staying honest with yourself!

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HEALTHIERTINA 7/15/2010 6:51PM

  You're a hooot. Have fun at the race!!!! emoticon

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OTTAWABOUND 7/15/2010 11:32AM

    It is funny how, the longer we are on this journey, the less stressed we get about things like a blip up. For me, I am getting that this is a journey of a life-time and that just because I've done a small detour for a week or two, it doesn't invalidate the distance I've already travelled. Very different from past attempts at weight loss.

Have a great weekend, my fellow road-sister.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ok so when I started this little adventure back in March, the "girls" were uncomfortably entrenched in a 48C, wth the 1" extender. You probably dont know this about me but I have a hate-hate relationship with Bra's. When I was 18, I took my bra off, flung it at my husband in a drunken stripper type dance to Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" song and I didnt put one on again until I was 24 and pregnant.

They never fit right, are always digging in or slipping off the shoulder and are basically my main reason for the end of the day so I can get OUT of wearing the bra. Everyone who knows me understands if you come to my house after 6 or 7 pm, I will be in pajamas and you are gonna probably gonna get an eyeful. I used to take it off at 5 but now that my hubby and I walk in the evenings, I have pushed it back till later in the night and it is often my motivation to walk becuase I cant take it off until I get back from walk.

Ok there is my history with bra's. Yesterday, I put the torturous device on and realized that my underwire was broken. I couldn't find my "spare" so I dug through my drawers and my extras were just not good options so I found a decent, not reveling long tube top shirt and wore it until I could get to Lane Bryant and buy a new one which was 4 in the afternoon. I knew my old bra was getting big but just put it on the smallest hook and was happy that it was not digging into my skin. So I have said all of that to get to this:

42c BABY! Thats right, quite a drop! So that has lead to a new goal for me which is to get into a Victoria Secret bra which goes up to 38c. Not that I think it will be any more comfortable but hey, it will at least look good! (and who knows, Joe Walsh and I may have a repeat performance!)

I promise to post pictures from that little shopping excursion! Progress, not perfection!

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NEDERLUNG 7/17/2010 10:28AM

    Hilarious topic - Speaking as someone who is about to join the 'big boobs' spark team - the importance of a good bra will make a huge difference in your love 'em/hate 'em relationship.

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HEALTHIERTINA 7/14/2010 10:50PM

  I hate bras too. But I have finally found a couple that fit right, and they aren't bad. I can actually wear them all day. Like you, mine came off practically the moment I walked in the door. They say having a professional fitting it worth it, and some places like JC Penny's or Macy's might still do them for free. But I would call ahead to see if they offer them.

Love you blogs. Keep them coming. emoticon

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MINIDRIVER63 7/14/2010 12:08PM

    One word: Platex. I love their 18-hour bras. Good support, and comfortable. And they come in 42C! I get mine at Target (20 bucks!).

Forget VS. All their bras are about looking pretty with no clothes on, not all-day comfort. Get a few for recreation, and live in the Platex 18-hour bras. As Jane Russell used to say, us full-figured gals need it!

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