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wake up time

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have just spent the last two weeks in Cyprus at my twin brothers place . Had a fab time wining
and dining ,been to some lovely place's and really enjoyed my rest the Villager's and place are lovely and it has made me more aware That life is still good Okay I now need to wear Berty Boot and use the rollator to get out and walk with But I can still get out and have a good time .
I went down to the beach while there and wore a swim suit (haven't worn one in years) went into the water and actually learn' t to swim. I have been scared of water since my school days
so it was a plus for me . Now I have joined the local swimming group to improve my swimming before I go back When I arrived home I went on the scales to find I had lost 4 lbs so I am delighted with that .
Today I have had a male friend call in for coffee and I can understand the way he is feeling He lost his wife 7 years ago and has done nothing but cry all week he is missing her that much . We sat and talked about him and his Silv and as I listened to him I became more aware of how lucky I am to have been married to such a wonderful unselfish man for 38 years as Harry told me just before he passed I had to get out there and make new friends
which I have tried to do. I don't have to feel guilty re meet anyone as "H" didn't want me to be on my own like Silv did with Mike . I have tried to tell Mike its time to let go and start to face life with out her but I don't think he will some how . I still have the odd days were I miss my "H" so much but I now call them my H days.
I am back on the food plan again exercising by walking and now swimming determined to help myself and get fitter stronger and just maybe I will meet the right friend once more

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HOUK46 7/2/2011 12:08PM

    emoticon losing weight on a vacation is usually a difficult task. It sounds like you are doing what you need to do for you.

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DSJB9999 6/30/2011 2:44AM

    Fantastic to have lost weight on your holiday! I can NEVER do that! emoticon

You're looking emoticon

Will mail more soon

emoticon emoticon Donna x

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ERIECANALGAL 6/29/2011 2:36PM

    Lynn you look wonderful! Glad you had such a great vacation. Keep up the good work. Wow! 4 lbs. lost on vacation. Fantastic.

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BRATS4 6/29/2011 2:09PM

    so glad you had a great time.super job on lose

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WOOLRIPPER 6/29/2011 1:56PM

    You look fabulous Lynn. So glad you have such good memories. I, too, was very lucky to have my Lorne as long as I did.

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SUSANISBACK 6/29/2011 12:29PM

    You look great and lost weight while away emoticon

Take your time and when you find someone you like, call my DH to give him the once emoticon emoticon

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DEBBIEANNE1124 6/29/2011 10:52AM

    I'm so glad you're out and about and doing so well, Linda. congratulations on the pounds gone. You truly ROCK!

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Welcome Billy Liddle (or my New Boot)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thursday this week I had a full day at the clinic booked . I arrived just after nine and was sent up to the scan department were I had a full scan done on my legs , then off to x-ray same again more x-rays of both legs . then I had a glucose tolerance test not very nice you have bloods taken then drink a lt of glucose I then had a skin test on the right leg , more bloods were taken to see just how my diabetes was doing .and then I was told to have lunch . After lunch I was back at clinic and soon I was seeing my Consultant who asked if I minded seeing the Diabetic Consultant as well No said I bring him in The two doctors looked at the reports and then I had to walk up and down while they watched me we then sat down and the chat began Yes I understand that an operation would not be possible due to my diabetes as if there was a chance the skin might get infected and I would lose my leg up to the knee . Both Doctors seemed relieved when I said I had talked it over with my children and siblings and I did not want to take the chance so then we all worked out what would be the best treatment for me and it was decided I was to have a walker boot . So off I went to the Appliance Department were I was told they didn't have my size but would have tomorrow . I was measured up and came home .

Yesterday Friday I had a telephone call please come and try which boot is best for you so off I go again back to the Appliance Department to meet up with Bill . when I got there I was surprised to see three boots waiting for me One was short came half way up the leg no said Bill that's to short . one down two to go No2 was to light weight according to Bill two down one to go. Bill had to help me with no 3 as it was a full boot from toe to knee and it had a valve on four place s you have to pump up when you have fitted it they are one on each side one in the front and one at the back Oh boy this is going to be fun I thought feeling like |Goldie lock from the three bears I spent most of the day fitting the boot then I was given the kit which had 3 long socks from toe to top of leg two inner soles and
told any problems call in and see us.

I left the boot on to come home and the GC decided it was to be called Billy this time as we called the lighter weight one Bessie last time .
I had to release the pressure before I took it off by putting in the pump and drawing the air out of the valve .

