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It's a Great Day!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today is great day so far I feel like me and i feel great. However, i feel very optimistic about the future of getting my body in a good shape, meaning i'm getting the hang of excersinig. oh boy did i hated at first, but now it's more like part of my daily to do list. Althoug i don't know what is going to happen after monday 2/2/09 when i go back to school knowing what coming i'm afraid that i might fall of the wagon, but i will do every spirit in my body to not let that happen. I'm counting the days starting next monday the idea is the sooner this semmester gets over the quicker i can take my trip to back home and many adventure places, I'm very excited i think that is what will give me strength to push 17weeks. I hope and pray to god by then i lose some extensive weight, i would like to be atleas under 200 like 190 would be great i don't remember last time being that weight but i will with gods help.

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AMBLEISKA 1/28/2009 1:29PM

    I love your optimism. You seem to know what you will be up against through the next weeks during school, but you also have a goal in mind for yourself. When it comes to school, remember that if you use your time wisely and plan to work out every day as well as get your school work done, you will accomplish what you have your mind set on. The adventure trips sound like a lot of fun too! Good luck on your goals, I think you can do it!

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It's TIme To re'evaluate manything in my life, and my self.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well... Today is a beutifull day that God has blessed me with life. However, it's little differen then most of my days, I normally do my prays, excercise, do m y reading for calss do home work, the list goes on... Meanwhile, i've for gotten to take a step back and see what i've really done wrong, perhabs what signs have missed or over looked. Well!!! May be i'm too forgiving, or I'm too Patient, or am I really That Stupid?... I couldn't be really Stupid or plain dump.. well most of my familly close freinds tells me how strong, patient. smart i'm, and i sometimes Qiestion if they really mean the truth or could they just be saying that to make me feel better, I wonder. Well!! I beleive in GOD and that means every thing happens for a reason, and evern thing happens with Gods plans. however, something things and expereice is what makes us strong, and well rounded and it makes us who we are.... Well today is one of those days that Imotions runn realy high and that i can't think straight but i will pray about it and it will alll be better, and hopefuuly things will come back to normall, and that i wouldn't lose me......

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COFFEEDIVA 11/25/2008 10:37AM

    Hi Maay,

I hope you got the time you needed to "step back" and reevaluate things. Are things going better for you now, 3 weeks past your last post? I hope so! I enjoyed seeing a message from you on my Sparkpage and I'm glad you are keeping in touch. I will try to do the same.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary (CoffeeDiva)

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I'm Stronger then ever!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

YAY Me!!! well I'm going strong the first week of this chalenge, so far i've excersiced everyday and yes it was difficult getting my bud in the Gym but i get there i was like lets do it man. I am chalenging my self to start jogging on treadmill and be able to jogg 30mint by the end of this 12wk chalenge with no problem. So i've beging the first day trying to do may 1 minute, and secondday 2 you got the point right. I'm Very Proud to say the Today I did 5minut going At 4.5 jogg, i could have kept going but i stopped because i don't want to put to much stress on my knees then they already have if you know what i mean. so I'm keep going, i hope i keep i that way.

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AMAKAZAM 10/19/2008 3:05PM

    Hi there! I have been so busy lately but I am so excited to hear that you are really working it! That's fabulous! I hope you are feeling successful!

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Let's Begin this Game, I'm very excited!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well! how do i start, I've Signed up for . BLC-8 BIGGEST LOSER 12 Week Challenge. I am not sure how i will stay in course , but i've got the will power. My friends would say " the only thing i seem to be commited to is school, yeah sadly i kinda have love hate realtionship with school. However, this time i'm very pumped! yeah that is right, i'm ready more than ever. I'm very excited to say that I Now belong to gym YAY. Finally that i don't always have to do my boring treadmil, i'm excited that it is 24/7 got to love that. I worked out last night after class tonight i was planing to untill we didn't our testing out untill like 9pm so i fel like nah, but i will for sure go tomorrow.


There is No Way i'm going to Stop!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Today is saturday Yeah! My off Weekend. Wow got to love that... Anyways I did the 45 minute cardio party, ( Turbo jam) Oh boy was i sweating like i never have... I feel Great I fell awesome, although i'm not loosing, but i'm gaining energy, and like i said there is no way i'm going to stop weather the pounds come off or not...

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WHATEVERHOBB 10/3/2008 8:50AM

    You have a really great outlook on things!! If you keep working out like that the pounds will surely start to melt away.

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MAXFOCUS 9/24/2008 10:15AM

    I really have to check out Turbo Jam - it seems that so many Sparkers are doing it and really liking it. This blog shows your wonderful attitude. Keep it up! The scale may not move as fast as we like but we are doing great things for our bodies by exercising.


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