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The Friday Before Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2014

I went through a spell last night where I almost regretted starting my weight loss journey (again) during the holiday season. How am I going to sit there and watch everyone else eat all the cakes, cookies and pies and I look for piece of fruit or some nuts? And don't get me started on the egg nog with bourbon... oooh chile.

But I had to remind myself ... self, you have enjoyed over 40 years of good sugary treats so I think you could skip a slice of cake or two this year. Now... I will allow myself one (and I mean one) cup of egg nog, but that's it!

I would hate to have a complete setback and have sore thighs and shoulders for nothing. emoticon

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PLATINUM755 12/19/2014 2:00PM

    I have to get a copy of that pic...a definite must-keep!

This is actually a perfect time to make changes that will make a big impact on your life. Back in the day I wouldn't give thought to what I was you said, ohhh chile! emoticon However, knowledge IS power! Some people go through a massive change to lose weight, when sometimes it's just tweaking your food, and sometime, just the amount. It's said fortune favors the be BOLD! And as one my favorite show tunes goes from Key & Peele, "I want you but I don't need you". I'll be saying it a lot myself over the holidays. emoticon

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KTTAYLOR21 12/19/2014 12:22PM

    I LOVE this picture!!! I remind myself all the time of how many years I have enjoyed eating and now's the time to focus on a better me!! It will be worth it in the end. Now if only I could stick with it!

Good luck through the holidays! It really is worth it..... at least that's what I've heard emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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PRESBESS 12/19/2014 10:50AM

    ooohhh chile! funny (in writing)!

I get it, I do. Cakes and pies... desserts in general is a weakness of mine, so I have to exercise great restraint when they are near by, however, I don't deprive myself. Often times I will have a little. The problem is, after having "a little" the desire to have it intensifies... one more piece, another little sliver, just that little corner - ugh! That's when the "exercising great restraint" part has to kick in. It ain't always easy, but I manage, thank God!

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Gym at my fingertips

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Today was the first day at my new gig, the wellness center, and the young lady training me advised that I have free access to all of the facilities. I can come in during business hours whether on or off and have it. I thought maybe we would have a discount or something like the rest of the hospital staff but since we actually work in the center it's all complimentary.

Here it is..

Two pools, classes, indoor walking trail... all that.

If this is not the sign I've been waiting for...then good lawd what would it be.

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KTTAYLOR21 12/10/2014 4:02PM

    That's what's up!!! I'm starting a new gig 1/5 and PRAY they have a gym or something!!
Take advantage of that!! It don't get any better!!

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PLATINUM755 12/9/2014 8:36PM

    emoticon ...Love, love, love it!

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KLH702 12/9/2014 6:16PM

    Awesome awesome awesome!! What a great benefi of your new job!


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GINGKO711 12/9/2014 4:45PM

    Wow! Looks like a totally awesome resource!


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Surviving the Road Trip

Monday, December 08, 2014

Ever since Hurricane Katrina back in '05 I have done quite a bit of roadtrippin'. I chose to stay in Dallas after the storm but majority of my family, my mama, decided to move back to New Orleans. Since everybody has to go home to see their mama and 'nem during the holidays or what have you, I found myself travelling back and forth on the highway at least twice or more a year. What I discovered along the way from Dallas to New Orleans was quite a few road stops that offered cajun meat pies, fried catfish, barbecue... we would just bypass the normal McDonalds and go straight for the big ole sausages.

Yesterday I had to pick up my oldest son from school and swore to myself I would not indulge in one unhealthy option of food. I planned on packing a couple of healthy snacks but of course that didn't happen. Anyway, we stopped at one truck stop for a restroom break and gas and low and behold the first thing you see when you walk in are the hot boudin (which is a combination of cooked rice, pork, onions, green peppers, and seasonings in a sausage casing.. for those that are not familiar with good old cajun food) and big ole pieces of fried chicken. But I'm proud to say the only things I bought were two big old bottles of Dasani water. I did search around the store for some fruit since I did notice some stores are starting to carry that more but this particular store must have missed the memo.

It wasn't until the way back that we just had to stop and get something. Sorry to say it wasn't the best option but had to do, Taco Bell Chicken Salad.

Now that I've managed to make it back home without consuming one piece of sausage link, I will make today's focus... fitting that cardio in.

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KTTAYLOR21 12/10/2014 4:01PM

    I heard about Boudin from a "virtual" friend in Texas and man I would love to try it!! We are in MD/DC and if I told my husband about them, he would be planning a road trip tomorrow LOL!!!

Sounds like you tried your best to avoid bad choices as best as possible.