This morning I had to put on the boot first thing I was so glad I was on my own I manged to fit the boot on pumped up the sides and front valves no problem
but doing the back on any body see me must have thought I was playing twister
it must have be at least 20 minutes of trying twisting this way and that way until I managed it a full days workout in 20 minutes . I found I had to rest up for 10 minutes before I was able to continue to get dressed.
I suppose I will get use to Billy soon as he's now part of my life and I was lucky as
I have found the Doctors who were willing to work with me and when I look at the state of Japan and other places I know how lucky I am to have met Billy the Boot I can get out and about and do have a home to come back too

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LUCYSTAR60 4/2/2011 6:02PM

    I am encouraged by your excellent attitude.
Sending best wishes to you
Have a great Weekend ! emoticon

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DSJB9999 3/28/2011 3:10PM

    Super Lynn

You have SUCH a good attitude, can you always be so positive? I try to look at things that way for other people but its not always so easy for me (all the time anyway!~)

Hugs my dear friend

Donna x
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11-RENEWAL-20 3/27/2011 9:08AM

    Lynn...You have a wonderful, positive way of looking at things ; I'm sure, in many ways, that is almost as important as BILLY...maybe even more so...keep that bright is motivating for all of us. emoticon emoticon Sharon

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LOVEGERRY 3/26/2011 12:42PM

    You are amazing. Lynn! When I grow up, I want your attitude!!

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DEBBIEANNE1124 3/26/2011 11:27AM

    I am so glad you are alright. tht must have been one tiring day for you at the clinic ha in all those Xrays done. Bless your heart. Now you can get on with your life.

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WOOLRIPPER 3/26/2011 11:17AM

    What a wonderful attitude and how inspiring. Thank you. emoticon

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The decision

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In May this year I went on holiday with my friend Pat to a lovely hotel in Spain ,
we had been many times to the same hotel and never had any problems. Until on the 13th of May when I had the fall down the wet steps in the hotel I ended up at the hospital with a dislocated Shoulder two fractures in the collar bone and arm and torn ligements and tendon in the right leg .
I was treated by the spanish hospital for my shoulder and arm but they said the leg was just bruised .
I arrived home ten days later and went stright to my local hospital were they found my leg was in a bad way.

I have had a number of teatments scans and x-rays on the leg and this week I was told that I need and operation on the leg But because I have diabetes they are reluctant to do the operation as I could lose the leg due to infection or gang
rene. I was asked to come home and talk to my family have a word with my doctor and decide what I wanted to do .
As I left the clinic I met Barb who was a Cancer patient from the ward I was on last year . She had been crying so we went for coffee and she told me the Doctors had just told her there was very little they could do for her . Her Cancer has spread to the brain and lungs she had less than 12 months . We sat talking for over an hour and we both felt more at ease when we left each other .

I haver talked it over with my family Doctor and friends and had decided no to the op . Its okay my leg may give as I am walking but I will have two legs
I have come up with and action plan .
I am joining the local swimming club not to swim but to use the pool 3 times a week to walk in the water .I will use my boot when the leg is swollen and sore I will lose weight as this will help.
I am going to do this not for anyone else but for me

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PATRICIA441 11/29/2010 4:20PM

  The very best to you . Water exercises are always good. Pray all goes well! Healing Hugs. Pat

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DEBBIEANNE1124 11/29/2010 1:12PM

I am so sorry all of this ahs happened to you. Your injurie3s seem so bad. I ahd a bad fall thanksgiving day last thursday and ended up in the hospital myself. I blogged picture last night of the bruises and cuts on my face. I also injured my eye. Blessings to you, friend.

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WOOLRIPPER 11/29/2010 10:46AM

    Excellent and wise decision Lynn. emoticon

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SUSANISBACK 11/29/2010 4:02AM

    A good plan with the walking in the pool and I know you have other exercises you can do. As for the weight, it is coming off and will not be a problem much longer emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DSJB9999 11/29/2010 1:54AM


That's not a decision you have made easily but I think it'll be a good one.

What a motivator for losing the excess and walking in the pool will support your leg.


Donna x emoticon

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ERIECANALGAL 11/29/2010 12:16AM

    Good decision, Lynn.

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got to do it

Friday, August 13, 2010

In May of this year I had a very bad fall in Spain on Holiday came home with my right arm in a sling plus one week later a Black Boot like a cast on my right foot with the news I would need to have an operation on the foot in a few months .
Then I had to cope with family problems between myself and Daughter and a male friend she did not like .
I could understand her point of view but it upset me a lot and I had to find out for myself what he was really like . Since then I have realized she was right up to a point he was using mind game on me and I didn't see it but she was wrong in the way she approched the problem .
I have been going up and down to the hospital for treatment and physio. every week can' t exercise and I felt as if nothing is going right in my world once again
could not sleep with the pain in both the shoulder and foot/leg felt lost and alone once more only person I really spoke to was my sister Dot who could not see me all the time as she is caring for her husband but we spoke every day on the phone Slowly my Daughter and I are getting back to something like we were but I started to get dizzy spells when I got out of bed each day when I walked around the house with out the boot my right foot is floppy and I felt like it will never be right so I went to see my Gp and I was told my BP was to high and I had started with vertigo. Oh I felt as if I was a mouse in a cage running around in a wheel trying to catch up . I was told to go home to bed and top stay there No TV no Computer nothing with flashing lights just rest and meds .
I am looking after my three grandchildren while Mum and Dad are both in full time work and they have been a blessing they are 9, 10, and 15 and have looked after me but once they have gone home I was on my own a few friends phoned and I tried not to let them know how bad I was feeling .

