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Fitness goals

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fitness goals right now: Run a 7 minute mile and 25 minute 5k.
Hold plank (plank, side plank, elbow plank) for 5 mins .
Run 10k - no rest

Current personal records: 7min 50sec mile - flat road (9/10/14)
3 minute plank off elbows w/proper form (9/8/14)
Ran 5 miles - flat road, no rest (July 2014)

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RAPUNZEL53 9/10/2014 6:12PM

  Good Luck!

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Mixing up the routine

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Today was the last day of the beginner's spin course, it's rewarding looking back on the first couple classes and how difficult it was! I feel way more "in tune" with the spin bike, and can actually handle the hills, we did two fifteen minute hills last Saturday. It's crazy how much my endurance has built in just six weeks. I am so glad I signed up for the course, it has definitely made me more open minded to trying other classes now, in addition to continuing the Spin classes. I tried out the Xcamp class last Thursday and it was intense! But after the soreness faded, I signed up for the Thursday class this week. It wasn't as hardcore as the first one, and there was a lot of jump roping which was nice, one of my favorite exercises. I also signed up for a new class the wellness center is offering, HIIT, high intensity interval training, which is on Monday. And then, of course, intermediate Spin starts this Wednesday, very excited to keep making progress with that. So yeah, I'm definitely keeping busy! Which has really helped me make better eating habits of course! I'm way more rational about food choices after working out, guaranteed!

Three more weeks until my vacation, soo excited : )


Believe in the new, believe in the now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Today is a new year. A time to reflect on the past year, and make improvements. Doesn't matter who you are, what you've done and where you've been, everybody has room for improvement, Everybody has the ability to embrace change!

I'd like to make a list of things I plan to leave behind, in the year of 2012 and prior... In prioritized order:

1. No more binge eating
2. No more making excuses for not exercising daily
3. No more gossiping
4. No more negative people/friends
5. No more doubting myself!

Of course there are more things I could add, but I won't. I believe these five things are what has held me back for so long. Held me back from believing in myself, and where I can go if I just try. And here are five things (that counteract my previous no-no list) that I will continue to do in the New Year and forward:

1. Track nutrition daily
2. Cardio 5-6 times per week
3. Yoga or meditation once per week
4. Take a gym class at least once per week (Spin, X-training, TRX)
5. Keep a blog to track progress

Being that I am already doing most of these five things regularly, I don't feel overwhelmed or under pressure. I know I can do this. I have never felt as healthy and happy as I do right here, right now, and I will not forget this feeling. And the crazy thing is, I'm not even where I want to be weight/measurement-wise. Yet I am still happy and feel healthy because I have seen improvement, which makes me believe, in myself and my new way of life.

To a healthy New Year and new me!


Five more weeks, and definitely counting!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's Saturday morning and I'm relaxing at home after a good Spin class and short weight training session, feeling good about my day so far! This is my second blog, which means I'm following through with my goal to blog once a week (hooray! another positive new habit is forming!), now let's see if I can keep it up : )
I'm counting down the weeks until my vacation, five more weeks to go and I am so thrilled to go back to the Big Island. It'll feel like such a great reward if I'm able to keep up my new routines until then! It'll be a nineteen week streak at that point! I am also making it a goal to continue to exercise while I'm in Hawaii, I'm planning on getting in a 60 min cardio/strength training in the morning, around 7am, until 8am, which last Hawaii trip, was when Kellan would wake up and get up and about so that'll be perfect! He will be sleeping while I slip away to workout and get some me time : ) Love that me time, it's that introvert side of me, I can't help it!

As far as the Spinning course, it is going great so far. Although, this morning I got a little light headed very early in the class, which worried me, but I obviously didn't eat enough beforehand, only a KIND bar, I should've had some oatmeal too! Hindsight 20/20... But I'm thankful that I now have the heart rate monitor, so I was able to keep my heart rate at an "extra" safe level for the entirety of the class after I start to feel icky, which really helped me push through it. All in all though, after four weeks of the Spin course twice a week, I feel definite improvement with my overall endurance and leg strength for sure! I'm not slipping all over the place with all of the ice outside (use to hate it, not so much anymore) and the core workouts after Spin have probably helped with my balance on the ice as well. It is getting much easier to stand and pedal also, my heart rate has also came down which is absolutely a positive! It was getting the mid to high 180's, which is about 10 beats higher than is normally safe, now I'm rarely going above 175, which is right where I should be for my age. The beginner course will be over on after Jan 12th, but the instructors are planning on setting up an Intermediate course for the first time, so I am planning on keep the Spinning up for sure and would love to enroll in that course. The times work out great for me, Wed at 530PM, and SAT 9AM, I'm really really liking the Sat 9AM, what a great way to start off my weekend, all the productivity and structure, that I wasn't feeling on my days off normally! I have a lot of energy after the class so I've been working out on the elliptical or treadmill for another 30 mins or so, and then do some strength training. So by the time I go home I feel awesome! And I still have the rest of the day to clean the house, walk the dog, etc.

