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thursday, last chance day...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

well here i am back to another thursday. weigh in day use to be so exciting but with this plateau it is like, oh yeah oh yeah another weigh in day. maybe this is the week. naw, i don't see it. ihave upped my exercise this week, of course i did last week also. and i haven't been that great with my diet. after my heart to heart with myself i was, but we all know the damage was done at that point. oh well such is life. i'm ready to move on, lets just hope my body is also. till the next time i blog, good luck to all.

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JURI62 4/30/2009 9:25AM

    Sorry you're having a gloomy kind of day.
Be gentle with yourself. Hugs, Judy

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wednesday..over the hump

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

today was a wonderful day. i was off of work and i went and purchased a much needed new pair of tennis shoes. i'm so proud. this evening i walked with my walking buddies(my dogs) and we did one hour. man they were beat. ok maybe i was a bit tired. the most i usually do is half hour but today i felt like i could conqer the world. i had a moment today when i had a chat with myself. you see i've been on this plateau for a while now and i was honestly thinking what the heck i'm not going to loose this anyways and i hit the chips. lets just say they are no more. but after that moment i felt really bad. bad for myself and all that i had accomplished. i've come so far. yeah maybe i haven't lost all that i had wanted to at this point, and maybe i have a bit farther to go, but heck i'm down almost 14 pounds, i have lost many inches, i'm in a size 6. i know guys i should be ecstatic. but i guess i'm just at a point in this journey where i had to do some major soul searching and ask myself what i wanted from all this. did i want to go back? heck no!. so i picked myself up, dusted off my arse, and i'm back in the game. who knows maybe i'll be here at this weight for a bit, it really isn't so bad and when i do drop a few more pounds and get to my goal, i will have earned every muscle, and lost inch along the way. i mean really, i'm in a size six. it has been years since i've been there. and i look pretty good for a forty something woman and grandma. people are starting to notice a change in me and they have commented on my leg muscles a lot lately. it is good old fashioned walking and strength training. so i'm back and ready for what the next few months will bring. tomorrow is a new day. so i plan on getting there from here somehow.


friday's weigh in!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

this week wasn't a total bust. i lost one pound. i know i should be jumping for joy but really i'm a bit disappointed. you see i'm stuck at this plateau..up one week down the next. this is my down week. and yes i'm down about what i gained last week. i exercised more, and i must say i probably ate a bit more. by looking at my report for nutrition tracking i did eat towards the higher end of my scale this past week. i never went over, but still it makes me wonder if i ate one bite less, or one less treat, would it have made a diffence in today's weigh in. probably not. i'm not out of this race just yet. i will pledge this week to get about 1200 calories burned in exercise( last week was 1000 and i actually went over) and i will try to stay in the mid range of my calorie range. i've come to far to give in now. i just keep telling myself i'm at the halfway point and this happens, i would like to say i listen to myself but i would be lying. anyone who has been where i'm at knows that it seems not to matter what we do nothing moves. but with a little patients and a bit more sweat i know i can make this transition a bit more satisfying. so till next time.

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TERESA6262 4/24/2009 4:37PM

    HI MIchelle! I'm at a ladies retreat in Lake Wales, FL. I slipped into my sister in law's office to log my food. I'll be scarce over the weekend because I'll be so busy. Listen, go to the Zone team and read the discussion thread about plateaus and "eating extra calories since you're burning more." You're close to your goal sis, I expect it's harder the closer you get.


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thursday and last chance day

Thursday, April 23, 2009

man i haven't realized i haven't blogged since monday. where have i been? oh well i'm here now. today is my last chance day for this week. i've done all i can do and we shall see how my body is takeing this. i promised i would do 1000 cal burn and so far i'm about one hundred cals off. so today that will put me over my weekly burn goal. kinda feels good. i like have a competiton with myself. keeps me from going nuts. food wise i've stayed in range all week. towards the higher end on some days but since i'm at a plateau at this point maybe that kick started my metabolisom back up to speed. who knows. all else in my life is fine at this point. my daughter signed back up for two classes this summer. she is finishing up nursing school. she took time out to have my grandson and now is ready to finish. i'm very proud of her and all that she does. they are also trying to find a new house and i wish i had half her strength to keep going. she is always upbeat and running. oh well my running days are not quite as fast these days but i'm still not out. i'm young yet and maybe, just maybe i can catch up with her and my grandson soon. my plan is to get there from here. good luck guys. week, new beginnings

Monday, April 20, 2009

i had a good weekend food wise. i tracked all and was happy to say i stayed under max both days. i got a walk in saturday but after my weekly chores on sunday i kinda vegged. it was gray, and yucky outside and i had no energy. i enjoyed the relaxation. we kept my grandson saturday night and i have to say he kept me busy. he is going on two and he has a mind of his own. i just love that kid. he keeps me laughing. today is monday and i'm off to a new week full of promise. i would love to see a loss this week. i'm at that plateau stage, up one week, down the next. so frustrating. but no matter what i have hope and faith that i will get there from here. heck, i'm already halfway there now and i did this on my own. no pills or magic wands, just good old fashioned hard work and control. so have a wonderful day and keep sparking guys.

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TERESA6262 4/20/2009 6:40PM

    Hi Michelle! I always like your blog!


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