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Friday, October 01, 2010

I lost 3 more lbs so I'm down to 240lbs, still got along way 2 go but @ least the scale is moving again.

I went to the dentist they did my last filling, I c the oral surgeon nxt Tuesday then we have 2 wait n c if the ins will approve a partial upper plate.

Waiting to start marriage counseling, but i'm not sure its even worth it.

Tomorrow La has soccer so I'll get some cardio in. She is waiting 4 her Daisy Troop mtgs to start up.

Had a blast @ youth group tonight it was game night so we played the wii I BEAT THE BOYS so I feel pretty good but then La beat me @ bowling.

Been doing great wit my eating. I've really cut down on my red meat & I'm eating my veggies everyday.

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CAROLEHZ 10/2/2010 9:49AM

    Woo Hoo on the 3 pounds. My scale remains stuck. La is so lucky to have you..I'm so happy that you are getting out and doing things. The wii competition sounds like fun!

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LITTLE_QUEEN 10/1/2010 10:07PM

    Congrats on that 3 pounds lost, I bet you are happy, cause I sure would be, sounds like you are doing great with your eating.
Forget about the marriage counselor, tell everyone at the house to vacate for a few hours, light up that firepit with some nice music in the background under the stars cuddling under a blanket together, Yeah! emoticon

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BIZZYBEE93 10/1/2010 10:07PM

    Good luck with your marriage counseling. I would not attempt to know your situation but I will have my 24th anniversary in November. Its never a breeze but if you can weather the rough times and come out of it, you'll gain strength from it. Somebody has to be an optimist, might as well be you. :) emoticon

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I cant believe I'm a soccer mom. About 20 yrs ago I was a baseball mom, about 19 yrs ago I was a football mom, & about 18 yrs ago I was a dancer mom. Well @ least I get exercise running up & down the field.

I feel like I am making progress spiritually, physically & mentally. I m truly moving forward & trying to keep it positive. I still have bad moments thru the day, its just that I'm coping better w/ things.

We are talking about marriage counseling, so we'll c wat happens w/ that.

Z - stayed @ a b-day party the whole 4 hrs
E - 2 hrs of walking
N - under my calories again (but I'm also not burning as much as I should)



Friday, September 24, 2010

Life does go on. Good thing this week is I've lost some more weight. According to sparks its 2 lbs but the truth is when I start gaining the weight back I didnt report it so I know that I lost more.

I'm doin good with eating less red meat & more fruits & veggies. The funny things is I'm losing weight but I'm eating more bread in the past wk then I did in the past 6 mths.

I did drop out of a few of my teams here on sparks but its to spend more time on actually exercising then being on the comp.

I m beginning to think that this temporary separation may become permanent - he just doesnt seem to get it at all.

I m seriously pmsing so of course none of meds are helping me today.

Had a great time @ youth group tonight even though the ppl that were suppose to b there helping bailed.

Today finished one challenge I was in on Sparks & I started another. I will do 1000 wall push ups by Halloween.

I have to continue to trust in God he knows whats best 4 me.

Z - I m moving forward
E - I got about an hr or so in
N - under my calories

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W8WHITTILER 9/25/2010 7:15AM

Way to go on that weight loss, and keep pushing yourself, I know you can do this..1000 wall pushups..might join you on that challenge..but I may do mine with the ball.
Keep it Marcia, I am so proud of you!! emoticon

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm in a room full of people yet I feel so alone
I sit in a room by myself wanting to find peace
Everyone makes their own assumptions
But they dont even try to understand it

As I am moving forward I do it alone
I just want to be able to find inner peace
I really wish you wouldnt make assumptions
You dont even understand what it is

So tonight I sit once again all alone
Wondering if I can find that peace
Trying to let go of all your assumptions
I am of value and it is what it is

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CAROLEHZ 9/24/2010 7:57AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is my new motto. 1 day @ a time.
Regardless of what part of my life I'm gonna try it this way. So if I screw up no big deal tomorrow is a new day full of new chances.

I've been getting my walking in but that is all the exercise that I've really been doing. I evern take La 2 practice soccer a cpl times a wk. As soon as my room is done I can start the wii & treadclimber again.

I am in constant pain with my legs the new meds dont seem 2 b helping 2 much yet. They seem to swell from my toes to my knees.

Last night I went w/ my 2 nieces n daughter we hung out @ 1 of their apts n had drinks & watched The Biggest Loser, it was nice n relaxing.

I've been eating my fruit n veggies. Usually within my calories although under today. I always get my water in.

Still dealing w/ my depression & if it wasn't 4 spark & fb I would b totally lost right now.

Since my hubby & I separated my dog just wont leave my side, its starting to get annoying wherever I m he is laying right there on the floor. Of course he winds up in my bed @ nite him n La.

Well my meds r making me drowsy so I'm heading 2 bed even though I know I will b bac up in a cpl hrs.

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WORKINGITIN 9/23/2010 9:58PM

    You have been working very hard Maga with spark and being a good person. Sometimes medications impact weight loss. Don't give up because our bodies & minds need the movement to carry us through our burdens.

Life always throws us curves that we don't expect. I have been exercising like crazy to keep my mind off some recent news of a family member who was is very sick. I force myself to deal continue my daily routine and to be positive.

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