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Gym Ettiquette

Monday, March 12, 2007

just got back from the gym and I'm really hoping to walk back to the beach again today... but my tootsies are tired... actually n ot tired but I definitely have to invest in better socks - my cotton socks absorb sweat and stay wet - now I feel a blister forming on my little toe on one foot and under myy big toe on my other foot... gotta toughen up my feetsies i tell ya.

After the gym this morning, I've come tot he conclusion that some men have just far worse manners regarding gym ettiquette than women do.. either that or it's just my gymettitquite that sucks.

So I head over to the weight machines -the two machines I like are the lateral pull down and the seated row... and Ik now how to use them - so I'm watching this group of three guys -with their power bars, sports drink, fitness magazines and towels draped over all the surrounding equipment.

Guy 1 is sitting like he's going to use the lateral pulldown machine - guy 2 and guy 3 are draped over the machines fiddling with the weights coffe clatching... shut up boys and work those muscles not your gums 'k?

they have their towels ont he seated row machine... I ask politely if they are using that machine (and it was politely - even for me) they said yes. As they are stil draped over the other machine... Now I can sneak i there do my 3 sets of 12 and get out before they get one set done based on what i'm seeing on the lateral pulldown.

I think I roll my eyes and wander off to the treadmill...

50 minutes on the treadmill - i come back to the weight machines -and they are still on the lateral pulldown and they've eaten their power bars, drunk their sports drinks and haven't gotten further than that.

Now I'm supposed to l ike going tot he gym -but people like these
morons make it very difficult...


I'm walking yes indeed i'm walkin'

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Roscoe, my pedometer (I named it in orderof hoping to have a good relationship with it and have it treat me right) says to and fromt he beach and all around belmont harbor and then on a few errands -in just about 3 hours time -i covered over 8 miles... so in addition to the 4 miles ont he treadmill - 12 miles in one day -Ill take it as good practice for my training for august...

I really need to spend some time on and make myself some good training routs -unfortunately most of my route today was thru lincoln park and that's not on the map -so Ic an't really tell how far my walk really was -

I sat down in my favorite sushi place for lunc and wheni got back up - ouch my legs were a bit tired...

I was in a store this afternoon on my way back - to get a new motivation outfit a really black andwhite summery dress for super cheap -in a size 16 - tried it on today and while it's not obscenely tight (other's might wear it) it's too tight for me to wear in publci but it doesnt cut off my circulation and it will fit me soon enough - and also a size 18 pants - that are just right... It's not a huge deal but it's one of those little things that keeps me going...


Oh Gack what have I done?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ok I'm getting alittle too cocky I think... but I have a long history in my life of thinking that things are a really good idea at the time... jumping on board then thinking later -what the hell have you done... I really hope this will be the exception.

What have you done NOW, Mal you ask?

I signed myself up for the breast cancer 3 day walk -- 60 miles in 3 days.. oh this will be fun... :)

actually the real challenge will be the fun raising that's involved and coming up withe themandatory donation.. I am sooo bad at asking for money but they claim they'll help -- so we'll see :)

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MALEFICENT1964 3/6/2007 9:00AM

    you rock!!

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LELLIEGIRL 3/6/2007 8:59AM


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MALEFICENT1964 3/6/2007 8:45AM

    you're awesome Ellen :)
icago07/maryellen is the site..

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LELLIEGIRL 3/6/2007 8:45AM

    That is awesome Mal! When is it? Do you have a donation page on the fundraiser's website? if so, send me the link and I will gladly help you in this cause!

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Too Much Info perhaps....

Monday, March 05, 2007

So I started taking the fish oil capsules - I eat lots of fish usually but I figured i can't hurt right? and it it magically makes me look younger - well all the better.

theyre big honkin' pills which are fine... but good night nurse - the side effects of these things are brutal... I'm not sure if they make me belch more - but when I do belch - cripes - i now know what it owuld feel like when Jaws belched the second hand taste of fish - ptoooey - fish is great the first time - it's not so great when it repeats.

I don't remember if i wrote this here -but secretly in addition to being a closet lesbian, I'm also a 12 year old boy - and burping and farting (much to m y mother's chagrin) amuse me... I can't explain it -it just does - -and the ability to burp the alphabet is something that I just want to learn how to do. So these burping fish oil pills might just help in that quest.

Yes, I am a really classy broad

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    Mal, try Coromega, their yummy and you get your fish oil painlessly. 3 flavors lemon lime, my favorite, choc orange and plain orange. I get mine from but you can get a good deal on Amazon too.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I was joking this morning, that my cute prettily colored 2lb and 3lb dumbells are now entirely too light and really serve no useful purpose anymore..

then I had a brainstorm..

one of my "wow youcan do that" talents is that I can juggle - now most of the time I feel like i"m juggling powered on chain saws and axes and other implements of destruction but I really can juggle - it was a skill i learned at another job.

so - my plan..

juggling dumbbells :)

i'm sure i'll regret it whenit hits me in the head and knocks me unconscious but it'll be fun :)

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DONEBEINGFAT 3/4/2007 4:59PM

    I look so forward to reading your blogs. I know that I have been so repetitive, but you really give me so many chuckles!!! :)

Any straight man [or lesbian :)] would have to love your sense of humor.

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