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Alkaline Water Not The Cure!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This week has been draining. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I mean whew work wiped me out. Early long days, light workouts. But its done and now I can enjoy the weekend and my family.

My blood pressure has been high all week. Here's what happened...
I was drinking my Alkaline Kangan Water. (PH 9.5 for those smarty pants that get this stuff). Anyhow I was drinking it faithfully about a full 2 quarts + a day. Drinking my water that is supposed to be super healthy. As I do this for a few weeks I notice I am BLOATY I'm just waiting for the day I really start peeing out all this water. Well it just wasn't happening. So I check my blood pressure.... Hmmm little high. Next day super high. I stayed home from work and I also noticed when I pee it was like Orange color. I know that can't be good. Several things are going through my mind... First was, I'm dying. 2nd was WTH????

So looking at the past couple of weeks I thought yea I had some beers and chips but one should be able to do that now and then. I thought Oh, the only new thing is my water. I figure better stop drinking fancy water. Okay.... I stopped and the fancy water and a couple days later the swelling came out of my fingers. I can bend them better again. My pee is now normal looking... LOL ha ha ha Blood pressure is still high but it's cuz my weight is high too.

Moral of the story.... I have learned drinking Alkaline water made the sodium in my stay in me and counter act all of my blood pressure meds. I was swelling and basically filling my body with sodium. LOL Oh man, what's a girl to do? It's bad when it's the water that is going to get me! Its amazing the swelling that is coming out. I mean 6lbs of water weight this week alone!

On to the next mirical huh? I can't take my fany vitamins either until my blood pressure goes down! grrrrrr..... It's all related. The vitamins help me lose weight that and losing weight will lower my blood pressure but the vitamins actually make my blood pressure go out... OH man its a vicious circle. Seriously am I going to have to rely on diet and exercise?????

Now- Here I am on the day before Easter saying... WHAT THE????

Okay so Easter dinner doesn't have to be challenging does it? NOPE Not when you host.

So the menu is... smoked turkey, ham, carrot casserole, asparagus bundles, salad and cheesy potatoes. Oh... and rolls. (need to make sandwiches with the ham).

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KATHYSOASIS 4/19/2014 1:48PM

    I have never heard of the stuff. Scratch that off my list.

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Easier said that done?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Well being on task is so much easier than done! I am doing better however. I am tracking my food even when it's not the healthiest choices. I'm drinking my special Kagan water that my PT wants me to drink. I'm exercising (not yesterday though because I had a massage teee he he)

The weight, has not dropped at all! I'm actually up from last Thursday. Hey no worries though... Ask me if I'm discouraged? NOPE! I feel healthier and my jeans are fitting better and the sun is out so I'm in a good place this week.

My super vitamins are on their way to me. I believe when I start taking them I will start dropping weight again. Looking back through my stuff I realized I started struggling when I stopped taking my vitamins. Coincidence or not? I'm going to find out soon! I really think the things go hand in hand.

I have also started my doodle diary back up. You know I just want to finish something. I always have the best intentions but I never seem to finish my stuff. So I started doodling again.

My number one man is going to be gone this weekend. Hmmm I'm supposed to go to my sisters and drink beer eat smoked meat and spend the night. this does not sound conducive to weight loss. LOL We shall see how this goes!

If I had to give today a title I feel.... Dare I say Grateful and happy?
Yep lets go with that!
Happy Thursday!


Down time is over

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Down time is done.... Oh my I hate to say it I just loved having time to myself. I miss my kid-o but darn I loved time to myself! I'm prepping because my kid is going to come home and there is going to be so much love one won't be able handle it!

I'm working pretty well on keeping on task. I'm going to make a huge effort because I am so stiff from yesterdays workout that I can hardly breathe. Whew! Why goof that kind of physical fitness up with bad food.


Down time

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Everyday and every weekend I beg and plead for time to myself.

Well I have it! I am so enjoying not having a schedule. Not answering to anyone,not having any noise around the house, having it quiet and being a lone for a bit is really great. I'm going to focus on drinking some water, doing some laundry and taking care of me for 2 more days. Then my kid-o will be home and life will return to normal.

My husband is about the sweetest man that has walked the face of the earth. I was going to have a poker party for him last night. Once he found out grandma & our kid-o were going out of town for a couple of days he canceled his poker party all so he could take me out to dinner on a date. How sweet is that? Pretty damn nice if you ask me.

We had a good time! We were able to visit un-interupted the whole time. It was like weird. We took naps, we watched tv.... You really have no idea how exhausting it is having a kid and grandma in the house until they are gone. Not that I don't adore them and will be stir cray without them by tomorrow but really.... But this is what I really do need.

Thank you grandma & universe for giving me some quiet down time to enjoy my little world & self.

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KNEEMAKER 4/6/2014 12:51PM


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Positive Saturday

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Right on track....
Thats where I'm at right this minute! Yeee Haw,

I chose rest over workout yesterday to too keep the piece with everyone in my house. I took my rest, we went out and I ate a LOT of food not healthy but I ate it and loved every bite. Today I will eat better.

I am also drinking my magic water the PT gave me. Lets see what this does. My husband is dead set on going someplace now.... ACK Does he not get it that we are exhausted and don't want to go ANYPLACE! Apparently not because we are packing up to go to Costco. Like we need to go to costco for anything.

Oh well, not going to get aggravated I'm going to try and roll with it. ugh.....

Extra hard workout today, nice massage, staying positve!


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