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oh happy day...weigh in and spark points

Friday, August 07, 2009

well i'm down 2 lbs this week. of course i've seen this number not so long ago. i gained and now i'm on the back side of it. but i'm coming back down which is great. i also hit 15,000 spark points just this minute. wow what a great day.

spark points mean i've been doing what i need to do to get this done. i just wish i wasn't going back and forth so much. oh well such is life. i will keep trying till i get it right. i know what i have to do it is just doing it.

i'm off today from work and i have to head to the grocery store and restock my stores. i'm going to try and plan a couple of things and not get any chips. since they are my downfall. i did purchase a few single bags this past week and that seemed to work well. actually between my grandson and husband i had two of them and all week and i had them with a lunch of sandwich at work. even when i do this i find that i still have a veggie and fruit. gotta get in the fruit and veggies.

ok now i'm off to get done a few chores before i lose the mometum. wishing all a blessed day.

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SHARON2014 8/8/2009 6:01PM

    You are doing great! emoticon

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still going

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

although i've been on the good side of my journey this week so far....tomorrow is another day. i have stuck with my points (ww) and getting in my exercise. i set a goal of 1000 calories burned each week and most weeks i get a bit more than that so i'm ok with it so far. will move up as the need arises.

had my grandson yesterday and we took him to mcdonald's. i must say i did fine. i had a cheeseburger happy meal, my husband always gets a kick out of this, and plain cheeseburger at that. next time thougth i think i will get the apple fries instead. don't get my wrong the french fries are to die for but i could of used the fruit. since we were out all morning it was hard to get in my fruits and veggies.

this morning i 've had my walk and strength training session and i'm ready to hit the day running. ok maybe just walking fast but i'm ready.

i'm almost ready to weigh in on friday, or not. that day is of much concern to me. it is always the did i do ok, maybe i should of, and all that good stuff. i feel like so far i've done much better but who knows what tomorrow or even later today may bring. situations arise and i just have to fight them and learn and move on.

so till next time, i'm planing on getting there from here. i've just had a bit of a set back with the weight gain this week but that is just a small hill i must climb and then it is all down hill from there. emoticon

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IUHRYTR 8/5/2009 4:27PM

    Even the stock market has its ups and downs but over time has improved. Your positive attitude will carry you over this hurdle. Keep hanging in their. -- Lou

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survived the weekend

Sunday, August 02, 2009

i survived the weekend and i have to say it was probably because i had to work both days. if i was at home i might of ate my way through it. i did purchase some small bags of chips so that i wouldn't be tempted to eat a large bag, this seems to be my downfall.

i have walked and gotten in my strength training this last week and i'm proud of that. now i can start this week on even ground.

my husband was baptized yesterday afternoon. he has been going to church with me for a little while now and even though he had been baptized catholic he is now baptized and a christian. i'm so proud of both of us and the strides we have made in our lives. not only am i getting the outside healthy i'm also getting the inside healthy as well. sometimes we all need our souls cleansed. i'm so thankful for my family as well as my church family.

so this is a new week and i'm ready for the challenge. i had a gab session with myself and i know what needs to be fixed....if my stomach is hungry i should eat, if my mouth is hungry i need to step back and wait for the stomach to catch up. in when hungry not when the mood strikes.

so want to close with god bless my sp friends and we are going to get there from here. emoticon


It has happened....the dreaded gain yet again

Friday, July 31, 2009

well i gained! here i was talking yesterday about this journey. well it isn't over. not by a long shot. the scales say 143.8. and that is about 4.6 lbs gained. though i know i reality i couldn't of eaten that much food( i did track guys). i also know that this is my pms week and i'm so bloated i could scream. i haven't felt like this in years. oh well such is my life.

as far as my journey. it is still step by step. i just came upon a road block and i have to knock it down. i won't let this turn my thinking around. i want to at this point say the heck with this, weighing, measuring, and exercising and for what? in the real world i know that i have to keep going and maybe this is the kick into high gear i needed.

i had really thought about leaving all the numbers just as they are, but that would be lying not only to you but mainly me. so i did the dreaded weigh in change, inches ( none there either so it isn't muscle), and such. i know this is just a set back. but i have to be honest with all, i really kicked those scales when i saw the numbers. didn't make the numbers change though.

i guess i need to work on a few things and maybe next weeks weigh in blog will be a happy time. oh well no since crying over spilt milk. what is done is done. i can only move forward. baby steps yet again. have a blessed day all. emoticon emoticon


thursday's reflections

Thursday, July 30, 2009

as i was out for my morning walk i could see the finish line but it seemed so far away. then i thought that this walk was a lot like my journey with weight loss. i can see the finish line but it seems so far away. but each step i took brought me that much closer to my turn around point. when i reached it i had a thought, this is me and my goal. each step i take on this journey brings me that much closer to the finish line. health, weightloss, new beginnings. this is my finish line goals. i have taken on the motto of one day at a time. today this finally seemed real.

my weight has been at a point where i go up, down, and bounce in between. but each week brings me one step closer to the end. be it a loss, gain, or stay the same, i'm still that much closer. i know what i need to do to get there is is up to me to do them.

so as i leave you this morning i want to say baby steps. we are on a long journey and we will fall down. we just have to pick ourselves up, ask ourselves for forgivness, and move on. because what is done is done and there is no going back. we can only move forward. today i'm moving forward. michelle.


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