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P90X Week Five Day 2

Monday, March 29, 2010

Powerful day, powerful workout. I decided on the Chest, Shoulders and Biceps workout today. I want to get the weight training exercises out of the way before I leave on Wednesday. I can always do cardio in the hotel gym or in my room.

I really liked this one today. It was hard and I wasn't able to do maximum reps on everything but it moved really fast and I loved the variety. I followed with ARX and felt full of energy. Soooo ... I popped in Kenpo and did another 45 minutes of that. Oh, what a feeling! The coolest thing was I felt like the Kenpo really clicked today. I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing and was doing it well.

I ended up with a two hour workout and it felt amazing! Even the dreary, rainy day didn't bring me down. Another cool thing is I have a new muscle showing up on my shoulder. I kid you not. An area that never showed muscle before is now sporting one.

I did my measurements today and in the past 28 days, I have lost 2" off my hips. My legs and arms are more toned, I am SO much more flexible and my abs are starting to firm up. During my stretching today, not only was I able to reach my foot, but I was able to wrap my hands around it. I was afraid that by now I might be getting sick of P90X but it's just the opposite. I'm beginning to crave the workouts and the burn that follows. I can't remember ever feeling like this about a tough workout before.


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SKINNYPOWELL1 3/30/2010 8:31AM

    You're a POWERHOUSE !!!!!
emoticon emoticon

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MOMSQRT 3/30/2010 7:27AM

    ur tough to combine those workouts into ONE day!!! Good for you! Just don't OVER train, our you could wear yourself out RAPIDLY... speaking from experience...

Keep up the good work! You're doing awesome! :D

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AJSCHROM 3/29/2010 9:34PM

    YEAH!!! Go girl!! Made me tired just reading all of that!!

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RFH417 3/29/2010 8:58PM

    I've been wanting to try it! Sounds great!!

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P90X Week Five Day 1

Monday, March 29, 2010

No, you didn't sleep through an entire week of my blogs. I was sick during Week Three so I counted that as my recovery week and did my Week Three routines last week to stay on schedule. And, .... I'm entering this a day late due to internet issues yesterday. You see, I'm getting so "into" my workouts that I did my Wk Five Day 1 routine on SUNDAY!

OK, now that we have all that straightened out, CORE SYN! Good workout! My biggest accomplishment? I was able to hold BOAT every time, the entire time! And it actually LOOKED like Boat this time! On top of that, before I went to bed last night, I knocked off 10, count 'em, 10 ... pretty respectable push ups! Picture perfect, no, but definitely respectable. Four weeks ago, I could barely do one ad it wasn't pretty! As for my Boat four weeks ago, well, let's put it this way, definitely far from sea-worthy! My core and my upper body have always been my weakest areas and those two exercises, practically IMPOSSIBLE for me to do. Pull ups are still unattainable without leg assist but I'll get there.

The thing that I find interesting about P90X is that even though I'm nowhere near as sore as I was the first few days, I'm still feeling the day after burn several days a week. I know it's because even though I'm doing the same workouts each week, they are varied enough AND I'm pushing myself further each time. I'm giving it 100% each day but I always have room for improvement. I mean, let's face it. I'm a 48 year old mother of 5 who hates going outside if it's below 20 degrees and I live in NNY. Between long, cold winters, working at a desk 20 - 30 hours a week and sitting on the bleachers watching my kids get the exercise in the pool or on the court, I've been pretty sedentary 6-8 months of the year for the past 15 years of my life. During which time I took a very nasty fall from a horse, crushed my right wrist to powder and spent 6 months recovering, four of which my hand was held in place by 6 pins and a bar and I functioned under the influence of some pretty potent pain meds. The remaining 2 months I was in a cast for 6 weeks of it. My surgeon told me I would be lucky to get 75% use back and the majority of my function needed to come in the first 6 months after the injury because after that I would see very little change. Considering that I am now 100% AND doing push ups, I feel pretty fortunate. I figure if I can manage a recovery like that, against the odds, I can handle Tony and P90X.

You know how they say that exercising makes you feel younger? Well, I can vouch for that after only 30 days on this program. I can't wait to see how I feel after 90!

