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Thursday, March 19, 2009

well here it is again. i can't believe it have been a week already. i am hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow morning but we shall see. i'm holding my breath in anticipation and today is my last chance to get this right. i have stayed within my plan all week. i exercised and did strength training. i should be ok but only the scales can tell me that tomorrow. well ok, my pants fit really loose, my face looks thinner, and i feel a hundred percent thinner. so i will say i guess the scales aren't the only way to weigh my progress. in fact i've finally made the plunge and am giving my spark buddy cat a pair of my pants. it is time. i wore them yesterday and they are just to loose. and as it was said in a blog if i hold on to them i'm just setting myself up to go back. i don't want to go back to being tired, feet hurting, and just plain being miserble. cat and i work at a pharmacy and we find each of us watching people and say if they would just eat better and exercise they would'nt be riding the mart carts, leaning on buggy's, and just plain haveing a hard time moving. i guess we figure if we can do this so can the world. but we have to step back and remember not so long ago that was us. and really we don't know what they are going through at this time or anytime in their lives. so i will pray for them to find what works for them and maybe cat or i will help one person change their ways by seeing us do this. i have passed out spark peoples address to three people so far who are trying to lose weight. hey we all need a little guideance every now and then. so till next time. remember we will get there from here.

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BAMACHICK39 3/19/2009 10:58AM

    Yes we can do this. God will see us all through this. I am here for any one who needs a shoulder to lean on. I know how hard it is to lose the weight I am still have setbacks but I think about the weight that I have lost and having my clothes be to big I think I can do this and so can anyone if they really want to.May God lead guide you on this journey.

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wednesday....over the hump day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yeah over the hump day. sure right. this hump i'm on just keeps going up and up. seems to be no down side. maybe this will be the week. one my dealing with depression spark team i gave advice this morning and recieved a spark goodie for making someones day. you know what? that feels damn great. i helped them but really they reached out and helped me also. it is a win win situation. i'm over that hump for now and if i can beat depression this weight loss and lifestyle thing should be a breeze. well it's not. i quit smoking some 8-9 years ago and that seems like a breeze compared to this. something so simple as good old fashioned diet and exercise is so hard to make work at the same time. seems days i get exercise,and days i stick to plan, but somehow getting the two to line up is just plain funny...oh well maybe this will be a better week on the scales. we shall see. i pep talk daily with myself and i do tell myself, now self if you could work on all the other troubles in your life and make them work why not this? the answer has yet to come but i'm willing to wait. because as the old saying goes good things come to those who wait. so till next time keep sparking.

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TERESA6262 3/18/2009 7:17AM

    Hi Malexander! Here's to YOU making the best of it! I've never thought of myself as a depressed person, but i think I have beeen this past year. I'm only into SP for a month... but it seems to be that the exercise has been the factor that has lifted me up. My whole attitude seems to have changed. I feel like I'm coming out of a lack of caring, lack of motivation, lonely place into a new light of day. Hang tough, Sis! You're doing great! :0)


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happy st. pattys day....tuesday

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

well my week was off to a great start and i can only hope it carrys over to today and beyond. i stuck to plan and i got in some elliptcal as it was raining here. today is beautiful and i can't wait to get out and walk at my lunch. i so enjoy that time alone and relaxing gets me through the rest of the day. i'm finding things going much easier for me now and i can only hope this continues as i learn more and healthier ways for my new lifestyle. since giving up sugary items i find i don't crave them at all. and if i do indulge i really don't get much out of it but a tummy ache. i've started having fruit for my morining break and it keeps me going till lunch. i've been weighing and measureing everything just to help me know my portions. so far it is helping and i don't feel like i'm deprived at all. so till tomorrow keep sparking guys.



Monday, March 16, 2009

well i have to say this weekend was very busy. yesterday between all the housework and little things i was putting off the day just flew. i know this is bad but before i knew it it was two o'clock and i hadn't even eaten breafast yet let alone lunch. believe me this never happens. my body is on a schedule usually. breakfast at eight, lunch at noon. if i don't eat this way my sugar plummets and i get the shakes. but i guess i was working and not even paying attention to what time it was. by the time i had some lunch it was a few hours from supper. maybe this life change is working. not that i go without food, but i found the last few days i can't get in my calories for the day. i try but i haven't been able to eat like i used to and when i try to at least get in my foods for the day my stomach says no way honey. so i'm so close but so far away. my nutrition tracker tells me i'm not eating enough(this is a first) and i can't force myself to eat what i don't have the stomach for. hey i like that thought. me with no stomach. dreams do come true. oh well i have to go get some elleptical in as it is raining here and i may not be able to get my walk in at work. so till next time keep sparking guys

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TERESA6262 3/16/2009 9:55PM

    I hear you, Sis! I have only gone over calories twice in about 3 weeks or more. I wonder how bad is IS if you DO go under? I'm glad you're getting things done. That is a feeling I LOVE (not that I get it very often) when i accomplish something around the house! Until tomorrow!


(I'm glad you "found" me! I like your blog!)

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today is a great day!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

well i made it through yesterday and got in some exercise to boot. i did my nordic trak in the morning and got in some strength training. i felt great all day. i didn't even eat all my calories. i wasn't starving by no means i was just busy. i eat when i'm bored so keeping busy on the weekends keeps me in check. today is rest day. i have much housework to do but no extra exercise for me. i have a good book i'd like to finish and some much needed time off my feet. i want to start this week on a good note. not many days left to weigh in which always seems to come to quick some weeks. so till next time keep sparking.


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