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I'm back!

Friday, January 03, 2014

It has been a busy few months to say the least. Between the full-time job, babysitting grandsons every Saturday while their parents worked, and all of the time-consuming busy work I had to do for my college class, I haven't been very active on SP. So much of my "spare time" was spent doing homework, and consequently I didn't take the time to eat right or exercise. I ended up gaining 10 pounds last semester. Ugh! And the irony of it all is that it was a nutrition class!! Yep, as I was learning all about nutrients, food safety, exercise, hydration, food-related diseases, etc., the pounds creeped on. So, I decided not to take any classes this semester and instead spend some time on me . . . taking the time to cook healthy foods, start exercising again, and even the luxury of getting 8 hours of sleep at night. I need to get those 10 pounds back off, plus more.

It has been three years since my husband and I spent Christmas with our families in Wisconsin, so we made the decision to drive up this year. Had a wonderful time visiting with as many people as we could in a few short days, and then we drove both our car and my parents' car back to OH. Spent a day catching up with watering the plants, doing laundry, etc. and then all four of us hopped into their car the next day and we drove them down to FL where they will spend the winter. We got back this afternoon. Drove over 3000 miles in less than two weeks!

We will be celebrating our Christmas here with our sons and their families next weekend, and then we can put away the decorations and get back to "normal".

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone, and wish you all a belated happy new year.
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THINRONNA 1/4/2014 5:24AM

    It sounds like (despite all that driving) you had a lovely holiday. It is so nice to see you back and to be back here myself! I applaud your decision to take some time for yourself. You are an inspiration to me in that you never give up on your self and your health. You are so very worth it!

Here's to a wonderful 2014!


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MAW_OH 1/3/2014 9:56PM

    Happy New Year to you , too! And ... emoticon

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Welcome 2013!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Welcome 2013! I am so happy to be here to say that. This past year has had some difficult challenges, but many joyous occasions as well. . . . .

This time last year I was gimping around with several stress fractures in my foot. I was hospitalized with blood clots after the doctor prescribed a walking boot, and it was then discovered that I have a genetic blood clotting disorder. (HINT: Do not clean the house barefoot. Wear a pair of closed-toed shoes. Some of us, like me, have to learn the hard way!) Now on blood thinner for the rest of my life. Learned warfarin is a very ¡§fussy¡¨ med, so must also monitor Vitamin K foods and be careful of other meds and supplements as well as alcohol. Had a couple of scares and underwent two minor surgeries in November, and ended up missing out-of-state Thanksgiving celebrations with our families. Developed a hemotoma as a result from twice-daily injections of blood thinner when I had to go off the warfarin. It is still healing after four weeks. Husband partially tore a tendon in his ankle and ended up with four blood clots in his leg. Instead of spending a long weekend at a lake over Labor Day Weekend with friends and family, we spent half a day in ER and then home for him to rest his leg. Have had some other medical difficulties between the two of us this past year, and are hoping for a healthier 2013.

Now on the flip side, the biopsies were clean and there¡¦s no cancer! Even though taking a blood thinner daily is a pain, I am thankful that there is such a med to help me. And since it is genetic, I was able to alert other family members to get tested. Because I have to keep Vitamin K foods consistent in my diet, I am now eating a leafy green veggie every day, in addition to other veggies. This is a good thing. ƒº My husband¡¦s blood clots are injury-related and is not genetic, so he is on blood thinner for just six months. We missed a couple of vacations because of health issues, but we are soon headed to Treasure Cay in the Bahamas to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful beaches. A third grandson was born a couple of weeks ago, and another grandchild is on the way. Love those boys, but am hoping this next one is a girl. Three brothers, three sons, and three grandsons. I think it is high time to sneak a little girl in there. ƒº

Instead of making New Year¡¦s resolutions this year, which I never keep anyway, I decided to just make 2013 an all-around healthier year. I chose not to take a college class this semester (besides working full-time and doing a lot of babysitting), and use the time instead to enjoy my hobbies and friends, get back into exercising consistently and de-clutter my house. Okay, maybe I won¡¦t enjoy de-cluttering my house so much, but it sure feels good when it is clean. Haha

I wish for all of you a healthy, joyous and prosperous! Take care of yourselves, and enjoy your family and friends! emoticon

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THINRONNA 1/3/2013 3:59AM

    emoticon You have been through SO much! I knew it was a lot but I guess I didn't really realize the extent of it all. Can I just say that you are an incredibly strong woman and I am amazed at your positive attitude! I am so happy that you and your husband have made it through all of this in one piece and am SO happy that you will get to take a warm tropical vacation!

2013 HAS to be better! It will be better! Thank you for the update. emoticon I look forward to reading more about the wonderful year that you have in front of you!

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Compression socks and dresses . . a new fashion statement?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grrrrrr, I was just about finished with writing my blog and then something happened with the computer and it is lost. So I am going to make this one shorter.

I went for a walk today, my first one in many many weeks. Only walked for 30 minutes because I am still having problems with my feet and an ankle. Have painful heel spurs in one foot, and an inflamed tendon in the foot that just healed from the fractures. My ankle is always swollen from the blood clots I was diagnosed with in January, and a bone chip, even when I wake up in the morning. It gets worse as the day goes on. I wear compression socks every day now, but co-workers cannot see my fat ankle as I am wearing slacks. Not sure what I am going to do this summer though when I want to wear dresses and capris. My podiatrist says there is nothing that can be done for the bone chip since that happened years ago apparently when I sprained my ankle really bad. The podiatrist I had at that time didn't catch the fact that there was a bone chip. Guess I'll schedule an appointment with the vein center, but my hematologist thinks that the valve in the major vein in the leg may have been damaged from the clots. So if the vein center can't do anything, guess I am just going to have one fat ankle!

