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What has happened to manners and respect???

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Has life really gotten so busy and hectic that people just forget that they have parenting to do, or just how to do it? Have adults really fallen victim to guilt of having a two-income family and utilizing day care that they let their kids walk all over them and have what they want? Or is it peer pressure, even among the adults, that their kids have to be like everyone else? Or all of the above? I have just had a frustrating couple of days and I just sometimes have to wonder where our priorities went - and this even pertains to some of my closest friends. I am not as strict as my mother was when I was growing up; yet I still believe in most of the principles taught to me. My kids think I am way to strict sometimes... but I'd like to think they'll at least be around to thank me for it when they're older. Just like I did. ;P

As an example....
A person I know - I can't even use the word "friend" because I have lost all respect - uses every excuse in the book for her son's behavior and naively believes all of his lies. His latest stint - he was arrested two weeks ago for a burglary he contributed in here in town. He was then, of course, kicked off of all sports teams, etc. One would think, of a normal parent, he would have some major punishments and privelege revocations, etc. - which made me wonder why I saw him running around at an away football game Friday night. As his mother puts it.. "well, I could punish him more, and people probably wonder why I don't, but he's really been through so much already.... his dad and I were fighting and split up for a couple of days, so he was going through so much.... " the list goes on and on. A parent does a child no good at all with this type of behavior. Of course, she is no model for behavior either; which makes me wonder why some people even have children.

For example....
A friend of mine has two sons - one is not AS bad, but the other one, my son's classmate, treats her HORRIBLY. He will talk to her like she is nothing, demand things - money, etc., push her, etc. And she sits there and takes it. Always has. And so does his father; I don't believe her husband treats her that way or acts that way, but I can't understand why he lets him/them get away with it. Or her for that matter. One time, we were standing there talking and waiting for the kids to finish up with football. Well, they got done and he came over right away and wanted to go. Well, we were trying to finish OUR conversation, and he kept pushing her and telling her he wanted to go, getting mad, etc. So I finally looked at him and told him to knock it off, that we waited on him for a lot longer, so he can wait for his mother for two minutes. Grrrrr - I was mad....

I am not implying my kids are perfect - they are far from it. But gosh darn it, I at least make the effort to teach them manners and respect for others. And I think it's such a shame that so many don't have any guidance....

Okay, off my soapbox for now. I feel better for having gotten that off my chest. :)

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UTSEAN 9/9/2008 1:18PM

    I totally understand your frustration. I too witness things like this on a daily basis. But, you must understand that these kids are growing up in a much different world than we did. If I ever did what that boy did to his mother while in the middle of a conversation, my mom would have slapped me right upside my head. I didn't do things like that because I was taught better. Don't be worried about what others might say with respect to how YOU raise your children. I too am sometimes to strict with my son and will argue to days end with my daugher but at the end of the day, they sit back and realize that I'm there to parent them. I'm NOT going to be their friend because they already have friends. It's my JOB to be their FATHER not their friend. That'll be the way it is till the end of time for me!

As for's taught through doing. I try my best to teach my son respect through what I do...opening doors at the grocery store for women and elders who might be behind me, etc.

Keep you chin up. Things will get better as these kids grow up and determine that all this STUFF is useless when it comes to what the really need in life.

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WYOKATHERINE 9/12/2007 10:41PM

    I so agree with you. I have two boys, 4 and 9. My goal in life is to have them respect women. There is such a lack of respect for others that sickens me. Watch as you are out and about. If you meet in the same door way or something with a man, 9 out of 10 times the guy will go through before you. Or at a 4way stop, if it's a guy for sure he is going to go. I tell my boys, you wait and let the lady go first. They are taught to hold the door open for me or whom ever it may be. I want them to repect others and other peoples property. I see kids in the nieghborhood riding their bikes on peoples driveways and worse lawns. My kids are told to ask first if it is ok to ride on the driveway. There just is no regard for others and that is sad. So I know what you are talking about and it starts with the parent putting down some rules and living by them. Best wishes for your children and mine.

