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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Who knew I could still surprise myself???

If you had told me on January 3, 2011 as I struggled to run a full 60 seconds at a time, that I would run a half marathon a mere nine weeks later, I would have laughed in your face while I wet my pants! (If youíre in your late 40s or older, especially if you given birth naturally, youíll understand the reality of that statement) A month before that I would have told you you were crazy because I was THE Anti-Runner!

You see, I hated running with a passion. This wasnít just an unfounded, emotional hatred. I had plenty to back it up! It hurt my feet. It hurt my ankles. It hurt my knees. My thighs rubbed so much I ended up chafed and raw. I was knee-knocking awkward. I had two left feet. I could go on and on but you get the picture. Who in their right mind would EVER call that enjoyable? Certainly not ME! I had tried to run more than once. This was the voice of experience talking. It never took me long to see the error of my ways. . I have no idea why I would ever have attempted such a foolish measure, JUST to lose weight! Usually the raw, inner thighs, burning balls of my feet and bloody toes brought back my sanity in a flash Ö or 10 of pain!

So, after all that, why on earth did I attempt the insanity ďjust one more timeĒ. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That was me, to a T! That being said, whatever made me think to try it just one more time is beyond me, but Iím SO glad I did!

Yes, you heard me right. Iím SO glad I did!

At some point in the past nine weeks, I went from total klutz and self inflicting masochist to Ö are you ready for this? ADDICTED!!!! I kept setting the bar higher and higher. I kept reaching my goals and setting new ones. At some point in this frenzy I had a lucid moment where I realized I had actually registered AND PAID for a half marathon! OMGosh, what was I thinking? I had only attempted double digits 3 times and none of them were pretty. My first attempt was a 10.6 mile run in which I did intervals for the first eight miles, at which time if you held a gun to my head and a pint of Ben and Jerryís in front of my nose, I could not and would not bring myself to run one more step. I could barely put one foot in front of the other, let alone try to boost my body into a run again. By the time I got home, every inch of my body ached and I was totally exhausted. The second time was more of the same. The third time wasnít quite as pitiful but it was far from pretty. In all three of those attempts I had never exceeded 11 miles and here I had gone and signed up to run 13.1!

Once that sunk in, I started wondering if I could really do it. I didnít want to be the one who caught a ride back from the local police, or worse yet, the ambulance! I didnít want to walk across the finish line after everyone else had gone home, or worse yet, as they were packing up to go home! If that happened, they'd actually SEE my pitiful effort! Last week I started thinking maybe I should have a trial run just to see how far off I was from actually completing it. I still had several weeks to train so I figured I should know where I stood now so I could develop a plan of attack that would help me reach my goal of actually crossing the finish line.

Well yesterday, after several days of deliberation, I decided to give it a shot. Much to my surprise, I didnít SUCK! In fact, I FINISHED in under 3 Ĺ hours, which was my goal.

But I did more than finish. I ran the first 7.5 miles nonstop. After a 2/10 mile walk, I went on to run 3 more miles while only breaking to walk 1-2/10 mile after each of the miles run. That brought me to the final 2 miles of which I ran 7/10 and walked 3/10 of both. All in all I had run over 11 Ĺ of the 13.1 miles! Not only did I complete the 13.1 miles, but I did it in 3.16:45. Well under my goal of 3 Ĺ hours!! Now I can confidently say, Goal met!!! I can go forward to my Half Marathon in 6 weeks with the confidence of knowing I can do it and the goal to better my time. I still canít believe it! And whatís even more remarkable is I can still walk today! Do you suppose that means Iím actually a (gasp!) runner? For real????

If all goes as planned, in 6 weeks Iíll have a medal to confirm that, yes I am, indeed, a RUNNER! FOR REAL!!

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    Interesting view on running from a "nonrunner."

