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Saturday, October 03, 2009

emoticonyup i'm still around. i haven't had much time lately and i have slacked on posting. my weighin this week was not the best but i'm down from 142.0 to 141.8. so a loss none the less

all is going according to plan. i have been running more and walking less. milestone for me. i'm doing about 10 miles a week as of now, and i want to increase that this coming week. mind you i don't run 10 miles weekly but the miles are the same none the less.

i will post later with more updates. wishing all a blessed day.

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YATMAMA 10/3/2009 8:08PM

    Good for you! I can't yet imagine running, but I'm loving water aerobics!! You have a BLESSED week!!



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TITUS2WMN 10/3/2009 4:59PM

    Hey, are you measuring your percentage of body fat each month?

My first month of Sparking was a complete frustration. I was tracking my calories and mostly hanging between 1200 and 1300 and working out vigorously. On weigh day, to my dismay, I discovered that I had only lost a couple of pounds. I was pretty discouraged until I had my percentage of body fat measured and found out that I had gained muscle and lost fat.

It sounds like you are really doing well with your exercise. You may be losing fat and not realizing it because you are gaining muscle.

How do your pants feel? Any looser?

You plugging along buddy,
:O) Christine
We can do it!!!

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BELTONWALKER67 10/3/2009 10:22AM

    Good Job! Missed you and glad to see you back with us! emoticon

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IUHRYTR 10/3/2009 8:38AM

    Nice to hear from you again. Congratulations on your progress. -- Lou

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BOOMERGIRL5 10/3/2009 8:17AM

    Keep up the great work !!!!!! try other things like how your clothes are fitting

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PVILLELADY 10/3/2009 8:09AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

A loss is a loss is a LOSS!! WooHoo!!

You're making incredible progress on your running/walking; I have no doubt you'll be able to come up to Montgomery this spring and run a 5K with RAMONAFAY and me! How's that for a FUN goal?!

Keep smiling and working hard!


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what i learned from my old dog!

Friday, September 25, 2009

emoticonthis morning as i was on my walking journey my old friend skip always lags behind. bless his heart he is old, has sugar, and is a bit over weight from way too many treats. anyhow, as we were walking this morning i looked back and he is very far behind. now on most days when this happens he just goes to the side of the road and waits for our return( we live in the country on a very quiet dirt road). anyways again, i look back and don't see him so i figure he is waiting. i run a bit with the others, we walk a bit, i turn around just to checkl......and there he is right behind me. i just had to give him a high five.

where i'm going with this is matter how far behind we may sometimes lag, the pounds we lose or gain. we can come back and catch up. with determination, and drive. i told my dog skip i wish i could be like him. and that i needed to learn a thing or two from him. i say this as i have gained a bit this week. a half pound but still a gain. but will i give up, get upset? heck no i'm ready for the next week. i say bring it on. i can bring up the rear or i can move forward and win this race. i'm chooseing winning. i write this so i can look back at sometime when i'm feeling low and see how far i have come.

i want to turn around one day and see those old pounds behind me and the thin me coming in first. good luck to you all. michelle. emoticon

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CRKRJAK 9/25/2009 7:06PM

    Thanks for sharing. i love my dog she teaches me so much.

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YATMAMA 9/25/2009 6:49PM

    Thank you for sharing this, sister. The numbers on my scale are being stubborn again, too, but I will not let it get me down at all. I know I'm doing what i need to do and I will keep doing those things. We WILL reach our goals. ^5!!

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TITUS2WMN 9/25/2009 3:55PM

    Awesome blog, Michelle!!! Very inspiring. :o) Christine

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LATVIAN_SANDY 9/25/2009 12:19PM

    Thank you! That was wonderful. To all dog lovers - WooHoo!!!