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What a week!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I feel kind of lost right now! I have just been crazy busy and so exhausted at night I can't find the energy to even log on here. Now this has got to STOP! :( I've been trying to keep track of calories in my head - not sure how THAT is going! LOL I did have some DQ today - but only a small cone when everyone else had a blizzard. I treated the boys to blizzards since they did SO well in football tonight! Yeah!!!! They were only scrimmage matches, but my youngest's highlight was when he made a tackle that was "killer" - stopped a kid right in his tracks, wrapped him up, picked him up and put him on the ground. (Okay to some this may sound gruesome, but for football fans, it was an awesome tackle). And my oldest had a GREAT night, much more aggressive this year, and made an interception and ran it back for a touchdown. It was a good night! And I got to catch up with friends I haven't really haven't had a chance to see and/or sit down and talk to in forever. OH - but exciting news.... today, I booked my flight for Sanibel Island in Florida. I can't believe it..... but my good friend is celebrating a milestone birthday in Sept., and so a group of us are going there for a long weekend and staying in this ritzy resort. It's gonna cost me, but it'll be worth it! Of course, not looking forward to the flying part. But I'll have to get over it. Ohhh, I can so feel that 50 minute massage by the beach now! Ahhhhh.....


Need second wind....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Badly. I am soooo tired right now. I got through a chapter of studying, but reading it just about put me to sleep. I've got one chapter to go before I just start reviewing for the next few days, but I've GOT to get up and do something else in the meantime. It's been a pretty hectic week, and I think I'm starting to have an adrenaline crash. Did the Relay for Life last night, which was kind of a disaster. Got a late start, and then when we are just about there, my friend THEN decides to think about whether she has the awning - which she doesn't. OMG! It was SO hot and miserable. :( And then she didn't have our schedule of events - left that at home too. Didn't have any lights for when it got dark... oh, I'll stop. Why rehash it. Besides, we did manage to still laugh a lot, so whatever, I guess. I have to exercise and shower, pick youngest up from football at 11, oldest at 1:30, head to Bloomington to visit a friend who's kind of stressed and it's her birthday, take shoes to get repaired, pick up some Pampered Chef stuff from my sister, for a party I'm having for her in a couple weeks, study, not to mention clean house and do laundry, cook, etc. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I've been up since 5:45 a.m. this morning because I had to run to a town 10 miles away (thank GOD Walmart Supercenters are open 24/7!) to get darling son new compression pants w/cup for football since they're padding up today and I hadn't gotten THAT done yet..... I'm exhausted. I just need a little nap.... somewhere.... Calgon, take me away! Oh, and I have to work on a frosting recipe for a cake I'm helping a friend with next week; experimenting with a couple of things; find my cake pans; get her a list of ingredients she needs...

LOL - okay, I'm just laughing now at the ridiculousness of it all. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. (how many times do you think it takes to repeat it before you believe it??) ha

Hmmm, 9:37 a.m. I suppose I'd better get on with my day.


I'm back, I'm back, I'm back....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh, good grief. I have missed this site! I have been so busy the last several days I haven't been able to log on. Which makes me sad. So now I have to go and catch up on everyone's news and what's going on. Obviously, since I haven't logged on, I haven't been doing as well as I should have. I've MAINTAINED, but not lost. Which on one hand kinda makes me feel bad (about myself) to think that I need to log on here to keep myself accountable....... but eh, it is what it is. Besides, I like talking to and sharing experiences with all my little friends here. :) It helps. So..... here we go again. Oh with the changes!

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ANGIE_JCFD520 7/27/2007 3:31AM

    Don't feel bad about maintaining! You evidently handled yourelf very well while you have been busy! I know for me, personally, the site doesn't necessarily hold me accountable, but I do so much better when I am on here chatting. I think it is because I am able to get my frustrations out or have fun talking to friends (both which improve my mood!)
Keep up the good work!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ugh - as much as I hate to write another sad blog, I just have to get this off my chest. I have been really bothered by the death of my son's classmate. Actually, this is the second classmate lost in the last 4 months, but I didn't actually know the first one. It really was senseless, and 4 kids messing around. He ended up being hit by a car driven at high speed by another friend/classmate. Rumor has it that he was in the road, and went to jump out of the way but lost his footing and was hit. And judging by the way he looked at the visitation last night, I would believe this. It was awful and he didn't look like himself AT ALL. And I am having a time trying to get that image out of my head. I am so heartsick for his family. He and my son were not best friends that hung out together, but they were still friends and teammates in several sports. I can still see his ornery smile and it makes me so sad. I guess I'm kind of surprised I'm struggling so much as it's not like I'm so close to the family. Maybe it's just because I am scared my kids, who are this age, may make stupid mistakes like that. And just because I don't think they would, and I preach and preach, there's no guarantee. And no guarantee that others won't make mistakes that harm them. I will get over it, I know. But it hurts.

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WYOKATHERINE 6/28/2007 4:08AM

    I am so sorry to hear about your sons friend. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a child. I'm sure that is some of what you are feeling. That our kids will get into a situation that is harmful and sometimes deadly. It will fade with time, just give your kids a hug it will make you feel better.


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