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Keeping the end in mind.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My goal is to work on keeping the end goal in mind AND the realization that all the steps between here and the goal are related. No, I cannot expect to eat that doughnut/cheeseburger/corn dog/pint of haagen daz strawberry ice craem and still real my end goal in a timely manner. It is up to me with every little decision I make each day. So, today, for breakfast I had oatmeal with a 1/4 cup of homemade Greek yogurt and a cup of coffee with a splash of light soy milk. It was delicious. Now, lunch, dinner and repeat. Until I can finally say, "This is the end..." :)


I suck.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes, it's true. I suck. Well, at the moment anyway. This winter (which seems to have been going on for at least a year and a half), I came down with a nasty bit of cold or flu and totally fell off of the "eating well" wagon. And I haven't gotten back on. Spring is finally breaking, but I have put on over 15 pounds and haven't been able to put a stop to it. What is preventing me? Well, me. I've been mindlessly eating ever since I was sick. It just felt to nice and easy to not think about what I was eating. I kept telling myself that I knew the tricks to losing weight (no tricks really, just eating well and being active) and I could take off any extra pounds whenever I wanted to. I guess I didn't want it badly enough. Not yet, at least. But, now that I'm getting closer to what was suppose to be THE SUMMER where I finally wear a bikini again, I find that I am even farther from my goal than I was last summer--and it's all my fault. My house is a mess, inside and out. My person is a mess, inside and out. Finally, it's time for some spring cleaning. Well, after Easter left-overs are all gone. I may be regaining my motivation, but I'm not a saint. However, I think that the earlier mornings, warmer days, and longer evenings will make activity easier to come by. Especially if I really do work on cleaning my house! I don't know if I'll make it into a bikini this summer, but I will get back on track and even though it won't be pretty, I am going to enter into my food tracker that I ate two (large) servings of cheesy potatoes and one slice of Easter ham--as a mid-morning snack. And I may have a slice of pie, later. So, for now, I suck. But I think improvement, along with spring, is just around the corner.

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MALEPHICENT 5/9/2011 10:38AM

    It IS hard! You know, I lost the first 20 pounds so easily...but I was also working at a restaurant at the time--12 hour shifts--and that really burns off the calories! I always tend to eat healthier in summer, so I am hopeful. Thanks for letting me know I can count on you. I'm sort of at a "re-start", just as you seem to be. I hope yours goes at least as well as mine does! That said, I hope mine goes REALLY well! ;) I'm going to have to lose weight because I already got rid of all my old summer clothes and it's finally getting warmer outside! I think building the house will keep me quite busy, too. I can't wait to get started--once I get done with the new cold I seem to have contracted... Blegh! Some days, we just can't win, can we? That's o.k. Tonight I'm going to go to sleep eartly and tomorros is always another day!

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TRACYBERGEON 5/8/2011 5:11PM

    You don't suck Jeri :-) Weight loss is hard and I am struggling today as I want my free ice cream sundae from Culvers for Mother's Day. I have started a new diet to jump start my loss since I was sick this winter I got unmotivated also. I have lost a good amount of pounds since I started and I am looking forward to losing a large chunk and then maintaining and losing at a slower pace after I am done. I hope you feel more motivated with the warmer temps, new house being built and brighter moods. It is hard and I am here if you need to vent :-)

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Knowledge is power.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

So, I've been absolutely horrible about keeping track of my diet, lately. Ever since "the holidays", when I was eating unspeakable treats and meals, it became easier and easier to just stick my head into the sand and ignore the content of certain foods and ignore the quantities with which I was eating them. And, so here I was this morning, trying to decide if I should sneak another one of the hostess cupcakes I had gotten for putting into my son's lunches when I decided that I really ought to check my food log, first. See, when I stepped onto the scale this morning, I had fully gained 10 pounds from my low of 159 pounds this fall and it's distressing. So, I looked up the cupcake and one little cupcake has a whopping 180 calories!! Between knowing about the cupcake and knowing about my weight (something else I've been ignoring lately) I finally had the power to make the right decision. I am NOT going to sneak another cupcake. I had one, earlier. My breakfast is still at just about 400 calories--right where it should be. So, I can hold my head high and get one with my day knowing that I am awesome and back on track to hitting my goal weight of 140 sometime this summer. I might even brave the winter weather for a walk with my 3 year old this afternoon! (Well, we've all got to think BIG, right?!)


I really am slow, sometimes...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sometimes, I really am slow. See, I know that eating well and exercising are things that make a drastic, positive difference in my life. And yet, I finished off a tub of ice cream last night. And yet, I haven't been consistently tracking what I eat. And yet, I haven't been to the gym or on a walk in nearly 4 months. See, I'm slow. I can't quite figure it out. And yet, I DO know. Sometimes, it's just the acceptance that winters are hard on me and I should just let it go until I reach the light at the end of the tunnel known as spring. And yet, perhaps, if I did these three things that I know make me feel so good, then, just maybe, winters wouldn't be so hard on me. Fact is, I do not like the new gym they built. It's too crowded for me and there are too many kids in the daycare for my taste. Scarlett hates it, too. So, I keep thinking, once we build the house we'll put a gym in the basement (Aaron's plan and I LOVE IT!). I keep thinking, once we build the house I'll have a huge yard to go walking in. I keep thinking, once we build the house, I'll be so busy doing things around the yard and such that I won't have time for ice cream. So, as every, my life is on hold until we build our house. But, the light at the end of that tunnel seems to now be only as far away as spring itself! Aaron is busy getting together quotes for everything we'll need and once that is done, all we need it to do the actual application for the loan. Bills are being paid off and the light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel (for me) is looking brighter and brighter every day. Maybe I am slow, but I still have faith that I will get there. :)

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BALLARINA 1/25/2011 12:58PM

  Great ! YOUR OWN GYM!

I find excuses for not doing things without even having to wait for a big change that will change my daily routine

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Picking up Speed

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So, I had planned to start slow in the New Year and I have. I've had a couple days where I ate well all day, then in the evening I worked quite diligently at making sure left-over Christmas goodies where being, um, removed from the house. (I ate them.) Now, along with my holiday decorations, just about all of the holiday food is gone. Because I've been working at my good eating habits all day for a while now it's easier to stick with them now that the other temptations are gone. I'm feeling very good about this. I'm feeling espeically good about the 4 pounds I've lost (re-lost, really), already. Also, I'm trying to get a bit more activity into my day. I'm not yet feeling ready to go back to the gym. I'm just so nervous about how busy it had been in there which makes it a rather unenjoyable time for me. But, last night, I did walk to work. It's not a huge walk, but I think it helps. Work itself does tend to be quite physically demanding, so at least I have that. (You'd build up muscles, too, if you spent all night lugging around 32.4 pound crates of milk two at a time!) So, though I have started slowly, I am seeing decent results and I am getting excited about what is yet to come. That excitement is making it easier and easier to just keep at it. In my nearly 3 year journey, so far, I have noticed that, though taking off weight is fairly difficult, I maintain my weight with just a little bit of self-monitoring. This gives me great hope for the future! I feel very badly that I want this to be the year where I can finally say "It's all gone!" and be talking about the extra weight and not just the cheese and crackers I'd gotten for a special (or not so special) occassion. I can do it--and so can you!! :)

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MZLADY77 1/11/2011 10:51AM

    emoticon Good blog thanks for sharing.

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