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Thursday, September 04, 2008

For all my friends into the paranormal checkout my website. Just a bunch of pictures that friends and i took.



Monday, April 21, 2008

WOW i had a thyroid crash i have had friends say that but never understood it till now had one and wow.. You know i'm so sick of people saying "WELL YOU DON'T LOOK SICK" You know if they had seen me 3 weeks ago i think they would changed there minds. I'm busting my butt and doing good for years and losing weight and then bang my thyroid stops working and for all of you that deal with this you know i put on 5 pounds in 3 days. With being tried and people saying your not eating enough or your not drinking enough water or your just lazy and get up and do something...people don't understand that thyroid tried is alot different then being just tried. I don't know about anyone else on here but i have heart problems and my muscles take alot longer to recover after an afternoon at the gym.

For all the people that don't deal with this and don't think that it's a serious thing here are or were my symptoms for years until i got on the Med's i hope this will help for you to understand.

Less stamina then others
less energy
long recovery period after ANY activity
My arms feel like dead weight after and heavy activity
thoughts os suicide
always feeling cold
cold hands and feet
high cholesterol
bizarre and debilitating reaction to exercise
no eyebrows or thinning outer eyebrows
dry cracking skin
nodding off easily
needing to nap in the afternoon
not being able to concentrate or read long periods of time
foggy thinking
inability to lose weight
always gaining weight
NO sex drive
moody periods
alot of pain during periods
aching bones/muscles
bump on legs
acne on face
Exhaustion in every dimension,physical,mental,spiritual,emotio
inability to work full time inability to stand on feet for long periods of time
complete lack of motivation
extremely crabby,irritable,intolerant of others
handwriting nearly illegible
internal itching of ears
broken/peeling fingernails
dry skin
ringing in ears
lactose intolerance
inability to eat in the mornings
joint pain
no appetite but still gain weight
fluid retention which can be very dangerous and can cause heart failure
swollen legs that prevent walking
varicose veins
dizziness from fluid in inner ear
tightness in throat/sore throat
swollen lymph glands
allergies which can also be a result of LOW CORTISOL common with hypothyroid patients
headaches and migraines
sore feet planter fascitis which is painful soles of the feet
and a cold bum.

Now for everyone that doesn't understand and just thinks we are lazy i hope you read this.

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NANCY7161 5/12/2008 11:37AM

  Because of a really bad doc who took me off thyroid med, I felt suicidal end ended up in Myxedema Coma. After being put back on meds, I los 60 lbs, mostly fluid. PLEASE keep on top of your thyroid and NEVER STOP TAKING YOUR MED... emoticon emoticon

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LIBRA73 4/22/2008 9:37PM

    Thyroid probs are no fun, I have seen it alot. Hang in there and I hope you are feeling great soon! Hugs!

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TAMMI1963 4/22/2008 7:22PM

    OMG!!! I'm kinda going through the same thing. I've been diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid and just had an ultrasound done last Saturday. I can totally understand what you're going through and am relieved that finally someone understands what I'm going though!!! The weight gain, the lack of a sex drive, the always being cold, the high cholesterol, etc. etc. Thank you for posting this!!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

I put this down on my journal and then i read it and thought i would share it.
You know every day i come on here and answer peoples questions and give advice on the same thing i want to know and i tell them what i think and i know that what i'm saying makes sence to me but it's so easy to tell someone else to do it but i can't or i don't do it when i know what i have to do.

I was talking to someone on here this morning that had to do with an ED question and just this morning i was thinking to myself i should just go back to the way i use to eat well not eat or B/P and i really think that answering that question for her made me say WOW what am i doing what am i even thinking of doing, it's so amazing how other people help others and don't even realize that they are doing it. SP you rock.

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ABMW2007 2/24/2008 6:24PM

    You can do this girl!!!! Don't give in to the binging and purging and not eating at all. You will feel a lot worse in the end. Believe me I know. I've been down that path. Your body will ache after awhile. I'm sure you've experienced that. If you feel like doing that message me on here right away.


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SHOOTINGSTAR04 2/23/2008 8:19PM

    So true..I have so may people here support and help me. Even when I am struggling I feel I can come here and find strength and encouragement!

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ELLCEE13 2/22/2008 10:32PM

    Yes, SP rocks... But YOU ROCK! just thought i'd remind ya :). Great blog!

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A new challenge in my life.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well today is Shrove Tuesday and as i was lying in bed i was thinking what will i give up for Lent? Well i have decided that every year i give up coffee,chocolate whatever only to go back after the 40 days so i have decided to give up BINGE EATING. And i'm going to start today because it is so called" FAT TUESDAY" and i will be at my childrens school cooking pancakes for the whole school then tonight we are having a fundraiser and we will be cooking pancakes and sasuages for alittle over 500 people.
Last year i ate 25 pancakes and if there is anyone out there that has never had a problem with binge eating that's nothing, I have been dealing with an ED for about 20 years now Binge/Purge and Starving myself.
At the end of these 40 days which i know is not going to be a cake walk LOL i know that i can do it because the last time i tried i didn't have all of you guys and the withdraws are not good so with the help of you and me i know i can beat this and not go back after 40 days. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox;)


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PASUSAN 2/5/2008 9:19PM

    You can do this......Im here for you!

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MOV4WARD 2/5/2008 8:44PM

    Speaking of... we have a Binge Free for Lent challenge going on in the LBF team (3rd section) ~ check it out. Reach out if you struggle....

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IVICTHIN 2/5/2008 4:54PM

    What a great way to spend your 40 days. FOR YOU!!!! I know that you can do it. Put a very small picture of yourself in your pocket and when you think you might want that pancake take a peek at it and remind your self of what your goal is. Or better yet put a cross in your pocket and pull it out and look at it. Have a big drink of water. Good luck!!!!

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YAY me i think.

Monday, January 21, 2008

On Saturday i was getting ready for my workout at the gym which i have become addicted to and there was a trainer in the locker room and she asked me how much weight i lost and to me it looks like none but i don't go on to scales because of a past ED the numbers still have to much of an impact on me so i guess it will have to weight until March when i go see one of the ladys where i go get weighed and mesured yuk.

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LILYPUTIN 1/22/2008 10:33PM

    Looking good!

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THEMYSTERYKAT 1/21/2008 6:03PM

    keep going strong, hun! xD

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PASUSAN 1/21/2008 12:47PM

    Yay for you- You go girl!

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