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Two Week Recap (My Amazing New Life)

Monday, January 17, 2011

As I enter into week three of my journey I can't help but to reflect back on the last two weeks. I know that two weeks isn't that long but when you're changing your life a lot can happen in two weeks. First I've drank a minimum of 120 glasses of water or 960 ounces. This compared to drinking at least 48 ounces of diet Dr. Pepper and no water. As my sister pointed out the other day I was the one who took a 1 liter soda to a fitness class. So as you can see that is a major change.

Next I look at my diet. I have stayed within the recommended ranges for calories, carbs, protein, and fat everyday except of course being 3 carbs short that one day. emoticon This is pretty impressive for a person who would get up and have a danish or pop tart, or some other high sugar high fat breakfast. Usually wouldn't eat any lunch but would probably snack during the day. Dinner would be whatever as long as I didn't have to cook. If I had to cook I would feed my baby and then not bother to eat. I hated cooking until I realized that cooking something I wanted to eat wasn't so bad. Now I don't care I cook something healthy for myself and the kids and anyone who doesn't want it can find their own food. emoticon

Now as far as exercise goes I have been running since I quit smoking in November. I did have to take a week off during the week of Christmas while I waited for my knees to heal and to get my new running shoes. Before that well I smoked for 23 years, used to do drugs and drink a lot, obviously have never eaten well, and like I said before had an eating disorder. So really I was never really concerned with with fitness. Basically I would sit around on the computer or video games or just watching TV. I figure I was probably depressed and just didn't care to move. Now I'm working out every day and being scolded by those who care (namely my sister) for not taking a day off to rest. Well I already told you that I'm an extremist! emoticon

So one may be wondering if all these lifestyle changes have done me any good. Have I lost any weight? I have lost three pounds which I think is pretty awesome. Others may not think that's much but the true test of these last two weeks is that I feel amazing! I have already been told that I look better and I know that I feel better. I don't know if I have physically changed but I am amazed at the difference in my attitude and how I feel physically. I have looked over a lot of blogs and have seen a lot of before and after pictures. The ones that ring true the most is where people don't lose weight or even gain weight but look thinner and get into smaller sizes. I want to be a runner. I want to run at least a 5K and for that I need muscles. So if I am destined to be one of those bloggers who don't lose much weight because it all turns into muscle I'm good with that. I want to be a lean, mean, running machine!!! emoticon

In fact running was and is my biggest measure of how I'm doing in my new life. Two weeks after stopping smoking I began the C25K program but had to quit due to knee pain at week 3 day 2. Like I said once I healed up and got proper shoes I began again. Today I did Week 4 day 1 which is further than I've been before. After being a non smoker for only 2 months I was able to run a total of 16 minutes with no more than 2 1/2 minute walks between intervals. I never stopped during the running intervals even when I had to run for 5 minutes straight for the first time ever! I felt amazing. I had no pain, I was able to breathe, and I never once thought about giving up. Now this is not to say it was not a challenge. I did have some tightness in my chest but it was nothing I couldn't conquer and easily recover from during the walks. I also had moments of hoping that time was almost up but I never quit. I am a runner! I am changing my life! I am happy with how far I've come and scale or no my life is amazing even after two weeks!! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 1/18/2011 9:24AM

    Your running is coming along very well. But you should take a day off every once in a while.
Losing 3 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome! Who would say that it wasn't?
Keep at it but remember to rest your legs a little when they are feeling super tired because they are asking for a rest.