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PLATINUM755 12/10/2014 6:32AM

    Love the quote...and I had a chance to taste "boudin" once on a long trip quite a while back...YUM!...and you passed it up! emoticon And now that you've mention them, maybe there's a way to make a healthy version as the ingredients themselves aren't unhealthy. (Just something to think about! emoticon )

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PRESBESS 12/8/2014 5:25PM

    I've never heard of "boudin". As you can tell, I am not familiar with authentic cajun food. Overall, it sounds like your road trip was a success.
emoticon emoticon

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Say what now?

Thursday, December 04, 2014

I know I need to lose weight. I can stay in denial as much as I want to but the bottom line is this weight has got to go.

So... my my fella was trying to take advantage of a free flu shot at his job. The nurse took his blood pressure and stopped him in his tracks. She called his captain (he's in law enforcement) who made him go over to the urgent care to get checked out. Which then led to the ER (why, I'm not sure why..because he was already cleared by urgent care...but that's a story for a different day) Men and illness, why didn't anybody tell me?! emoticon

Anyway, long story short... I ended up at the ER and the doc came in to check him out. Really nice guy, a really good bedside manner. He told old boy he would prescribe him another blood pressure medicine but the best way to lower his pressure is to lose about 50 pounds and go on a low sodium diet. This is when I decided to chime in with my "I told you so's" and "I've been telling you what you need to do's" when the doctor turned towards me and says ... "You too."

Well.. he shut me up. If it was ever in my face.. whoop there it was.

Day 2 of 42 pounds at 42. .. I really don't have a choice.

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PLATINUM755 12/5/2014 4:01AM

    Oh no the doc didn't! emoticon Well, no matter. You're here to put all the tools on SP to use, and with the wealth of knowledge from your team mates you can get that plan together and whip both you into action! emoticon

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PRESBESS 12/4/2014 10:25AM

    Oops! No the doctor did not tell you that. Say what! Good bedside manner - uhh.

I'm surprised because typically doctors are "only" suppose to address the patient and that's it. However, I guess his comment to you wasn't considered a formal assessment. Well, at least you jumped back in the game before he said it. You were already on top of it. Work it girl.

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GOLDENRODFARM 12/4/2014 8:40AM

    At least you can do it together, and the wake up came before a serious health problem came! Good luck on your journey, just one step at a time, build up healthy habits and the weight will come off! I have, since March, changed a lot about the way I eat and exercise, more like I used to be and lost 55 lbs. been a little derailed with having to take a high dose Prednisone for the last two months but that is almost at an end and I will lose the remaining 6 lbs plus considering anther 20 while I am in the grove lol!
emoticon emoticon

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EVILCECIL 12/4/2014 8:20AM

  Just take things a step at a time.
You can do it!
BTW - love the SLJ from Pulp Fiction pic!

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RIDLEYRIDER 12/4/2014 8:07AM

  Wow, talk about a wake-up call....if you are in this together, it will go more smoothly, I think. Good luck, and keep posting!

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42 at 42

Monday, December 01, 2014

I told myself I wasn't going to write another thing until I actually got serious again. I have been on Spark since 2009 and been talking the same smack for the past five going on six years. One minute I'm all in the next I'm like "bump this," I'm just going to stay fat.

Well ... I don't know if it's divine intervention or what, but after moving back to my hometown in September without so much as a prospect on the career front, I done found myself with a gig at a fitness center (a wellness center ran by a local hospital.) The girl who has a love affair with cookies will be surrounded by all that is healthy come next week.

Now how in the world would it look if I'm assisting members at a wellness center and ain't nothing about me "well?" So I have decided to jump on the bandwagon again and get my life together. This is where the 42 at 42 comes in or as I like to call it my newly declared "Jackie Robinson diet" (I turn 42 tomorrow, decided to lose a minimum of 42 pounds and his number is 42, he faced alot of adversity and became one of the greatest in baseball, you see where I'm going with this? ...No? Well, it works for me. emoticon )

Anyway, with that being said, I have decided to stop lurking and make my presence on the site known again. Get off my lazy butt and get my workouts in again.


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KTTAYLOR21 12/10/2014 3:57PM

    I've been on here since 2009 as well and still trying to lose the same damn weight!!! SMH... don't make no sense LOL!!

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PRESBESS 12/2/2014 11:42AM

    I get it. I feel ya. Go for it! Make it happen.

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PLATINUM755 12/2/2014 3:29AM

    emoticon Ask you shall receive...a new place of employment at a gym, to boo!! emoticon

The power is IN YOU to make your goals happen! emoticon

AND... emoticon

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