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monday- survived the weekend

Monday, June 08, 2009

what a wonderful weekend i had. i followed my plan for the most part, got in my exercise, and sunday was busy, had church then we went four wheeler riding down by the creek. man that sounds like a country and western song. but really it was a blast and so refreshing and just plain freeing. the wind in your hair. i needed to relax and what better way then by getting dirty.

i actually got two comments from some friends we rode with. what a wonderful feeling that was. i have to tell ya i was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to notice. but you know what i see everyone else daily and they don't see the weight loss. so it was really nice to have someone say hey you look great have you been losing weight. and yes guys i gave ww and sp the credit. because after all with out both of them i would ;n't be this far.

so now it is monday and i have to be getting back into the grind. work, work, work, till saturday. so till me meet again. take this journey one minute, day, and week at a time. afterall life is meant to be enjoyed not rushed. emoticon

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VMARQUIS08 6/8/2009 9:21AM

    Congrats on the weekend! Better than me lol...!Have a great week!

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friday june 5----weigh in day, plateau over!!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

i finally did it. i got out of the 140's. i also finally hit my 15lbs mark...i'm so thrilled. i reallly can't say how it happened. i cheated, ok not cheated but enjoyed much ice cream one day, but i got back on the horse and i guess not doing that daily helped me stay on track. so i know i can have a treat, just not a box of treats. gotta remember that. not only did i lose 2.8lbs this week, i hit my 15 lb goal. so two things to celebrate. i can now worry about the next five pounds on my journey. i try to go five pounds at a time so as not to get to far ahead of myself. kinda makes it a bit easier to handle this way. though i stayed at this last five pound segment much much much longer than i wanted to. but now i'm off to the next race. i feel so good today i feel like i could fly. maybe i just wasn't eating enough. truth be told i upped my points this week, weight watchers, and maybe that helped to jump start my metabolism. i had to do something different because what i was doing just wasn't working for me. and a friend (cat) also told me her secret is to change her strength trained routine on a monthly basis. i was doing to same ole same ole. so with that said. i 'm off to start this new week with enough energy and enthusiasim for all of us. i just have to remember to take this one minute, day, and week at a time and the rest will fall into place. emoticon

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TERESA6262 6/8/2009 5:55AM

    WTG, Michelle! I know how GOOD it feels! You've worked hard! REVEL in it, baby!!!

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MRS.POOLE1 6/5/2009 9:45PM

    I'm so glad for you. I didn't get the chance to weigh in today because I have been on a cleaning spree. I will let you know in the morning. emoticon emoticon

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JENNTINYSAM 6/5/2009 9:33AM

  Congrats on getting out of the 140s I will be over the moon when I finally hit that weight again.


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thursday, june 4...last chance day.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

well here i am at the last chance day once again. as i look back on this week i wonder why i seem to not be able to get it right. i've done fine all week till yesterday. i could of maybe worked off the ice cream attack if it was say on saturday, but no i have to have it on wednesday and now i know what is going to happen. when i say attack i mean attack. i had three, count them three ice cream bars. one just wasn't enough, it tasted like more. i don't get myself. i say i want to lose this weight, but then i have moments like these and i have to wonder do i really want to do better or is that just hype?

i have lost almost 14 pounds and yet i sabbatage myself weekly to get the remainder off. i have to wonder if i really want it bad enough to fight for it or am i just telling myself that. i say i want it, i get upset when i don't get it, but then i go and do what is needed to wreck a great week in progress. i had finally gotten in my exercise, i have been staying under points for days, i'm on weight watchers, then i go and do this. ok i've beat myself up about it. i've told the sp community all about it. and there is no where to go but up from here. shoot i'm already down. so i'm picking myself up, dusting off my a** and getting a move on. so what this week may be dud i have next week, the next, and many more after that to get this right.

i vow this week to use my food scales for something more than a dust collector, i vow to use my nordic trak and that great exercise room i have, and i vow to stick to plan. i can and will do this. one minute, day, and week at a time. enough is enough. i'm the only one standing in my way and i need to push past my weakness and get to my strengths. have a blessed day all. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TERESA6262 6/4/2009 12:22PM

    You're not weak EVERYDAY, Michelle. You're eating less than you would have if you were not doing WW or SP. Quit beating yourself up! Three ice cream bars are not going to make you gain a whole lot of weight unless you're doing it night after night after night. Have you perused some of the stage three strategies on SP? there are a lot of tips/articles that can help. It's funny, for me, sometimes a cheat keep me sane because I "scratch the itch" and then I am fine... and other times a single cheat gets me bingeing like crazy! Track your binges and see if they're related to your TOM. Hang tough, Sis!


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wednesday, june 3rd

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i just want to blog quick and let myself know that i'm not giving up. i had a moment yesterday, but i got over it and went back to normal eating. i guess we all have slipups from time to time. seems lately mine are happening more often. i think it has to do with getting on the scales and for quite some time now seeing no change. sometimes i want to throw in the towel but then i look at myself in the mirrow and i see the changes that i have made and i decide to give it one more week. i've been one more weeking it for about six weeks now and still no change. of course that also means no change in weight which is great. i have learned to maintain, the only issue with that is i'm not ready to maintain just yet. i tell myself i'm willing to wait it out and take as long as needed to lose the last 15 lbs. but really i wonder if i'm just saying that to make me feel better or if i really mean it. so for today i mean it. i'm going to give this one more day, week , and probably another month. that is give or take a couple or more. i'm so happy with the strides i have made that i guess in my mind i know what i'm doing is right. so till next blog, i'm taking this one minute, day, and week at a time.

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XNANNY 6/3/2009 1:54PM

    After you fall down, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Just like the song. It really works for me.

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monday, june 1st

Monday, June 01, 2009

well the weekend is over and i made it without much ado about nothing. i had to work this weekend so it helped me stay on plan and get my walks in at lunch. the weather is had been wonderful (compared to last weeks rain daily) and i have been able to walk during lunch and in the evenings with the dogs. they have gotten so used to it i'm not even in the house and they are at the door wagging tails and ready. they are my new motivation to exercise in the evenings and i have to tell you they are very good at their jobs.

my plan for today is to get through it without much trouble. i will get my walks in and i've already got my strength training out of the way for the day. i've got the next two days off and i will do my darndest to stick to plan those days. so till i blog again, i will take this journey one step at a time. no running for me.


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