So after the Spin class this morning, I went to the gym upstairs, did some strength training, followed by about five minutes of rowing. Was my first time using the row machine there, so I was feeling a little self-conscious at first, but I felt comfortable after a few "rotations." I may try to do a little rowing before or after the Spin classes to kind of balance out my overall workout by challenging both the upper and lower body. Another first today, was I did a couple exercises using the "ball", wasn't all that comfortable being that I have poor balance and a weak core (working on it though!!!), but whatever, it was a "familiarization moment" for me with a piece of new equipment, so I feel good about it even if I looked like a goof!

Another new workout I am planning on starting next Thursday is lap swimming! Will be a good oppurtunity to get comfortable using the snorkel again as well. Gotta prepare for all of the snorkeling that will be done in Hawaii! What a great activity to do while on vacation, it's mesmerizing and a decent exercise. Could even do some lap swimming in the hotel pools? I could mix up the early morning workouts with elliptical/gym workouts with swimming. That would discourage boredom possibly, but I have a hard time believing that I will get tired of that oceanview from the workout rooms at the hotel! With the sun shining practically every morning, I will be in absolute heaven. I love southeast Alaska don't get me wrong, but I swear, the sun releases bundles of endorphins in my brain! Nothing can get me in a great mood faster than walking or hiking in the sun.

Time to peace out and get my mind off of paradise! Patience isn't always my strong suit, but I'm working on it! At least the weeks are just flying by, I will be there before I know it ; )

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"Out with the old, in with the new"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Starting today, 12/23/12, I have made it a goal to blog once a week, to record my progress, all things related, positive AND negative. has helped me realize how beneficial it is to keep track of my nutrition and fitness routines. More importantly, I love having the ability to view trends and SEE the numbers. It's not all just jumbled up data in my head anymore, it's clear as day.

About eleven weeks ago, I began changing my existing habits. What I did correctly this go around (have tried to get healthier in the past many a times...) was I went at with patience, and didn't overwhelm myself with trying to change my day to day routine in ONE day.

So to jumpstart my progress, as I am eleven weeks behind on my blogging!:
What I used to do with my day was: Wake up at 07:10AM, have just enough time to get ready for work at 08:00AM, eat whatever food may be on the breakroom table for breakfast, lunch or snack, drink excessive amounts of coffee throughout the day (often times with added sugary liquid creamer), drink hardly any water, go to the grocery store on the way home from work to buy dinner foods, go home walk the dog for 30-40 mins (only exercise I'd get basically) cook dinner, eat quickly, drink juice with dinner, continue to snack throughout the night if I wasn't full after dinner, and then I'd get tired earlier than I'd prefer, and go to bed by 08:30-09:00PM.

My daily routine now consists of: Waking up by 06:30AM, make coffee, wash dishes from dinner the night before, tidy up living room and kitchen, take the dog out to potty, shovel if there's snow!, if no snow then I do a short 10 min SparkPeople workout video, shower, get ready for work, get packed lunches out and ready, go to work, eat KIND bar for breakfast, one piece of fruit for snack, eat packed lunch (at least one serving of vegetables included), drink a few cups of water throughout the day, after work go directly to the gym, do high intensity cardio for 35-45 mins, weight training three times a week, stretch, go home and make dinner (at least two servings of vegetables), eat slowly to savour it!, lots of water with dinner, eat a small serving of something sweet, login to to track nutrition, fitness and other goals for the day, pack lunches for the next day, read a book, go to bed by 09:30-10:00PM.

Other things I've added to my weekly schedule include: Intro Spinning Class on Wed evenings & Sat mornings, making a meal planner for the following work week on Saturdays, grocery shop once a week on Sunday mornings.

Things I want to add to my routine: Swim once a week, bootcamp class or TRX once a week once the Spin course is over 01/12/13, start running regularly.

Long term goals: Run a 5k, compete in Alpine run in July '13.

All in all, a lot has changed, and I have accepted this as a way of life, not a quick fix to being a overweight. It has taken me almost twelve weeks to slowly incorporate all of the new habits, which has made adjusting a breeze. It hasn't been difficult because I feel like one good habit led to another (i.e. going to the gym before dinner made me not want to stuff my face aftewards!) I feel way more productive every day, and I am way more optimistic about life and where I'm going with it. I am enjoying this new outlook on life!