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Afraid of Burning Out

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I tried my hardest to take a rest day. Well okay that's not entirely true I had all intentions of exercising but on and easier level. I joined the exercise for 10 minutes a day challenge and am on a team challenge to use the Kinect for 20 minutes per day. So I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone by using the Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved for 20 minutes. Well that turned into 30 minutes and 100 calories burned. I could have stuck with playing the gym games or even doing the Zen classes for 20 minutes but no I had to do aerobics and kickboxing. Okay let me tell you this is the first time I've tried kickboxing and I loved it. I'm thinking that I will be doing the Kickboxing more often. Anyway I feel great but my legs are of course tired. I can't think of any cardio exercises that don't use legs and my poor little legs just aren't getting any rest. I just can't stop from exercising. Then I start reading about running which is a passion even though I'm a beginner. I totally love it and can't wait to be able to run a 5K. Anyway I start reading about that and losing weight and I read that I should run in the mornings then do other exercise at night. Okay fine by me sounds awesome. The problem with all of this is I'm afraid of injuring myself or getting tired of exercising or something else that may stop me from reaching my goals.

Now lets get one thing straight other than having very tired legs I feel great. I am not hurting anywhere, have no soreness in any muscle group, and in no other way feel like I'm overdoing it. The only thing is that my legs feel like Jello a lot especially while working out. Maybe this is how my legs are supposed to feel since I'm actually using them. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. I want to work out everyday but I dont' want to go to far and burn out. Every time I'm running or exercising I can't help but visualize my future thin, tone, healthy body which is usually dressed in running tank and shorts running in a race. This is what I see and even though I'm tired and sweating I just keep going. I don't know am I being paranoid? Am I doing too much too soon? Or am I supposed to be feeling some tired muscles that are working and building and strengthening? emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 1/17/2011 6:29PM

    I think you are pushing too hard. Your legs should not be feeling like jello all the time. They need a rest. Run if you must tomorrow, but on Wednesday don't do any leg exercise. Do upper body if you would like.

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CALLIESWEET 1/17/2011 12:15AM

    Oh my goodness--you're on a roll! It does sound like you're pushing pretty hard in your eagerness to make progress. Maybe it's time to make yourself take an easy day - walking, a little yoga or stretching. If your legs feel better after having a little break, you'll know that's what your body needed. Personally, I find that when I'm making myself push and push, especially when my body is telling me it needs a break (legs to Lunatiff!, I do tend to burn out.

The leg Jello thing is worrying if it's happening sometimes when you're not exercising. Are you definitely getting enough food and the right nutrients and plenty of water to support all your effort?

Good for you for keeping the vision of your future self in mind to keep you motived! emoticon I'm sure you and your body will come to a happy compromise soon and work healthfully toward running that marathon!

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Jello Legs and Spreading the Spark

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today I must say was an awesome day. My little guy slept in which gave me some much needed rest. I woke up in a wonderful mood and was inspired to make the most of the day. So I decided to spread the spark today. Well my mom who is 51 is unhappy with her weight. She has told me that she's finally come to terms with being bigger (we were all naturally underweight when we were younger) but I know she is not okay with it. Well the other day I told her I was worried that she would be very unhappy when she saw my progress and she was still at an unhealthy weight. I asked her to make the journey with me so we could both be happy together. She agreed so as soon as she got up this morning I got her started on Spark. I worry about her sticking with it but I hope with my encouragement and doing things together we can both be successful. If anyone would like to welcome her and help support her in her journey her name is atruett and you can find her in my Spark Friends. I really want her to be successful and I hope she wants it enough to stick with it.

