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saturday....a new day full of promise

Saturday, April 18, 2009

well good morning. today is a new day and i feel like i could conquer the world. i did follow my goals for yesterday and today i'm ready for what will be. i have to do the dreaded grocery shopping but then i'm free to be me. weather is suppose to be great and i'm hoping to get walk in. since i had a slight weight gain this past week i'm ready to begin this journey once again. seems i'm always restarting this journey. but as the word journey is always changing i will continue on this path. for no matter what the days bring i still am ahead of the game with loss in weight, inches, and much depression. i feel wonderful most days and my attitude is changing for the better also. healthy living is wonderful and every one should try it. if only they could see it from our point of view. my plan for the future is to get there from here.

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SLMEWBORN 4/18/2009 7:54AM

    Hi, really enjoyed your blog this morning, makes me want to get my self up from the computer and get moving! I keep starting over too, and I'm hoping that overall I start to see some changes. Have a great Saturday! emoticon

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friday weigh in...up, but not out

Friday, April 17, 2009

well i have gained this week yet again. i just can't seem to get to the place i want to be. is it fear of the unknown, my body showing me who is boss, or just plain not doing what is needed at the appointed time? i really couldn't tell ya. my nutrition was the same, my water was good, and i got in my exercise. so i have set new goals for this coming week...first i want to burn about 1000 calories with exercise. i know for some of you this is a daily occurance for me this is the next step. i will eat my calories and try my darndest not to go over, and most of all i will love me no matter what the scales say next week. because i'm doing wonderful. i have to keep telling myself this so i don't forget. i'm in a size 6 pants. my goal size by the way, and i feel wonderful. i just want to get past this plateau and move forward from here. i still have about 21 lbs to go and i would love to get there with my sanity intact. so till next time guys remember...i'm going to get there from here no matter what.

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TERESA6262 4/17/2009 9:15AM

    Michelle, You're so close to your goal weight, I think it's harder to lose those last few pounds. Your body defends a certain weight point and I'm guessing that's what's up with you. Hang tough, Sis! I know you will!

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thursday's update

Thursday, April 16, 2009

well since i haven't blogged since sunday i guess i should give an update...this week has been tougher than some others. i can't really give a reason. i have to say i haven't gotten groceries like i should of and that has played a big part. i'm getting in my exercise but my food choices are limited. i've decided a budget was needed and i've got my list going. saturday is the day i will follow through with that. all this cutting corners in making me crazy. but i will do what is needed to get myself back on track financially. i have helped my son out and it has put me in a tight place. i know i shouldn't of but he is my child and i can go without right. wrong, never put yourself last. that is how i got here in the first place needing to loose this weight. i always put myself last.. now i'm first, and i want to stay first. so a mistake turned into a lesson learned. this to shall pass. my weight is dropping and guess i'm still good on that point, so now if my financial trouble could drop that would put me in a great place. we shall see. next week will be a better week for me. at least tax time is over. i owed for that also and that hasn't left me very happy either. oh well, struggle all year and give back to the government for monies earned but not entitled to. kinda doesn't seem very fair does it. oh well such is life in america. so till next time i will get there from here.


happy easter

Sunday, April 12, 2009

just want to say happy easter to all. i made it through the day with little to no problems. my daughter and her family came for lunch and it was quiet and nice. my grandson loved his candy best of all. he is two. he gave me a nice picture with him on his trike, and a huge smile. the frame says nana. he is my gift from god. which is fitting as this is his day of rebirth. i'm hoping you all had a very happy easter and may this be a new begining for us all. again happy easter.

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TERESA6262 4/12/2009 10:34PM

    HI Michelle! You must be feeling better! I'm in Bradenton for a few days and am enjoying being with family! Haveing a week off for Spring BReak is a great pek for being a teacher!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

well today i have to work till six so i won't be in too much trouble with food. i walk during lunch so this is just an extra day of exercise for me. i pack my lunch daily and take my snacks. i have to plan, if i don't i just can't seem to get it right. i've had a good breakfast and now i must finish getting ready for work. i may not get a chance tomorrow to blog so i want to wish each and every one a very happy easter. my family will be coming to my house so i have a lot to do in the morning and i still have to pick up some food for us to eat this week. so much to do so little time. story of my life. so till next time remember, we can get there from here. emoticon emoticon emoticon


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