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thursday, last chance day for me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

here i am facing another weigh in day. i have to confess they don't mean the same to me as they once did. oh don't get me wrong i still weigh in regually, and sometimes more than is reccommended but since i hit the much dreaded plateau and just kind of hung on there for a bit. it took the thrill of my weigh ins right away. now i close my eyes, hold my breath and say a small prayer. sometimes it works ( week before last i lost 2.8lbs) and sometimes it doesn't( this past week i gained 2 lbs.)

any work that needed doing this week to ensure a loss i may not have done. so here i sit looking over my week and wondering. i ate right daily and kept the nutrition tracker busy this week. i count points for weight watchers but this week i did both to see how i fall. i also got my walks in but not my evening one. sorry guys it has been 99* and hotter here and even in the evenings i just don't have the strength to do it. i don't think my little dogs could take it. (my chihuahuas that is, not my feet)

so i will hope the food planning paid off some. i'm over half way to my goal and i'm doing fine. i can't honestly believe i've lasted this long. i never have before. and when i want to quit, i just can't seem to. i head to the foods i need, not want, and i exercise when really i just want to rest. heck maybe now this is a lifestyle to me and not much of a diet anymore. don't get me wrong i still eat the wrong foods on occasion, just not everyday.

so i will end this blog with my usual....we can get there from here and this is a journey best taken one minute, day, and week at a time.

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NO_SNOW_BODY 6/18/2009 8:52AM

    I will cross my fingers that your weigh-in and hard worked paid off. Maybe the 2 lbs gained were in muscle and now that the muscle is relaxed, you will show a loss.
One second at a time, one minute, one hour and one day at atime...hope it works.

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another wonderful day

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i won't stay long just a note to let myself know what a wonderful day i had. first i stayed on plan, i had bible study and a class for my baptisim (my daughter is also being baptized with me) , and my daughter joined our church. today i thank god for many blessings. i'm going to keep on keeping on and with much help from friends and god i'm going to succeed. so till next time take this one minute, day, and week at a time. it didn't get here in a short time and it won't come off in a short time. patience i think is the key. and believe me im trying my best to be patient. till next time keep sparking.

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EUROGAL 6/17/2009 1:50AM

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling so good and filled with bessings.


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survived the weekend without many scars

Monday, June 15, 2009

i did it! i actually made it through the weekend without any wounds, guilt, or weight gain. man this is wonderful. my secret you ask? i haven't got a clue. i kept busy. that is my only guess at this point. i planned and i kept moving. i 'm a bordom eater so as long as i keep busy (hands and mouth) i don't over endulge. may i recommend it to all. i have a class coming up tommorrow evening at church because i'm being baptized. man that is such a funny thing at my age to say. but it's true. i felt i was missing something and i think i have found what that was. church and christ. so if your not religous ( and i understand completly) don't shake your head and just turn away now. i have found friendship, love, and much hope at church. i see alot on these blogs and often wonder if maybe what others are searching for isn't right there all along. prayer is wonderful. i know you may not have things answered in the time and space you would like, but believe me they are answered in the manner god wants and usually if you look back it is just what was needed. so till my next blog may i say god bless you all. and remember this is a journey one minute, day, and week at a time. you can't rush perfection, and after all that is what each of us is striving for. we are going to get there from here.


saturday- can't sleep so i blog!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

here i sit at 4:35 my time and play on this computer. can't sleep. i have so much weighing on my mind. i gained two pounds this week, money is very tight, and i'm wondering how am i going to just get the groceries i need for the week. i know in these times of troubles i'm not alone. sometimes the struggle seems so great that i want to just curl up. i don't. there isn't time for pitty, sadness, or just plain laziness. i will make it through this phase in my life as i have most everything. in the end i hope to be wiser and more in control of my situation but only time will tell.

as for the weight i can't begin to know what went wrong. i followed my plan, stuck with the water and foods. exercised, even above my norm. oh well i lost way too much last week i know for me so i'm going to get past this. this is a new week and i'm ready for a new challenge.

i will say a prayer to myself about the money situation. shoot not much we can do for that but pray. my husband and i have jobs, we just can't seem to make ends meet a lot of the time. my hubby has even taken to working on his days off with a friend for extra money to see us through. so for any outthere struggling as we do, your not alone. i feel like if i say anything about my situation i'm whining. and sometimes i think i don't have kids at home anymore and we can eat noodles with butter and cheese if need be, so why am i here? who can tell. maybe i've helped my kids more than i should, maybe i've spent a dollar more than i could have, it is hard to tell. life is like this from time to time and it will move on. i just have to be ready to move with it.

so i guess now that i have vented, i feel a bit better. life is a journey and i'm traveling on it's rocky roads right now. so soon i pray i hit smooth pavement. i will just take this journey one minute, and day at a time. afterall this is the first day of the rest of my life.

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EUROGAL 6/13/2009 7:24AM

    Your weight gain could be water weight (TOM?) Or muscles holding on to water. Don't fret you are doing great.

As for the financial woes...I have been there...big time. I just believed that we would be fine. I became more diligent about our spending. As for maybe being to generous with your children...well that's a loving investment and I believe whole heartily that when you give, you get back. Not always from the same source but the Angels are watching and they will be there when you need them the most.

I will send you lots of positive vibes and let me extend to you the kindness you extended to me...I am always an email away and if I am on line would love to chat.

Have a good weekend. emoticon

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thursday - last chance day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

here i am at the day before weigh in again. i guess i don't feel so bad about it. i have had moments this past week. nothing to write about, just daily occurances that most of us have. since they weren't that bad i have to say this week i've done pretty good. what will be will be. shoot i spent about six weeks at the same weight range and now that i'm down i may spend another few weeks at this one. i'm working on toning at this point. yeah i want to lose some more, about 13 more. but i feel like i'm at at good place right now. i'm feeling better than i have in a long time, i walk alot. and i have started with the fast walk or power walk. now that can get your heart rate going. i just felt like i had bypassed the normal walking routine. so now at work i walk, but when i get home and take out the pups i powerwalk. man it feels great. i do this before dinner and i have found it actually does lower your hunger level. (i know that has been tried and tested i just didn't really believe it myself). this coming from someone who loves to eat. anyhow i have to be getting a move on. life is waiting for me to enjoy. till next time remember this is one minute, day, and week at a time.

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EUROGAL 6/11/2009 1:23PM

    You are so right. One minute, one day at a time.

I didn't know that walking before dinner time could help curb the appetite. I will try this since I have started a new goal to not eat anything after dinner.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.


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