Okay so I helped set her up and we did our strength training together. I showed her how to properly do the exercises and then we went to work out on the Kinect together. She's definitely a beginner so we set a goal for her to do at least 10 minutes of cardio per day. She play on the Kinect doing brick breaking on Your Shape Fitness Evolved and burned 48 calories. Its definitely a start. So then it was my turn. Of course I did my strength training first and had a nice stretching session. Well I try to do a little cardio everyday and my tracker is already telling me to update my goals because I'm burning too many calories but that's just not true. Anyway the point is that I had one last session of my beginners Light and Easy cardio class. This about 16 minutes and burns about 55 calories. I had already thought that was getting pretty easy but I have done it everyday for the last 12 days. Well after finishing my last session I decided to move on to another cardio class. I chose the Nivea Work Your Body session. OMG this about killed me. The class started with 4 sets of lunges with each set being 8 on each side. Now my legs were already tired for some reason. Now they're tight and tired and just made of Jello. I've stretched and they still feel pretty tight. I'm not really sore but more just like they're exhausted. My legs are exhausted. I really hate the idea of taking a day off but I have to start Week 4 of the C25K on Monday and I don't want my legs to die on me. I'm used to muscles being sore. I know what to do when that happens but I've never just had muscles be constantly tired. I've had Jello legs after getting off the treadmill or stair stepper but only for a little bit not constantly for over a day. Well maybe if I did actually let them rest they would stop being tired. Ugh well I'm going to try to rest tomorrow but if not then I'll try to slow down or not do any legs really. Especially not lunges! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 1/15/2011 10:47PM

    Great job spreading the spark to your mom!!
I think a day off will help those tired legs so they're ready for running on Monday.

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Hmm Thoughts for the Day

Friday, January 14, 2011

Today I had some interesting thoughts go on. Well you may not find them interesting but I do which is good because they're my thoughts and I can't seem to escape them. Anyway this morning I went out for my run and completed week 3 day 3 of the C25K. I was happy to again make it through my run pain free although I was a little slow warming up today. I figured since it was above 30 I didn't need to warm up with aerobics before my run but I've decided that even if it isn't that cold outside I really need to do that. I feel looser and am able to get into the runs quicker when I do the aerobics first. So now I know that I need to do it that way from now on. Well at least until spring when it is really warmer outside and won't take halfway through the first run to warm up. So that's that. Now let me tell you completed week 3 is a feat in itself. I am now further than I had been before when I had to quit due to knee pain. I was amazed that the 3 minute runs were not impossible for me. I think I could have even gone a little further but I'm not so sure I could do the five minutes I'll be doing next week. Oh well I guess I'll find out on Monday when I start week 4.

Now today I had a strict schedule set out for myself. Well unfortunately there are other people in this world and their needs trumped my schedule today. My baby sister is getting her first apartment and she wanted me to go with her to turn in the application. She was terrified she wouldn't pass the check. I told her not to worry and I was right she was approved. I'm extremely happy for her and a bit jealous since we're both living with our mom since both our husbands left us. Oh well at least there will be two less people in the house. Anyway going with her kept me from following my schedule. But on the bright note we went out to eat to celebrate. Now of course I was worried about what going out to eat would do to my calorie intake so I looked it up on her iPhone before we got there. Then as we walked in I was first terrified by the tables and case full of fresh baked pastries. This was my first introduction to Panera Bread. Then I started looking at the ordering boards and was pleasantly surprised to see the calorie counts next to each menu item! emoticon I fell in love with Panera right there and I hadn't even ordered yet. Well I ended up having a half chicken caesar on three cheese which was loaded with vegetables for only 360. I know that's still high but not too bad for eating out. I also splurged and had a chai tea latte which was 200 calories but hey we were celebrating. After my initial shock of the posted calorie information and the deliciousness of the food I was able to realized I could have a relationship with this restaurant and still keep to eating healthy. Oh and if anyone happens to want to try Panera Bread I highly recommend the all natural chili and corn bread a small is 390 calories but it is to die for! Anyway as far a eating out its not too bad and I didn't go over my calories.

Finally I came home and had to finish my daily workout which I was totally behind on. I had a goal to burn 300 calories today which should have been no big deal since I burn 158 just from doing my C25K. Well when I went and updated I got a message on my fitness page saying that I needed to adjust my goals because I was burning twice as many as it had originally set for me. So I went in and changed it to show that I do at least 45 minutes of cardio a day and it then wanted me to burn 1400 a week. Uh how am I supposed to do that? It was very intimidating. I mean I've burnt over 1000 this week but really I'm no where near 1400 and only have tomorrow which is technically a strength day. Well I changed it back to reflect three times a week but changed the time from 30 minutes to 45. I'm still doing more than that but burning 840 a week is more feasible than 1400! Oh and let me tell you for some reason my legs were sooooo tired today. I don't know if its because I had run and then waited hours to finish my workout so I didn't stretch until my second workout or if its because I've been working out for almost two weeks straight. All I know is while doing my normal workout of aerobics followed by tai chi my legs felt like Jello. I haven't had any soreness since the beginning of my running days last year so having such tired legs was a real shocker. I may actually have to take a day off this week and let the poor things rest.