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SLKYSMTH 3/29/2010 4:27PM

    I did the core syn workout last week and loved it!!! Superman! Banana! that is my favorite one cuz it is so much fun! My workout partners and i just laugh and laugh and laugh! We are doing the recovery week one more time because my partner hurt her knee and is still recovering from that. I don't mind. I bust out a great sweat from kenpo and core so i feel good no matter what.
I am unable to do pull ups and push ups for me where only a couple of inches down before i got stuck and couldn't push myself up again. that has changed! I am able to go all the way down now and make it back up several times now! (Sweeeet!)
I to was very sedentary except for softball season and even then i didnt make it around the bases much (haha).
Keep up the good work!!!!
emoticon emoticon

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KAT573 3/29/2010 11:16AM

    You GO, girl! You have come a LONG way in a short time! emoticon emoticon

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LAST_TIME 3/29/2010 11:16AM

    Wow! You are totally on a roll right now. Keep up the great work!


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MOMSQRT 3/29/2010 11:08AM

    u rock!!! keep it up!!!

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AJSCHROM 3/29/2010 10:38AM

    You go girl you are inspiration to us all!!!!!

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CLARKKAMI 3/29/2010 8:07AM

    Once continue to astound and amaze me. Keep it up, I read your blogs every day so you can't be slacking LOL!

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JUNETWO68 3/29/2010 5:55AM

    emoticonP90X is one tough workout!

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.... and a 1, no 2, no 3, no 4 mile walk!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not only did I get in my Kenpo exercise this AM but I decided about 5PM that I would take my 8 month old Arabian colt for a little walk down the road. He's usually such a handful that I don't get very far before I have to turn around and head home. He started right off prancing, shaking his head and hopping around like usual but I guess he's finally learning because after about 5 minutes he settled down quite a bit. Since he was behaving so well, I thought, hmmmm let's try a mile. He had his moments but was behaving so much better than I expected, I decided to go two miles, then three. I was planning on turning around and heading home but it was so nice, I was working up a sweat and he wasn't yanking my arm off, soooo, yup, you guessed it. We walked 4 miles together! He got a wonderful training session and I got a wonderful second workout for the day!

It's funny how the more I exercise, the more I want to. Oh yeah, remember that morning workout that I felt I couldn't push myself hard enough to make it feel like work? Well, I may have underestimated my efforts and the results. I'm feeling it in my legs, glutes and arms tonight and that was before my walk. It's a great feeling! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's workout. This is an incredible feeling. I LOVE the feeling of motivation!

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MOMSQRT 3/28/2010 10:13AM

    you go girl!!! I LOVE that feeling... I always say... it hurts so good!!!!! Keep it up!

Bring IT!!!

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AJSCHROM 3/28/2010 12:36AM

    Great job babe!!!!

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BECKY99615 3/27/2010 10:34PM

    love it! keep up the great work! :)

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KA_JUN 3/27/2010 9:08PM

    Awesome job!

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P90X Week Three Day 6

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kenpo! What a fun workout! In fact, it was so much fun today that it didn't even feel like a workout. I pushed myself but felt as if I couldn't push hard enough to make it feel like work. Hmmmm... I guess that means I am getting into shape. Just two weeks ago I felt so awkward while doing this one. Now I feel like a well oiled machine. Funny thing is even though my HR was above my range for quite a bit of the time, I feel like I didn't really do anything.

I also had a NSV today. It may have been all in my mind but after my workout and my shower, I looked in the mirror and it seemed to me that my arms and shoulders were smaller. It's as if overnight, I've gone down a size. I know that can't be, but even now, I feel as if it's true. Maybe it's because I'm toning them. I know I've lost in the bust but I noticed that two weeks ago. I've been feeling the changes in my legs and hips every since I started P90X. Now it's as if I'm feeling it in my upper body as well.

My motivation stayed with me today too, even though DH and I went out to dinner last night and had more than enough margaritas, chips n salsa, and fajitas. I even had deep fried ice cream. Must have been Lissa and Rachel channeling me to eat it! emoticon BRATS! Both of you! Needless to say, I won't be getting on the scale for a day or two. emoticon

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MOMSQRT 3/28/2010 10:22AM

    Hhahahahahahah... LOL!!!! as if!!!

P90x, has this way of pumping self esteem too! I know I felt like I was seeing results, even though numbers weren't necessarily there... or the inches weren't gone etc. etc. etc.

