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weigh in: snacking adds pounds

Friday, July 17, 2009

maybe i should of headed this off with mindless snacking adds pounds. because that is what i did this week. i don't know what happened or what i was feeling at the moment. it just tasted like more and i went for more. so now i have to regroup, i have learned i have to have all things in moderation and i wasn't doing that very well this week. i gained 2.2lbs. darn, darn, darn. oh well such is life on this journey. i really don't feel to bad or upset about this little setback. and it is a little setback. i could just throw up my hands and say the heck with it but nope, not me. i'm here for the long run. so instead i will just have to challenge myself a bit more. the old me would of said the snacking made me feel better so i will continue. the new me doesn't feel better just a bit sick at myself that i let myself slide so much. but that is that and i will succeed. one minute, one day, and one week at a time is my motto and i intend to follow that.

i want to wish all a very happy friday and god bless all my spark friends. michelle.

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0507BAF 7/17/2009 2:27PM

  I like that you accept your "setback" so gracefully and are not beating yourself up over it as i tend to do

good luck with your weight los journey

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IUHRYTR 7/17/2009 10:44AM

    Sometimes, too, second by second. Your positive attitude WILL carry you through to success, -- Lou

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just checking in

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

here it is wednesday and i just wanted to check in with all. i'm doing fine. i don't know if this is a loss or gain week yet but i have my fingers crossed for a loss. even a bit of one. i didn't do so good this weekend. not that i overdid meals, it was snacks. and i can't say they were all bad it was just that kinda day. you know the one where no matter what you eat it isn't quite enough and always tastes like more. i'm over that little hurdle now but i struggle daily when i'm off of work. boredom is my enemy. i try to keep busy but somehow that doesn't always work. sometimes i feel like my kids half way through the summer " i;m bored and don't have anything to do" even though we have lots of things to do they just don't seem so appealing alone. so till next time keep sparking guys. we are going to get there from here. michele.

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IUHRYTR 7/15/2009 12:44PM

    I relate fully Michele. I work from home and the past two weeks nothing I eat satisfies. Oh, it's filling but I seem to be hungry all the time and the snacks, though little, are killing me and keeping me at the high end of my daily calorie allotment. Boredom or same old, same old routine, maybe they both contribute to this feeling of hunger. You're not alone. So let's use the rest of the day for a new start. -- Lou

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sunday-truly a day to rejoice

Sunday, July 12, 2009

emoticontruly this was a day to rejoice. my son came to church for the first time in a very long time. many of you may know my son is a wayward child i call him. he was on the streets, drugs, drink, and jail a few times. i have prayed very hard a long for him. he has gotten a job he seems to enjoy, a new family, and today he showed up at our church. the joy that i felt in seeing him walk through the doors of our church. my heart was full. the lord was smiling down on this little family today.

now i don't hold to the notion that he is a changed man. if i did i would be blind. i'm a parent first a foremost and i have faith in the lord. i hope he is where he was meant to be today and that with daily prayer and workings he will continue to grow. i have that little devil in me thinking a bit of negativity as the last few years have taught me a great lesson on life. drug addicts are the best liars and the devil comes in many shapes and sizes. but i have hope, as a mother, that my son will return to me. he was a wonderful child, but his teen years, and friends, and choices did not do him justice.

i know this blog is for whatever ails us at the time. i'm thankful to you all for allowing me to get out my feelings as i need to. to vent, shout for joy, pray, and tell my secrets. thank you all for letting me be me. i will end this blog today with a much deserved hug for my friends, teams, and sp. any of you going through things need to remember you are not alone. we all have our trials and hurdles we have to jump over. sometimes they are small and sometimes they are very tall but one at a time we get over them. believe me some hurdles take a bit of planning and a lot of effort to get over but in the end we shall succeed in all we do. have a blessed day michelle. emoticon emoticon

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IUHRYTR 7/12/2009 5:31PM

    May God continue to bless your family Michelle. We're here for support and encouragement whenever you need us. We're also here to learn of your progress and that of your family.


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saturday, july 11

Saturday, July 11, 2009

well good morning all. this has been another long week and i'm so glad it is saturday. not that that is going to make a big difference in my world.

some of you may know my dog got hit last week. well she went back into the vets this week. so far i'm out 500.00 for the accident and the man that hit her is not to be found. go figure. i'm thankful i had help from my daughter to get the work done and now i have to repay that debt. on top of all the others i'm going to be living hand to mouth for a while. oh well such is life. at least my bernice is on the ment. (i hope).

i did great this week in the weight loss department. i lost 1.2 lbs and now i'm at 17 lb loss. i haven't done my inches yet. i usually do those every two weeks but i have been so busy lately i have forgotten all about that till it is too late in the evening and the only thing i want to do is go to bed. so hopefully that is great also.

been getting my walking done in the early hours as it is coolest then. i really enjoy that time of day, the quiet,the scenery. my day seems to go wonderful when i get my walk in.

i guess that is about it for now. will update when time permits. so keep sparking. michelle.