So I'm done rambling about my day. I guess really the whole point is 1) I need to do aerobics to warm up before my run, 2) I'm scared but really think I'm ready for the new territory of week 4 of the C25K, 3) making a schedule is a good idea but one must be prepared to go with the flow when the outside world messes up one's scheduled activities, 4) Panera Bread is amazing and I can go out and eat while making healthy decisions, 5) I need to remember to do what I can not necessarily strive to reach overwhelming goals, and 6) my legs are really tired and I might need to rest. Okay well that's enough. If anyone actually reads this long old thing then thanks for sticking around and listening to me ramble. I am now going to go to bed. emoticon

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LUNATIFF 1/15/2011 2:09PM

    XMOMMY Yes I run outside every time. I do not have access to a treadmill or a gym.

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    Did you run outside? It's been pretty cool lately.

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NATPLUMMER 1/15/2011 8:27AM

    Warming up is always a good idea before your run. You can do week for of C25K. Don't worry about it, just run. You are correct, a schedule is great but sometimes it has to go by the wayside. Panera Bread is pretty damn good. I like how they give you an apple for dessert. Just stay away from the bakery case.
1400 calories a week is only 200 calories/day if you're working out 7 days a week. That's actually not too bad, but having a day of rest is important (says the woman who rarely takes one unless injured ;-).

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SUNNY332 1/15/2011 7:50AM

    Good Job on completing week 3.

I also love Panara Bread.

Have a great weekend.


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GABBIEGIRL614 1/15/2011 12:58AM

    Great job completing Week 3!! I know you were worried about that.

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Day 11 Wow

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I realized today as I was writing in my journal that I have been doing this for 11 days. That's 11 days of drinking all my water, of working out (haven't wanted a rest day), and of eating right. 11 days straight of working to change my life. I'm a quite pleased and impressed but I worry that I am going to start slacking off. As I've said before I'm an extremist and right now I'm obsessed with doing this. I have an extremely addictive personality in fact I used to be an addict but when I quit smoking that was my last addiction. Now I seem to be trying to become addicted to getting healthy. Okay so that's not too bad except when it stops me from doing other things I need to do like the dishes, laundry, cleaning, and errands. I've already discussed my need for balance but then that has me asking another question. Am I really worried that I've become addicted to this and will allow it to come to an unhealthy point or am I worried that I will fail? Many times I obsess over things because they're important to me and I dont' want to lose them. I become afraid that if I take my eyes off the goal for even a second I will fail. When someone tells me to give it my all then I do just that and I do mean "ALL". Okay, okay we don't want to talk about obsessing again we already did that. I should be happy that I've been successful for 11 days with only one slight mess up of the carb variety. No worries though I have a possible solution. I am using the calendar and scheduling my day. If I set a schedule for myself perhaps I will make time for the other things I need to do without allowing this to fall by the wayside. I will find balance. I will not become addicted. I will be healthy, responsible, and successful in all areas of my life! emoticon

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    You will do great! Calendar's work great!

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NATPLUMMER 1/14/2011 1:22PM

    Making a schedule should help you achieve your balance. Great idea!
You're doing fabulous!!!

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SUNNY332 1/14/2011 10:33AM

    Awesome. The Balance you seek will find you.

Keep up the GREAT work.


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GABBIEGIRL614 1/13/2011 11:48PM

Keep it up girlie!

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