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School started Aug 12th!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Soo, the positives this year is we enrolled our kids in a Charter School approx 20-30 min away. Depending on Traffic.

Dan takes the kids to school on his way to work (being within 5 miles of the school) although he has to get to work earlier than scheduled. (getting them by 7:30a)

We found out at Parent Orientation, The kids are offered 1. 3 meals a day FREE IF they come early enough for Breakfast & stay for After School Program which allows for electives/clubs that they didn't have during the school day. One child chose Cheerleading (which goes til 6:30p each day M-F and Games on Sat. (Either at 8a, 10a, or 12N)

The eldest chose Art Club which alternates with Year Book and News Paper (club). Son chose Chess Club, Music and Year Book & Newspaper (he alternates Music and Yearbook for one each week) because he wants to write a Newspaper article about the Chess Club and Chess Moves. They get done at 6:00p.

Sooo Lilly (our Dog) has been *begging* to "GO" when ever a door is open in the car, and she is near it enough to jump in... so last Monday I took her to School in the afternoon to pick up the kids. -- Here is 2 kids waiting for the 3rd to get out of Cheerleading...

This happened to be the day my car broke down on the way home. (It seems to have been a Battery issue - on a Hybrid that isn't a good thing)... It got me to the Girls' mom's appt, then I had to get it to turn off, then it got me 1/2 way home... then had to turn it off, and on again... Then a block and a half from home, it had to be shut down again.. and then restarted... And finally -- Success at getting home. We were thinking it was an overheating issue, but Dan did some research and found out it was the small (cheaper) Battery that starts the car and keeps it running sorta like when an alternator goes out...

I was without the car all week. I used Jennifer's Car which got me to and from, but she doesn't have air conditioning right now.. and we have still been running 95*F with 30-82% humidity (For us is WAY HIGH humidity!!) So I asked Dan on Fri eve if he felt the car was "Fixed" (still thinking it was an overheating issue)... He said, go ahead and take it... I took it... 2 girls came with us.... Cheerlearder pukes all over herself and the car on the way on our errand. We go to Walmart to get cleaning supplies (cuz we are 20 min from home on another side of town). Get it cleaned up... Finish our errand in like 2 min. to get Jennifer home for work. On the bridge across the river (3 lanes each direction, no shoulders), the car starts giving me warnings -- and thankfully made it across the river... but at the major intersection dies 10 feet from the light. I do all I gotta do to turn it off and get it started.. it gets me another 3 miles and dies again. We call Dan, as he has just text'd us he is concerned about Jen getting to work... He doesn't answer -- He forgot to turn on his ringer after work UGH!! Anyhow, takes us 1.5 hrs to get home -- the normal 20 min drive.

Cheerleader has Game on Sat Morning at 8a -- being told she wouldn't cheer, but it was mandatory she was there to support the team. Son has to be at Scout Eagle Project at 8a... and I have to wait for Jen to get off the night shift, to get home so we can drive across town (back to the other side of town we were at for the barf)... We are 20 min late... I explain to the Cheer Coach what happened.. She then blessed us with allowing Daughter to cheer because only 5 (including Daughter) showed up (this is the Jr V Team). From there, we find lunch, and then go check out the Game/Comic Store we had been dealing with on Friday (errands and all).. but hadnt gotten much chance to look around, and kids hadn't been there.

From there, I came home and CRASHED -- I slept through 6 phone calls, about 5 texts, and child coming in to check on me-- cuz I usually at least text on her hourly if they are "resting" / in the front room without my supervision. ....

Anyhow, that's the *summary* of the stress - but didn't include the weekly "normal" therapy appts. LOL
And even through all this -- I am cooking healthy meals, low fat, low carb... and diabetic Friendly.... Dan is getting his Sugar Levels under control, and is using Protein powder drinks to help keep his sugar levels under control (as snacks)

and As I said -- I am still back to 290, with no clue why... but such is life...
I am doing what I need to do..... It will disappear some day!!

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ENUFF81020 11/20/2013 12:58AM

    Hi there,
I'm so late in reading this--life has been all a bunch of car issues with my body issues and work and kids and all of the kind of things you described with money needs on top. Arghh, this is parenting in the 21st century, I'm afraid.
Thanks for sharing our good news--it is so much fun to have something so purely sweet to share with everybody. I'm so happy for the "kids."
Take care of yourself--hope to chat with you more regularly!!
Gentle hugs,

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JUNEAU2010 8/27/2013 3:42PM

    You handled car issues way better than I would have! I hope the solution is soon found and is permanent.

