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happy saturday

Saturday, April 04, 2009

well the weekend is upon us. seems so much to do so little time to get it done. oh well such is life. we have company this weekend and that means even less time to do what is needed to get done. we are having the family over tomorrow for a cookout and i have to get ready for that. thanks to my daughter for her help with all this. i'm heading out to restock some of the supplies for the week and that is always fun. oh well such is life. i did finally get my walk back in yesterday. the weather was wonderful. hope i can get some in today. i plan on getting there from here.

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TERESA6262 4/4/2009 8:23AM

    Hey Lady! have fun with the family!

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weigh close yet so far away

Friday, April 03, 2009

well i lost another .8 this week. i'm not upset about the loss. that is wonderful. means i'm doing what i need to do at this point. i'm so close to the 15 lb mark for my next mini goal and yet it seems to always be just out of my reach. i didn't get my walks in this week like i should of. the weather kept me inside most of the time. i did get my strength training in and i'm glad for that but a bit more cardio is what is needed this week. i hope the weather holds out. today is suppose to be nice so maybe at lunch i will get my walk in. i kinda miss it. who'da thunk it. me missing exercise. oh well such is life. i must be getting ready for work and we have my brother in law coming for the weekend. haven't seen him in years. i will get there from here. emoticon

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MEMASTITCH 4/3/2009 9:35AM

    Have you tried the DVD 'Walk Away The Pounds'? When I can't get outside due to the weather, I either put in that DVD or I just walk in place while I watch tv.

Congratulations on the weight loss! Slow and steady wins the race, you know!

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thursday...weigh in looming

Thursday, April 02, 2009

tomorrow is my weigh in day. i'm ready for whatever it brings. i have done my best this week and i can't do much more than that. i'm so close to the next five pound mark. i will then be at 15lb loss. it just seems this last batch is taking longer than i would like. but that is how it goes. we want it yesterday, our minds and bodies say so sorry you will get it later. such is life. i have company coming this weekend and i'm a little worried about that. i'm not putting on airs and if they want something i don't have we do have a walmart they can visit. my husband thinks i'm being a b****. i say so sad, too bad. when they leave and we are stuck with the food leftover who will be upset the frugal person living in my body would rather eat than throw out. i've come to far to let go now. they will understand or not. we shall see. oh well till tomorrow guys. keep fingers crossed for a good week...i will get there from here.

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TERESA6262 4/3/2009 5:50AM

    Michelle, I just love you! You're so real! That's the sweetest part! Listen, enjoy yourself... enjoy the good feeling of having the house all spiffied up, kick back and have fun with your guests! Read the article I ust posted in my blog... it's talks about how detrimental stress is to losing weight! HAVE FUN!!! Good luck on your weigh in!


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tuesday and still focused

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

emoticonwell i'm still holding strong to my weekly goals. i got in my cardio plus yesterday and ;ilates. i'm ready to start today. it is raining here right now but i hope to still get my walk at lunch. that is what the umbrella is for. diet is on track. wait...not diet, meals are on track. i'm eating healthy and trying to stay on track with that. today is hardest because i have to work till nine at night and that means i won't eat lunch till about four and my morning meal till four is thrown off course. i do bring fruit to work with me but today i may try a sandwich and see what that does for a snack. oh well so much to do so little time. so till next time remember....we can get there from here.

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DEE0973 3/31/2009 8:55AM

    You can do it!! try adding protien to your snacks, it will keep you fuller longer

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monday and on track

Monday, March 30, 2009

emoticonit's monday morning and i've already gotten in my pilates, and some cardio. bring on the day. monday's at work are always stressfull and i fully intend to be ready for this one. i have goals set for myself this week and i intend to meet each one. i've already got in more strength training than the last couple of weeks. sad i know but i've been lazy. no other excuse for it. i've also stuck to plan this weekend and i'm happy about that. even had a fish fry with my daughters family and stuck to my calorie limits. i'm trying to take this one day at a time but sometimes i tend to look way a head and just get upset with my progress so far. i have a friend i met on spark and she tells me since i don't have as far to go as some the weight is going to come off slower. i know in reality she is correct...but in my mind i want to see results fast that same as anyone would. big or small, some or a whole lot, we all are fighting the same battle here. trying to save ourselves from ourselves. so till next time remember....we will get there from here. emoticon

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TERESA6262 3/30/2009 9:14AM

    Hey, Sister! You go girl! Doesn't it feel great to push yourself? Those exercise enodorphins will carry you thorugh the stress today! I waled 7 miles yesterday! That's definately a record for me! I didit in diffeent stints and am really tired this morning (though I wasn't last night). I'm heading out shortly to work in my classroom and get my report cards done. (ugh! I hate that job.... but if I knock them out today.... getting them done won't interfere w/ my walking this week!) I AM jumpstarted for my mileage.... I hae a goal of 20 miles each week.... it IS what has melted off my lbs, I'm sure!

Hve a GREAT day!

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