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CHOCOHOLIC2276 3/10/2011 1:01PM

    Very impressive!! I laughed along with your echoed my feelings on running to a "t" lol. But you got past that stage and you are now a "RUNNER" emoticon

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LYNNIE63 3/10/2011 12:13AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Great Blog Tammy and I am so Proud of You!!! You never cease to amaze me!! Just thinking of all the times you have cheered your children on their different competitions, sports,pageants and now along with them we are all cheering you on to the finish line for your first marathon. I know this will be the first of many for you for you have found the passion and the motivation to make it happen!!! Big hugs to Ya!!(and one of these!!) emoticon emoticon

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AMARILYNH 3/9/2011 6:51PM

    OH wow - THIS has been a day for great blogs and yours just topped them off nicely!! I am so happy for you - with the excitement of the race you are going to be amazed at your outcome!! GREAT JOB!! I'm friending you RIGHT NOW so I can keep up with you - can't wait to hear about the race!!!!!! Marilyn in GA

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PINKHOPE 3/9/2011 1:29PM

    Well done Tammy! That's an amazing achievement and you should be bursting with pride :) Applause Applause!

Press On!

Suzanne emoticon

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GETFIT2LIVE 3/9/2011 1:22PM

    You don't need a medal to show you are a runner, YOU ARE A RUNNER NOW! That is awesome--you're going to rock that half marathon, no doubt at all!

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    WOW WOW WOW thanks for posting, great job, I too would love to start running. One of these days, I'll start while I'm on the treadmill. WOOT.

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RAINSAYRE 3/9/2011 1:16PM

    Wow! I'm so impressed! I started running less than a year ago, so I know exactly what you're talking about. I've let my running slip during the winter, but you are inspiring me! I'm getting outside TODAY!

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ANDREA963 3/9/2011 12:52PM

    Tammy, you are on fire! Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed your blog and the recap on your development as a runner! emoticon

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SAPPHIRE99 3/9/2011 12:24PM

    At this rate I give it a year before we're meeting up for ultramarathons!

You go girl!

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SPRING2IT11 3/9/2011 12:17PM

    ahhhh if this isnt inspiration, i dont know what is! that is SO awesome, im so excited for you that youve made yourself into a runner! that is no easy feat!!!

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SUEAZZI 3/9/2011 11:17AM

    You are indeed a runner girl! Congrats and good luck with the upcoming half marathon... you are inspiring! emoticon

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FITLIKENIC 3/9/2011 10:10AM


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JNPMUDDIN 3/9/2011 9:57AM

    OMG!!!!! Seriously proud of you. I am a non runner and can 100% agree with all of your reasons why not to run. I am however only upto 6 mins of, I will keep you in mind as I learn how to run. I signed up for the 5k virtural walk/run her on sparks.

Thank you for bloggin' your great run.

You give me hope that I can do it too.

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A new way of seeing myself.....what's up with that?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Iíve noticed something strange, odd and different about my mindset lately. Iím beginning to think like a thin person. In fact Iím even visualizing myself as a thin person. For the first time since I started my Spark journey a few years ago, Iím feeling like I can and will succeed at this ÖÖ and SOON! Funny thing is Iíve only lost a touch over 25 pounds. I began my journey at 197 pounds, so I still have over 30 pounds to go to reach my goal of 138. Iím not even at my halfway point yet but it feels like itís just around the corner. Iím looking at cute running clothes, bike tops and summer outfits and Iím picturing myself being able to wear themÖ.. NOW!

I did mention I still have over 30 pounds to lose, didnít I?

At one point in my adult life I actually weighed 124, but that was before my 4th pregnancy at 33yo and my 5th at 35. The two pregnancies left me weighing 150, and I felt fat then! A few years later I suffered a serious injury that laid me up for nearly 6 months and had me on pain killers for 4 months. That put me over the top. I hit 181 but for some reason I still didnít realize I was in trouble. It wasnít until that 181 slowly made itís way to 197 that I really started to see what I had become. Obese! I finally realized I HAD to do something and I had to do it fast.

In the first few months after joining Spark, I dropped 10 pounds. Then I coastedÖ. For over a year. Finally I realized I had to buckle down again. What had worked to begin with, wasnít cutting it anymore. So last August, I got serious again and lost again. Then I coasted again. I was taking baby steps and I was dealing with a big girl problem Ė quite literally. So again I buckled down. I made a New Yearís resolution to lose and another resolution to keep the first one. Then I got busy. Iíve declared 2011 as my year of completion and I think Iím just beginning to realize that I believe it.