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THAMLEY 7/11/2009 3:35PM

    Hi Michelle, I'm so sorry about your fur baby. Yeah, we really put ourselves out there for the little guys....whatever it takes. I've done without myself to make sure mine get the attention they need. Best wishes for a full recovery. Congrats on your weight loss progress. Can't wait until I get to that point. Heading in the right direction, see ya around the site. Have a happy Sunday! Tammy

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TERESA6262 7/11/2009 12:08PM

    Michelle, I'm so sorry about your dog but am WAY THANKFUL that she (or he?) is going to be OK from the sounds of it. it's only money, right??? Gosh, those little boogers come to mean so much to us! Kudos on the weight loss! I'm looking forward to weighing in and feel good to be "being good" again! I'll weigh in on Monday.



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Saturday, July 04, 2009

emoticontime has slipped away from me and i didn't even blog yesterday to let all know my loss....i lost .6lbs. not a whole lot in the scheme of things but enough for me this week. my week has been filled with problems and i really should of just said the heck with trying and just gave up. i didn't.

first let me tell ya about my last chance day...i took my dogs for a walk as usual and where we live they are doing some logging. a truck passes me on a dirt road daily at about the same time, me and my dogs, anyhow on this morning a truck hits my dog. not only hits her but throws her in the ditch in front of me. do you think he stops? heck no, just speeds up. the boss comes behind and he stops, but won't help me with the dog, who is bleeding , and in shock, he doesn't want to get bit and he doesn't have time for all this, i'm in tears, this is my baby. now mind you i'm pi***d off at this point. i let him know that i'm walking here every morning and they pass me every morning and so on. he gets in his truck and leaves me on the side of the road a half mile or more from home. now my dog is a hound something mix and very large. i'm 5'1" and now 138 lbs, i'm sure not going to carry her home. i'm neighbors comes along on his four wheeler and gives me his cell phone i call my daughter and then i wait on the side of this dirt road with my bleeding dog and the others for my daughter. we get her in the car and get her to the vet. 253.00 later she is half a tail shorter(literally) and no broken bones. thank god...she is home now and not doing well. she is sore i'm sure and mopey. i'm hoping today i can get her out for a short walk to cheer her up. i prayed for these two drives that the lord would put something in their hearts. i'm still upset over this but what can i do. i have to go on as does she and them. they told me they had a job to do. well people i have a job to do for myself and my pets. it is my responsibility to keep them and me safe. i did my part. i'm walking on a quiet dirt road by my home, i shouldn't have to worry at home that i'm safe.

my church was robbed saturday, my lawn mower caught fire on wed, my dog got hit on thursday, my car battery went dead on friday. all i can say is thank god it is the weekend and i'm off. i really am ready to start this new week off right.

so sp i figure if i haven't over eaten by now, i'm not going to. lol. i have to smile or i would cry over this horrible week. but i keep putting one foot in frount of the other. that is all any of us can do. so remember this is a journey and i'm trying to take it slow and steady but sometimes i wonder if the finish line is too far away. michelle.

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AFLETCHER2010 7/4/2009 7:26PM

    WOW...what a week! I certainly understand as my babies are kitties and I would be MORTIFIED had something like that handled it like a pro and didn't turn to food for comfort...good job! I hope your weekend goes much better and brings you lots of smiles and happiness..:)

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EUROGAL 7/4/2009 9:28AM

    Your poor baby! I hope she is alright.

I can't believe how thoughtless and heartless these drivers were.

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.


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LAURAK1993 7/4/2009 9:11AM

    Sorry to hear that you had such a bad week, and hope that the rest of your weeks will be filled with joy, and excitement. Glad the dog is doing okay. I love animals.

Hope you have a great 4th.


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ALEXSGIRL1 7/4/2009 8:44AM

    michelle you had an awful awful week. i am sorry.i really hope those men come to their senses and pay you for your dogs bills and at least check up on the poor dog. i once hit a unleashed dog when i was 9 months pregnant, coming home from work in a snowstorm. the dog doubled back. the women left me in the house with her 4 children under 8 all crying that i had killed there dog. then she made me sit out in the snow with him and try to hold him down when she went to get the car and her kids ready. the dog ended up with a concussion and a broken hip.i ended up a wreck. i am glad i did the right thing though.i like how you remembered to put one foot in front of the other. now that you have gotten all the bad out of the way. there is only room for good. have a safe and happy 4th and i hope you and your dog will be allright. emoticon emoticon

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