Your children are so blessed - I was not permitted to participate in after school activities. It's a schedule challenge for you but it enriches their lives tremendously!

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Posts on my page-- MY Summer

Monday, August 26, 2013

Coach Nancy says:
Trust the process. As long as you are embracing healthy habits, changes are happening within you.

Keep Loving your kidneys.

ME: Thanx Jean for the reminder -- I need it!! I am sitting at 290 lbs again... which is very frustrating, because I am eating a lot lower fat and carbs - within my ability with my kidney being what it is...

Good Morning! What have you been up to this summer?

ME: Ohhh, So glad you asked!!! We started school 2 weeks ago on Aug 12th. But Prior to that... I had a crazy summer.
June: 1st week -Dan Graduated with his Masters in Counselling; 2 older Girls went to camp for a week. (I think that was my last major blog post). and
1st & 2nd week: Son had Scouts, and Swim lessons for 2 weeks. He assisted on an Eagle Scout Project one weekend. Had his usual Counseling appt, and we added OT for Son and my girl friend went on vacation and I had to watch her kitty :)

3rd week: Case Manager added. OT, Son Pack for Summer Camp (and mom buy all the things on the list that had to go...) and they left that Fri. (21st)
4th -- Wooohoo!! Son at Camp!! I take my "week off from Girls" (just so we have one week without kids during the summer). My Mom came back through that week for her visit on her way home (For 3 days) I had Surgery on my hand to release a trigger finger on the 27th. And had to limit showers for 3 weeks (YUCK YUCK YUCK!!) Pick up the kid from Summer Camp on Sat the 29th.

-- Add in there multiple visits for the Dentist and braces...

1st Week: Braces, Follow up on Hand Surgery... 4th of July was quiet around here as usual, as Dan being a Veteran doesn't care for the fireworks, as they remind him of bomb blasts.

2nd week & 3rd week -- began Chaos: We added to all my kids' schedule, AIT (Audio Integration Therapy/Training) which was 2 weeks straight M-F ~2 - 30 min appts at least 3 hrs apart. Swim lessons for Son (Girls had swim team, but their mom and step dad took them to that thankfully!) Dentist appts. The standard Case Management, Counselling, and OT, and Met the NEW Therapist for Behavioral Therapy....
Then we left on the Scout Family Campout on the 19th to the 21st. -- Notice I said "WE" yes, Seth and I both went on the campout. Had fun, but wasn't too rested due to no cpap/electricity.

4th week: The standard Schedule of Counselling, OT, Casemangement, Scout meeting, and more Swim lessons.

5th/1st week: Counselling, OT, Braces, Swim lessons, Scouts, And I helped a Teacher Friend of mine decorate his classroom door.

2nd week: Had a Massage with Lacy- who's Boyfriend had to go out of town (one who took me on vacation last fall). Behavioral Health, Parent Orientation - for Charter School. Babysat Lacy's Apt. For the Phone company to come while she is work. Seth has SLP Eval (and qualifies for Therapy -- YES I am CRAZY I ADDED another weekly appt to my schedule!!!) Along with OT, Counseling, Case management and Scouts.

My other "Perk" is we hired a Maid to start coming to our house 2x a month. -- This was awesome to have clean floors etc.... The next day - Room mate decided to start going through her stuff and brought box by box into the house from the garage -- and we had chaos in our front room for 2 weeks while she decided what needed to be sold, ebayed, craigslist etc.



MRI and Back issues

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ok, I am baffled.... I had an MRI today.. and in 2008... The one in 2008 showed Bulging disks, stenosis, and DDD /arthritis.

The MRI today's Results:

Mild L5-S1 posterior facet arthropathy, left greater than right.
There is no appreciable facet synovitis.

No evidence of vertebral body or disc space disease. Specifically no
evidence of disc protrusion, central canal stenosis, or
neuroforaminal stenosis. Patient's pain generator could be related to
the mild L5-S1 facet disease. Correlate with history and clinical exam.

So the Stenosis has disappeared, the bulging disks are no longer... so I am beginning to think that all the pain I am in now, is not due to the back injuries (as they were prior) and all related to Fibromyalgia..... but very odd!! Didn't know stenosis repaired itself.... The Arthritis is there still... but we knew that .... (and yes i know that causes pain too)

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DDESERTDDAWN 8/28/2013 8:19PM

    Sounds confusing to me! I would ask doctors what causes changes like that to happen if it were my MRI. Sounds weird weird.