Iíve set goals. Lofty goals. After only logging about 6000 fitness minutes last year, I decided to set my goal at 18000 FM for 2011. Thatís 1500 monthly and so far Iím ahead of schedule. I also took up running. That was huge for me because I have always hated running. Believe it or not, I also hated sweating. Not very conducive to success. Not only have I logged over 3400 FM so far, Iíve also logged almost 200 miles with my running plan. I started with the C25K program and could barely run the 60 second intervals to begin with. I pushed myself like my life depended on it. I am now averaging 20-24 miles weekly AND Iíve signed up for a half marathon in April!

Like I said, Iíve lost 25 pounds, 11 so far this year. Which makes me feel awesome but, thin? If you recall, I said I felt fat at 150 before. It makes no sense but I really am seeing myself as a thin person at 171.

All I can say is I think Iíve reached a turning point. Itís as if Iím saying, ďIíve come a long way and I look great NOW!Ē I LOVE hearing myself talk to ME like that! Thatís SO new for me!

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AMARILYNH 3/9/2011 7:01PM

    Another awesome blog - and I'll just bet you are a LOT more fit now at 171 than you were before at 150! You not only CAN emoticondo this, you ARE doing it!! emoticon

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FITAT50 3/6/2011 6:57AM

    Congratulations Tammy, I know what you're feeling. You've worked hard to get there, I look forward to celebrating your "completion" with you this year!!

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KAT573 3/5/2011 1:39PM

    WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! reading this I REALLY CAN see the 'change' I was looking for when I was in your team! It comes at different points for different reasons for each of us and I am SUPER happy to see your progress over time. You rock, Tam!
Keep on KEEPING ON! emoticon

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ROUNDTOWNMOM 3/5/2011 8:07AM

    Congrats! It's the mindset that seems to either make or break all of us. I do believe 2011 will be YOUR year!!


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    Hello? Are you me?

Seriously, I could have written this post (your journey is almost exactly the same as mine!!) Congratulations on your progress this far. You KNOW you can do it, good for you!!


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A-STRONGER-ME 3/5/2011 6:37AM

    You have set some wonderful goals!
You have worked extremely hard!
And I think the physical fitness you have acquired with all this hard work attributes to that feeling of "thinness."
emoticon to you and your continued success.

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EMMANYC 3/4/2011 10:07PM

    You have to see yourself as you will be in order to get there. Good for you for believing in yourself. emoticon

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Are you up for a little MARCH MADNESS?

I challenge each of you to strive for a TEN POUND LOSS this month.

Are you close to or at goal? Then how about 1700FM for the month instead? 1700 in honor of the 17th of March, which we all know is OUR DAY!

So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Are you up for both?

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm in it to win it and I'm going for 10 pounds AND 1700 minutes!

If you want to join the fun, post your goal as a comment and edit your comment weekly to let us know how you're doing.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

We're going to ShamROCK the month of March!

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    3-23 - I have 1,733 FM so far for the month of March.

1,700 FM - emoticon

I'm not doing so hot on the 10 pound loss for the month either. I stayed the same this week as last week.

On March 2 I was at 190.00 and on March 23 I was at 188.60.
emoticon emoticon

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ANDREA963 3/11/2011 10:56AM

    1) 1700 FM (Total: 770 to go to make 3000 for year- 67 ave/day required)
2) Adding push-ups to the mix: Goal #: 500 for March (Total: 106)

3) Jillian DVD: 12 times (Total: 2)
4) Ending weight for Last BLC WIN: 159 lbs (this is pushing it!)
5) No sugar in coffee/no candy - streaking since 3/9
6) Back to tracking nutrition since 3/9 - Missed 3/13
7) Way above water needs since 3/9
8) Plank daily - PR: 60 secs

Comment edited on: 3/16/2011 6:48:22 PM

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MAMACHAMBS 3/11/2011 10:36AM

    Ten days in and 426 FM so far. 1274 left to go.
Sixteen days and 861FM so far. 839 left to goal.

Not so great on the 10 pound loss. Working on getting as close as possible though.