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JHADZHIA 9/25/2009 11:02AM

    Hi Michelle,
We have an old dog too, who is limping, and has bad paws. But he never gives up and is always ready to go in an instant, especially to the off leash area across the river, where we are going this morning. I don't feel well, overdid it yesterday and I have sore ankles, but if he can hobble around, so can I!
Love our dogs! They never complain, are always there for us, they are more faithful than any human could ever hope to be! Its a never-ending love fest!
I Love emoticon

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IUHRYTR 9/25/2009 9:38AM

    Dogs make great companions, don't they? You have a terrific attitude. I'm confident you will succeed. -- Lou

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GIZZI315 9/25/2009 9:30AM

    I was walking with my old dog this morning too. What impressed me about her is her excitement when she gets the opportunity to go with me - her whole body wags! Lord, help me stay motivated to giver her that pleasure everyday, and to be just as jotful about it as she is!

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last chance day

Thursday, September 24, 2009

emoticoni need to give it heck this day. tomorrow is my weigh in. i haven't done so well this month in terms of loss, but i have stuck to my exercise and nutrition for the most part. that is progress in my book. so i begin this day with my usual walk, and exercises. tomorrow is the long walk/run. i have begun to do the everyother day. one day short walk and exercises, the next long walk/run. tomorrow will tell if it is working. my calories have been up this week. pms and me. as of tomorrow i'm goimg back to counting points on weight watchers. the trackers are helpful and i will continue to use them for my fruits, veg and water usage, but i need to switch up a bit and with points i seem to do a bit better. i dont know why that is but what ever works at this point. so till tomorrow, let's give it heck for the last chance workouts. michelle.

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YATMAMA 9/24/2009 10:41PM

    You keep up those holy habits that you have developed. You're doing GREAT!

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BELTONWALKER67 9/24/2009 9:54PM

    Sounds like you've got it all together and know what works for you. emoticonYou are doing an amazing job. emoticon

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PVILLELADY 9/24/2009 8:44AM

    You're making ENORMOUS progress, whether or not the scale says so tomorrow! Take your measurements as well--you may surprise yourself!!

I LOVE your attitude! Go get 'em, girl!!


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

emoticonIt's wednesday. this is my favorite day of the week. I can't begin to tell you why. It just always has been. I guess because the end is so near. Of the week that is. lol. As i was walking this morning and saying my daily prayers i realized that i really have come to enjoy that time. Ive said it before and i'll say it again, i love exercise. Walking is my favorite pasttime. I get to spend time with my dogs, myself, and nature and god. what more could anyone want.

this week i have an extra challenge with my weight as i gained last week. not a lot but enough to make me work harder this week. so far i'm up on the exercise and about the same for calories. i slacked last week on the exercise and i think that had a lot to do with it. also pms but that is a story for another time and any woman out there can atest it is a downfall to all on a diet. I mean journey. sorry i fell back to my old way of thinking.

i want to wish all a very good day and remember we can get there from here. we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. michelle.


morning walk

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

emoticonif you've ever heard the song" i saw god today" you will understand this blog. i saw god today, i was out with my dogs for our morning walk when my big dog started barking, out of the woods comes the most beautiful deer across our path. what beauty to behold nature at its best. sorry you fellow hunters i just can't do it and don't really like it, killing for sport now more than food needs. but i understand and i let others do what needs to be done to keep the population down. but it was awesome.

i have come to love my early morning walks. the quiet is perfect to get my prayers in, enjoy the quiet for a bit(i work in a busy pharmacy), and spend some quality time with my pups.

so the next time you are wondering what to do for cardio, or your just bored, may i suggest getting out for a brisk walk, you never know what be waiting around the bend. have a blessed day. michelle.

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IUHRYTR 9/23/2009 6:06AM

    So true. We can't see nature's miracles if we never go outside. -- Lou

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YATMAMA 9/22/2009 11:25PM

    What a blessed, blessed time.

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NJDIETZ 9/22/2009 5:29PM

    I know what you mean.

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BELTONWALKER67 9/22/2009 4:46PM

    I, too, love my walks whether in the early morning or the early evening. I love walking the neighborhood and seeing/visiting with my neighbors and admiring their pretty yards. Usually in the evening is when everyone is out and about. The early mornings are more quiet and peaceful.

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MAMONTOYA 9/22/2009 12:52PM

    I know EXACTLY what you mean by the early morning walks. You can actually hear the quiet calm air. Don't your senses seem to be sharper than any other time. Thank you for sharing your blog. I enjoyed reading it.

Have a wonderful week.


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