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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

over the hump day for me. well almost. i have to work saturday for a bit and then i'm off till monday. oh well such is my life. everything is fine and i'm on track this week. got in some pilates this morning and now i must be getting off to work. i would love to get my walk in today at lunch but looks like rain. i will take my umbrella just in case it isn't pouring and i can still walk. so till next time remember we will get there from here.

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TERESA6262 3/25/2009 8:47PM

    We WILL get there!

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monday....beginning of a new week.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well here we are at Monday. Man what a wonderful weekend and now back to the grind. I would love to say i accomplished a whole lot this weekend but that would be way off the mark. I really did a lot but never seemed to accomplish much. I don't know if others have the problem. Yesterday we ran errands and by the time my husband and i returned the day was almost over. So out the window that day went. I mean i got a lot done in the errands but i really wanted to sit home and relax. Oh well today is a new day. I stayed on plan all weekend. We went out to eat with my daughter and her husband and my grandson saturday. They all wanted chinese. I did well, didn't overdo and enjoyed myself. The next morning it hit me. man was i not feeling well yesterday. Neither was my daughter so it wasn't just me not having that food for so long. I try to stay away from fats and such and i thought it was that. Nope, we decided no more of that for a while. LOL. Oh well i'm find now and all is well. I've not weighed myself all weekend or today. Man what a change that is. I was getting on all the time. I'm trying to wean myself from letting the scales control my progress. So I will say goodbye for now and remember...We can get there from here.

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TERESA6262 3/23/2009 10:02PM

    I'm glad you had a good weekend! Funny, I did better last weekend diet-wise when I was off on a trip than I did here at home this weekend, where I can control everything! (or not! emoticon ) But I'm down 4 lbs (thanks to the walking I'm sure) so I can't be too worried that I ate chocolate last night! TTYL

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well it is the first full day of spring. I do believe i will get out and get to enjoy some of it. I have to go and restock for the coming week at the store but then i'm free to be me for the rest of the day. I have yard work and such I want to get done and today seems like a great day to get it done. I've already been up had my workout this morning and ate a healthy breakfast and i''m ready to begin this day. I can't believe i got up and got moving so early. I mean i've always been a morning person but this is crazy. Now don't get me wrong, i'm loving it. With the exercise out of the way I will have more energy to get done what needs to get done. So till we meet again. we can get there from here.

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TERESA6262 3/22/2009 8:03AM

    How's the yard thing coming along? emoticon

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Well here I go again. Weigh in day and i lost 2 lbs.....Yippee!!!!Now i'm back on track. I had gained one and a half pounds and now i've got that off plus a bit more. Now back to the drawing board. I know what worked for me this week and I have to keep with that this week. I believe weighing and measuring my foods, and changing up my work outs helped a lot. So this week will be no different. I'm almost at my fifteen lb mark and that will put me halfway home. I can't believe i'm still at this. Usually by now I would of quit and said the hell with it. I would like to say i'm very thankful for sp for getting me this far in my new lifestyle. I believe the baby steps I learned here is what got me to this point. I believe adding one new streak at a time helps to build new habits that stay with us. The water has become a habit, exercising a big habit, and I must say the food scales are a wonder. I have ordered a new set of digital ones(that was my 10lb reward) and I can't wait till they get here. So till next time remember we can get there from here. emoticon last chance day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

well here it is again. i can't believe it have been a week already. i am hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow morning but we shall see. i'm holding my breath in anticipation and today is my last chance to get this right. i have stayed within my plan all week. i exercised and did strength training. i should be ok but only the scales can tell me that tomorrow. well ok, my pants fit really loose, my face looks thinner, and i feel a hundred percent thinner. so i will say i guess the scales aren't the only way to weigh my progress. in fact i've finally made the plunge and am giving my spark buddy cat a pair of my pants. it is time. i wore them yesterday and they are just to loose. and as it was said in a blog if i hold on to them i'm just setting myself up to go back. i don't want to go back to being tired, feet hurting, and just plain being miserble. cat and i work at a pharmacy and we find each of us watching people and say if they would just eat better and exercise they would'nt be riding the mart carts, leaning on buggy's, and just plain haveing a hard time moving. i guess we figure if we can do this so can the world. but we have to step back and remember not so long ago that was us. and really we don't know what they are going through at this time or anytime in their lives. so i will pray for them to find what works for them and maybe cat or i will help one person change their ways by seeing us do this. i have passed out spark peoples address to three people so far who are trying to lose weight. hey we all need a little guideance every now and then. so till next time. remember we will get there from here.

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BAMACHICK39 3/19/2009 10:58AM

    Yes we can do this. God will see us all through this. I am here for any one who needs a shoulder to lean on. I know how hard it is to lose the weight I am still have setbacks but I think about the weight that I have lost and having my clothes be to big I think I can do this and so can anyone if they really want to.May God lead guide you on this journey.

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