Comment edited on: 3/18/2011 7:30:05 AM

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5KGRANNY 3/9/2011 7:30PM

    618 fm for this week. I hope this is what you meant to do Tammy.

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MNGIRLIE 3/4/2011 1:37PM

    I'm up for the challenge!! 10 pounds gone for me!

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MOMSQRT 3/4/2011 9:57AM

    I'm gonna get to the 140 mark by Streaking!!!
5 days a week no ifs and lots of butts... (ok, I'll add some arms and legs too)

T- 55 min. cardio intervals

Week #9
W- 50 min. Plyo
R- 61 min. Core Syn.
F- 80 min. Shldrs. Arms & Abs
Sa- 0
M- 60 min. Core Syn.
T- 45 min. CardoX

296 min.

Week #10
W- 61 min. Plyo
R- 25 min. TNT
F- 30 min. CardioX
7 min. yoga
T-80 min. shld/arms/abs

313 min.

Comment edited on: 3/16/2011 9:55:45 PM

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NEPHRONI 3/3/2011 11:35PM

    I'm in!

10 pounds AND 1700 FM!

Week 1 - Zero pound change- 135 minutes:

1565 minutes to go

Let's do this!

Comment edited on: 3/9/2011 10:11:53 PM

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-THINQ- 3/3/2011 11:21PM

    I'm IN. I want to lose MORE than I am right now, and I make NINE of us who've joined March Madnessssssss! emoticon

now off! to get our TNT done!

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    I am in for both as well. I am always up for a challenge :)

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MELISSAT123 3/3/2011 9:04PM

    10 pounds by 3/31 - I AM IN!!!

And I'll strive for 1700 FM this month also!

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SAPPHIRE99 3/3/2011 7:14PM

    I'm in! I'm actually just under 10lb from my goal, how did you know?

Update: FM=360, Weight lost=2.6lb. Woo hoo!

Comment edited on: 3/9/2011 4:16:31 PM

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    I up for the challenges! I need some extra motivation to finish round 15 of the BLC strong and get to the goal that I originally set.

Count me in for both challenges captain!

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5KGRANNY 3/3/2011 4:14PM

    Well that comes out to a little less than an hour a day. I'll give it a go for the 1700 FM

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CMA444 3/3/2011 2:30PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm in for the challenge. I did just over 1500 FM last month. I'll see if I can top it! I'm also all for losing 10 lbs!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Updated to say: emoticon
I don't have my exact number yet (will have it tonight) but I already have over 1800 minutes for March!!! Woohoo!!!

Comment edited on: 3/31/2011 10:05:18 AM

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WORKITCARRIE 3/3/2011 2:11PM

    Ten pounds gone by the end of March!! I'll come back and edit with my FM goals!

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ANDREA963 3/3/2011 1:42PM

    Last Update: 03-10-11

1) 1700 FM (Total: 309)

2) Adding push-ups to the mix: Goal #: 500 for March (Total: 72)

3) Jillian DVD: 12 times (Total: 1)

4) Ending weight for Last BLC WIN: 159 lbs (this is pushing it!)


Comment edited on: 3/10/2011 11:09:53 PM

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February 2011 - Another step in the right direction

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My goals for February were as folllows:
1500FM monthly
100 miles on foot monthly - I hit 89.65 in January.
7 hours sleep nightly
64 oz water daily
stay within my calorie range 6 days a week
Post daily
Track daily
Lose weekly
Get out of the 170s

As life would have it, after I set those goals, a few things happened that would force me to change a few of them. I signed up for a Half Marathon. Yes, you read that right. I am planning on running the Lake George, NY Half Marathon in April. With that decision came the realization I would have to change my approach to my running. I did a little research and found a program I could load on my iPhone. The first thing I noticed about the program was how many less miles I would be running than I had worked up to. For instance, I was running 24-26 miles weekly by the end of January. My new training program would only have me running 7 miles in the first week. That's 1 mile less than I was running in a DAY! But, being new to this whole running thing, I decided I'd trust the program and give it a shot - for the remainder of the month.