You'll be surprised at just what the program will make you feel. I'm getting to the point where, yes I want to lose weight still, but I feel good enough about myself and the changes that I've made that I'm now happy about me. I can tell you're getting there!!!

Don't be surprised if when you start your recovery week things feel harder and you feel more clumsy.... changing it up puts different exercises on days your body isn't used to it, and yes, it shocks the system... Week 4 was super hard for me... I didn't feel as strong as I had during the previous weeks... just a heads up for your next week!!

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MINDYSUE65 3/27/2010 8:11PM

    You go girl! You are such an inspiration, I was watching the P90X infommercial this morning thinking of you and Rachel and Leah and Jessie. I think I'm going to order it! DH said he would do it with me, we'll see about that one:) Keep up the good work! After watching snippets of the workout I don't doubt your arms are getting smaller overnight emoticon

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LAST_TIME 3/27/2010 5:30PM

    I bet your arms and shoulders ARE smaller- toned muscle looks much smaller. Yeah!! Keep up the good work! Uh oh, that Mexican food sounds like it got the best of you. Good thing you worked some of it off!

Thanks for being my P90X buddy. It keeps me going knowing you are doing it too!

Comment edited on: 3/27/2010 5:30:36 PM

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P90X Week Three Day 5

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today was Legs and Back and BOY did I BRING IT! No going through the motions for me today, not that I ever do with Tony. Today was special though. I got a fresh burst of motivation, thanks to a kind word from a Sparkfriend. (Thanks Lissa!) I realized I'm not at the end and failing. I'm simply at a new beginning. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've been disappointed that even though I'm doing the Lean routine, I'm not losing weight. Well, I'm over that. My body is doing things it couldn't or wouldn't three weeks ago and I plan on allowing my mind to follow. I can and will lose this weight, and while I'm at it, I'm going to develop a body like I've never had before. I figured out a way to use my Bowflex to actually do chin ups from my knees and let me tell you, I'm BAD! BUT! I will get better. and doing them this way will get me there so much quicker than using the bands or any other modification I had come up with. It was amazing feeling a certain muscle group that I've NEVER felt before. Where the h3ll did they come from?

Getting back to today's workout. I pushed myself so hard during Legs and Back and during the beginning of Ab Ripper X that I had to leave the rest of it for later. I could have done it but my form was suffering so I figured I'd get more out of it if I took a break and went back to it. The best part of all??? I got on the scale after my workout and I was DOWN! 1 1/2 lbs!! That is the first time I've seen that since I started P90X. I think I must have reached the point where I've built enough muscle that it's starting to burn more fat. YES! There is a P90X God! (That comment is all in fun. No disrespect to the Real Deal.)

Can you tell how psyched I am? I feel like I've finally turned a corner. Body, mind and soul! And all because of a few supportive words from a special SPark friend.

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MOMSQRT 3/27/2010 10:34AM

    Oh NO!!! you've learned my secret... LOL... weigh AFTER your workout!!! lol... I've never lost after doing a workout like I do with the P90x...

You are doing so stinkin' awesome!!! I've gotta bring it more, or you're gonna pass me!

you should take some time and reward yourself with an ice cream... as previously mentioned ;)


just keep bringing it!!!

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SKINNYPOWELL1 3/27/2010 8:59AM


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MARYBR 3/26/2010 7:37PM

    Tammy, you are doing great. I am inspired and proud of you!

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IMGONNADOIT10 3/26/2010 7:07PM

    Hmmm....I think I've created a monster!
You are a machine, girlfriend! Your hard work is going to pay off, if not this week, soon. Just keep the faith! How can you not start seeing results with the energy you are putting in. But, wait, you are my competition...go eat ice-cream! :)

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SKINNYPOWELL1 3/26/2010 3:30PM

    Impressive, that is one demanding workout. Glad you are experiencing success. Keep up the good work.

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AJSCHROM 3/26/2010 2:46PM

    You go girl!!! I am so proud of you!! emoticon

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LAST_TIME 3/26/2010 2:21PM

    emoticon emoticon
Watch out, world! Tammy is back with a vengeance!

Seriously... I'm PROUD of you! It's awesome to see you tearing into those workouts and feeling positive about it. Keep it up!

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