Whatever is happening back there, please take care of yourself, k?


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MALKS_ARIA 8/24/2013 3:00AM

    DesertDreamer: not that I have really experienced... still have extreme muscle spams. Wondering if they were not clear on mri due to meds taken the night before.?!?

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    So ... better? Less pain?

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JAMBABY0 8/22/2013 1:56PM

    Sounds like your lucky, good luck on your journey

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Life is Changing.... and WB to Sparkpeople agian :)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sooo, if you read my status.... Dan (my boyfriend)'s Blood Sugar levels have been over 350 and was diagnosed with Diabetes this week.

I spent 4.5 hrs on Monday in Urgent Care. Dan was throwing up, and we knew his blood sugars were high. I compromised about going to Urg. Care if he could eat protein and keep it down (To help stabilize his blood sugars) I would let him wait til he saw his PCP on Wed. But he couldn't eat anything but a bowl of rice.... and his blood sugar with the rice was 323.... SOOOO, Dr ran a few checks and then INSISTED Dan accept 2 liters of Fluids (cuz he had been vomiting) and Rx'd him some Metforman to get him through til Wed when he saw his PCP. His blood sugar levels were under 300 there after. On Wed His PCP Rx'd a combo diabetes med ... and his blood sugar levels have been back where they should be... under 170-- 30 min after eating....

This has changed my cooking a bit. I am dropping my Fat content-- but I was pretty low fat before. But Dan will not be buying the junk food he often bought weekly or more... but I am not *controlling* that -- that's his battle. I am reminding him at times about quantities and portions. I am having to remind myself of portions too. We have a 1 cup measuring serving spoon. I have been using that to make guess-timations about 1/2 cups and 3/4 a cup....

Tonight's Dinner was Pintos & Rice -- Seasoned with Garlic and Onion.... no fat added. Then to boost the protein with 1/4c of 90/10 Ground beef (for Dan's bowl and 1/8th a cup for Shara's and mine) and a small fat quantity a small handful of mexican mix cheese (Chedder and Jack). I personally added some fresh salsa to my dinner, because I love the kick.

So back to balanced meals, and more veggies -- I have the shopping list of who has what veggies on sale and soon as I get paid (the 7th).... I will be adding the mix of veggies and fruits to my list of foods to prepare, fresh...

And YES, although I have been up and down, in my check ins... I am still here... and I will be tracking my food a bit closer.... and trying to make sure I get the proper calories into Dan and I so we can lose weight, instead of playing "Sumo-wrestler Diet" eating a bunch right before bed....


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DDESERTDDAWN 8/8/2013 4:56AM

    Keep working through this and keep coming back!

Always good to see you here,


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SUGAR0814 8/2/2013 4:09PM

    Good luck with helping your boyfriend with his meals. Diabetes is no joke! I hope he gets it under control.

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CLAIRE_LEFT_SP 8/2/2013 2:46PM

    If $$ is an issue, frozen veggies have just as many nutrients - and sometimes more (because they are flash frozen in the fields) fresh.

I especially buy no sugar added frozen fruit. Make a small portion of mixed fruit and sweetener then add a bit of milk and a sprinkle of protein powder for a lower GI dessert. Or create a crumble crust and heat thru like a tart. My dad turned away from a lot of the bad sweets once mom started giving him something sweet every day.

Here's an SP article listing the sugar content of common fruits that I hope helps your meal planning.


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MTAL203 8/1/2013 11:58PM

  Sounds like you have really thought this out and are working hard! Keep it up - the results you want will follow!

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Yes you heard right there is finally a website that is making tracking pain levels, moods, well-being in no more than 3 -5 min a day. FREE pick the tracking software link. It took me maybe 10 min max to set it up to how I like it and I was good to go!

I have just started using it, but I was able to look back on my day... I am hoping this will allow Me to see some patterns besides the walking barometer that I am!

I usually wouldn't say anything as I really like the trackers and note options on SP but this is so easy to use (I wish SP would duplicate it somehow- but I also know it is copyrighted)


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DDESERTDDAWN 7/14/2013 11:24AM

    Thanks for the info! Let us know how it works for you, please! Take care of yourself.


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JUNEAU2010 7/5/2013 3:09PM

    I could use the journal feature in SP for that, I suppose...Good thought!

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JENNNIC1 7/5/2013 4:04AM

    Thanks for the tip!

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