My disappointment was my weight loss dropped to almost nothing. I went from losing 10.2 in 6 weeks to losing less than 1 in two weeks. My realization was I was no longer feeling the burn. I stuck it out and gave it my best shot. I even upped the mileage a bit without overdoing it to the point that it was my old program, rather than my new one. My conclusion is I'm going back to my old program. I ran my 8 miler yesterday and it felt AMAZING! I dropped 8 minutes from 2 weeks ago. I dropped 4 minutes from my 5K time alone! I can see many things about the training program that I will incorporate into my training but I need and crave the mileage I have worked up to. Rather than 3 days of 8 miles, I will vary my mileage over the three days. On my shorter runs, I'll do more intervals and speed work. And, if all goes well, by early April, I'll be able to dig my bike out again and add in cross training on my off days.

So to recap my goals:

1500FM monthly emoticon 1555

100 miles on foot monthly - I hit 89.65 in January. Considering the running plan I started mid month, I'm shocked I came this close. 89.70 in Feb

7 hours sleep nightly emoticon with the exception of a few nights

64 oz water daily emoticon but I need to remember to track it as well

Stay within my calorie range 6 days a week emoticon

Post daily emoticon

Track daily - Definitely need to work on this one

Lose weekly emoticon

Get out of the 170s - Didn't quite make it but I'll be there soon. 171.8

My goals for March are:

1500FM monthly
Run at least one 13.1 training run
7 hours sleep nightly
64oz water daily
Stay within calorie range 6 days a week.
Exercise 6 days a week.
Post daily
Track daily
Lose weekly
Reach 165
Incorporate healthier nutrition into my eating plan.
Keep my motivation and momentum high all month.

My goals are getting loftier as my body is getting healthier. This is my year of completion and I fully intend to cross my personal finish line. I'm only 33.2 pounds from goal and I can see the finish line.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CMA444 3/3/2011 9:22AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Yep, that about sums up my thoughts. emoticon

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SAPPHIRE99 3/3/2011 2:54AM

    Well done on so many goals met :)

Forgot to say earlier, Endomondo does calculate your PRs no matter how far you run. It also gives you nice little graphs to show you how your PRs progress over weeks, months etc. It's a pretty awesome application.

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MELISSAT123 3/2/2011 9:50PM

    Great goals and congrats on reaching your Feb goals!

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ANDREA963 3/2/2011 3:12PM

    Live and learn...I know you can do it!

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MGJARVI 3/2/2011 12:34PM

    emoticonGO TAMMY GO emoticon

March, you've so got this!

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CDK210 3/2/2011 10:23AM

    that's awesome - congrats on achieving so many goals! emoticon

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have been with the BLC since Round 10 and this is by far my best round ever! In six weeks I've dropped 10.2 pounds and sixteen inches!! Five of those inches came directly off my waist! WOOHOO!! In fact the only place I gained in inches was my calf muscle, which is 1/2" larger than it was six weeks ago. Considering it's all muscle, I'm fine with that.

That is not my only six week victory however. I've also gone from vegging on the couch and hibernating indoors to avoid the bitter cold NNY temps, to running three times a week for an average of 25 miles a week. In the past three weeks I've dropped 13 minutes off my 8 miler and I've wogged as far as 11 miles at one time. I've come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, a runner and I've decided that I will do a 1/2 marathon this summer. When I started in early January, I could barely run 3 minutes at a time and now I'm running 25 minute segments 4 consecutive times with 2-5 minute water/walk breaks.

Now on to the second half of BLC15. My goal? Originally it was only to lose another 7 but now I'm thinking I'll aim to double my current loss. As spring comes, I'll be able to do more and more outside exercise and that will help for sure. Stay tuned.....

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DANNIELLEFIT 2/16/2011 1:22PM

    Great job!

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AMARILYNH 2/16/2011 11:31AM

    Congratulations!! I'm so proud for your success!!

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ANDREA963 2/16/2011 11:19AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

You're one amazing and inspiring woman! Congratulations on all your hardwork!

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CMA444 2/16/2011 11:07AM

    That is so awesome!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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-THINQ- 2/16/2011 10:40AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Lizzy emoticon emoticon emoticon

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