I came down stairs last night and went on here and spoke to my good buddie Sue
she made my laugh then after I spoke to her I realized I was wrong I had lots of good friends on here I am not alone any more that I have been guilty of feeling sorry for myself and the only person who can help me is me . Okay I have somethings wrong with me but so have lots of other people It would be a great world if you got to 63 years old and didn't have a few things that needed fixing
So today I woke with myself saying come on out of bed get going thing can only get better . I am taking it one day at a time and I know I have got to do it for myself . So to day is day One

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NEEDSHELP4EVER 8/15/2010 4:04AM

    Can't believe when you came back that I was off computer for 2 days as we had Emma
Welcome back Queen and now that you know we are here let us help emoticon emoticon
DH is on nights from Mon- Wed so if you want a chat you know where I am( I go to bed at

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    Lynn life sure hands us lemons sometimes.. and we get into a slump.. and don't want out.. but we must..
sometimes i feel as if i just don't know what i want.. get better?? get slimmer?? why try. it isn't working anyway.
but like you i realise i have the best freinds here on spark.. and to just get here and sure enough someone always makes me laugh..
so sorry you were taken by him.. i really hoped he was a good man.. glad you realised .... we need freinds.. but we need better freinds..
glad to see you back.. we were all getting so worried.. love and hugs.. xoxo

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PMFISH 8/13/2010 7:10PM

    Lynn, sorry to hear about the injuries you have endured, NO FUN!
Best thing to do is take the best possible care of your self! Healthy diet even if you have to add supplement to make sure. Try taking magnesium citrate, zinc, and 5-hpt before going to bed to help you sleep. Magnesium helps relax the muscles, none of us ever have enough zinc and the 5-htp has melatonin to help sleep.

I just realized because I still can not work out like I want to. I use the chi machine, which helps move the blood to the muscles and works like cranial sacral therapy. Then I stretch and when I can breathe OK I get in the pool, sit on the seat and move legs like riding recumbent bike and swish arms.

Also realized the body doesn't need as much fuel when activities are limited so cut my calories back to about 1000 a day. I am never hungry and realized I was eating by the clock and because everyone said I had to eat. You don't put gas in your car every day if you haven't gone anywhere. Makes sense about the body also. Am on blood thinners and blamed them for dizzy spells, but then read all side effects from other medicines and they all say can cause dizziness.

Old age is not for SISSIES!



Comment edited on: 8/13/2010 7:11:48 PM

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WOOLRIPPER 8/13/2010 6:40PM

    Lynn, my dear friend, it is so nice to have you back with us. I missed you. Glad that your are feeling a bit better. Glad the kidlets were able to take good care of you. So sweet.

Many hugs.

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HEILAS 8/13/2010 3:54PM

    Oh! Linda my friend, I am so sorry I was not aware of the ordeal you were going through.

I apologise, I am not on top of things at the moment but I always have time for you my friend.

Please if there is anything I can do for you please please let me know.

Lots of Love.



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Funny month

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March has been a funny old month for me I woke up this morning feeling happier than I have for a while.Why I am not sure but as I lay there I started to think just how lucky I am .I have two great Children who care Three lovely and loving Grandchildren and 2 Sisters who I am very close to and not to forget the man in my life Dave who has made me feel alive again .
Since I found a lump just be fore Christmas plus both legs being so painful I haven't slept most nights . Then the Housing decide we needed new windows and kitchens and all cupboards and cook ware had to be cleared and moved. Its been a lot of hard work moving and sorting things out of the way but I got there .One night I was in the bath and found another lump on the back of my leg at first I thought I was wrong and I had pulled the muscle but after a visit to the Doctors
I was told I would have to go back to the clinic to have it removed . I am lucky as I am in a research team in to cancer and I was sent for right away . Last Friday evening I set off for the clinic and had the lump removed on Saturday, my leg is sore but not painful.
I am waiting for the results from the biopsy but what ever they are I will cope.
As I lay there I could hear the birds sing and calling the sun was shining and as I looked out of my nice new window in the lovely new kitchen I could see the blue sky and my flowers starting to lift up there faces to the sun . , and I thought to myself just how lucky I am

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LINDACHRISTIE 5/29/2010 6:47AM

    Good Luck Lynn. take care of yourself.

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CHARLEYBOBO 4/28/2010 5:03PM

    i hope everything is okey for you lynda emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BKP4166 3/27/2010 5:18AM

    emoticon emoticon

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    Lynn i pray the lump wasn't the c. and i know you will cope with what ever happens,. you are a good sweet lady . and i am lucky to have you in my life tooo. hugs and prayers.

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WOOLRIPPER 3/25/2010 5:45PM

    Big hugs Lynn. Think of you daily. You are very special to us.

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NEEDSHELP4EVER 3/25/2010 3:28PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BRATS4 3/25/2010 3:25PM

    how lucky you found it.i pray everything is fine and god blesses are in my prayers

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