I wonder if I can start a new fashion fad with wearing dresses and compression socks! hmmmm........

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself, and am looking forward to getting in another walk tomorrow. It's a step (no pun intended) in the right direction.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 3/18/2012 11:12PM

    When they wanted my dh to wear compression stockings to help with the lymphedema in his legs, he was unable to get them on due to the swelling in his toes and feet. They then gave him some very tight tube-a-grip in the length that he needed from his toes to his knees. This does work for him. However it comes in a large roll and cut be cut any length you need. This may be a possibility for you although it may be very hot also.
Do what you have to do to take care of you...making a fashion statement is great!!!
Blessings, prayers and hugs,

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GINNY1215 3/18/2012 6:59PM

    Hope things start to look up for you - you have definitely had a rough start to the year. Glad to hear you are able to get walks in. The compression stockings are definitely a fashion DO! Starting in July last year I had to wear them on one leg for 4 months while the other spent it in a series of casts/boots/splints, etc. It can be incredibly hot (literally and not as in a hot fashion trend - though you might pull it off and start something) in this weather. I feel for you and send you my best wishes. Don't ever let it get you down and quit - you are worth all the effort and struggles through your pain to get as healthy as you can. Take care.

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Ditched the crutches!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Well, things are improving. I am able to ditch the crutches now and my foot is 70% healed. Podiatrist said give it another month and it should be completely healed. Unfortunately, because I've been walking on my heel for the last month, my toes won't touch the floor now. The muscles have tightened up in my foot. Hopefully, after a few days of trying to walk normal, this too will pass. If not, on to physical therapy.

Also, got results of lab tests, and it has been determined that I have a genetic blood clotting disorder. So I am on blood thinner for the rest of my life. I am still a little intimidated by what I can and cannot eat, and what meds and supplements I can and cannot take with the med, but I'll get more comfortable with it as time goes on.
My parents, siblings and sons must now get tested to see if any of them have this disorder. Obviously, one of my parents carry it and we need to find out which one.

I have been trying to stay optimistic through all this. After all, I have been blessed that the clots did not travel and that I am here today to write this blog. With this diagnosis, hopefully I will never have a problem with clots again. Also, with this information beloved family members are now aware of a potential problem and can get treated if necessary.

Wishing all my SP friends a safe and healthy day!

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THINRONNA 1/30/2012 6:20AM

    Oh my! I am so glad you have found this out! Unbelieveble! You are so good to stay optimistic about this. You are one amazing woman. What a thing for you to have to go through. Know is good though now you can better take care of yourself.

I am glad that your foot is healing and hope that those toes can limber up. The two of us are something aren't we? 2012 has got to get better!

Hugs to you my friend!!!!!!

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2012 off to a rough start

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have gained some weight back since my son got married in September, and was ready to seriously get back to sparking now that the holidays are over. Unfortunately, while cleaning house, barefoot I might add, I stubbed my toe pretty hard. Saw the podiatrist the following day and he put me in a walking boot that took all the weight off my toes. Apparently I fractured a toe joint. Calf started hurting after a couple of days but I assumed that was normal due to using different muscles while walking in this boot.

Last week Thursday I discovered my calf was grossly swollen when I took my boot off after work. Called my son and he drove me to ER. Did some preliminary tests, gave me an injection of blood thinner and told me to come back Friday for more testing. After getting the results of the Doppler test, they immediately admitted me to the hospital for blood clots. After spending three nights in the hospital I was released yesterday afternoon. Saw my podiatrist this afternoon and he found another fracture that he missed the first time around.

I am off work for another two weeks as I am still walking on the heel of my foot with the help of crutches and a walkerbut my husband cancelled his business trip this week but will be gone the next two weeks so I will be on my own. So for now I will just have to watch what I eat but no exercising.

I do have to add that I am blessed with wonderful friends and family who have been visiting, calling, sending their good wishes and prayers. Hope all my SP friends are doing well, and staying healthy.

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GINNY1215 1/26/2012 11:54AM

    Just read back over a couple of your posts - sounds like you have been having it rough. I spent 10 weeks in a cast/boot for a tibia/fibula fracture from last summer through early fall and then came out of that to find the ligaments in the knee in that leg are loose and since November on to probably forever I am in a knee brace. The doctors are hesitant to fix them since they would have to take out the knee replacement I had 2 years ago in order to tighten the ligaments and then run the risk of tightening them too much. Now they tell me I may have a rheumatoid process attacking most of my joints. So I understand how frustrating it is when life happens. We cannot let this get us down. Hopefully with the crutches disappearing you will be able to ease back into a light exercise routine and work your way up. Do not get too discouraged, just keep eating right and keep the faith. Spark friends are great listeners and supporters. Use us.

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THINRONNA 1/24/2012 4:24AM

    Oh my! I am so sorry to know that you have been having such a time! I have seen form your status update that you are back in a shoe so that is good but you better take it easy. How scary! I am so glad you got to the hospital.

I am very glad you have friends and family who can help you out. Take care of yourself! emoticon

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