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2nd Interview For Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Target called me yesterday but I had forgotten my phone on the kitchen table as I went outside to throw away the packaging from chicken breasts that I was prepping for dinner. I came back and saw I had a missed call but no voicemail so I called the number back and it was Target. I asked to be transferred to the Human Resource department and the woman who answered happened to be the one who called me. She said she filled up all of the interview slots but would sneak me in for Friday at 1pm! She said she appreciated the fact that I had called back. So fingers and toes crossed it goes well. I went to Ross last night and picked up a dressier top for the interview... it's a dark teal color with detachable necklace and I was going to pair it with my black slacks from Dress Barn, my black flats, and very light makeup.

For the makeup what should I have on? Hair up or down? (I'm terrible at hair and I'm horrible and learning from a youtube video lol) Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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AMBERLICIOUS88 7/10/2014 2:42PM

    I always flip my hair when I'm nervous so I always wear a ponytail if possible. A low one tho, not like my workout Good luck!

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LACEYKYLE 7/10/2014 1:44PM

    Most important be comfortable how you wear your hair and if you're trying a new do, try it before you are going to your interview. Good luck!!

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ALIHIKES 7/10/2014 12:51PM

    Congratulations on getting called back for a second interview! Light makeup is always better than heavy makeup for a job interview (heavy makeup should be saved for a night out). Powder or foundation lightly applied, brows neat and groomed, lipstick in a shade that complements your natural skin, a little mascara and/or blush (optional), and you should be good to go.

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TIKITAMI 7/10/2014 12:20PM

Good luck, here's a good article on hair and makeup for job interviews!


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MIAMEOWS 7/10/2014 11:42AM

    Hi! Congrats on the second interview -that's always a great sign! As someone who was just job hunting a few months ago I will tell you about my hair. I have insane, frizzy hair. So no matter how much I flat iron and blow it out, it ends up looking messy. So I went with low ponytails for all of my interviews. I parted it on the side so it would look more pulled together. And I got two job offers :)

Good luck!!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I had my phone interview with Target yesterday afternoon! The interviewer was very nice and she told me at the end of the interview that she was recommending me to get a call back for an in-person interview, talking to me was like talking to an old friend, the interview didn't seem like an interview, and that she needs more people like me on her team. So I would say the interview went really well! :) Fingers and toes crossed I get the 2nd interview. She told me if I don't get a call back to call the HR department at the store and I can get an interview scheduled. I hope this works out because being without a job truly is horrible.

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LACEYKYLE 7/9/2014 10:59PM

    So glad it went well.

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POSITIVEHOPE 7/9/2014 5:44PM

    Great! Now work on finding answers to these difficult interview questions.
Why should we hire you? Because you would make an excellent employee. Give examples of how you would be great.
What are you weaknesses? Hate that question. You are very friendly and genuinely want to help people when they have questions so you will need to find ways to quickly provide help.
What are your strengths? You learn quickly, aren't afraid to ask for help or clarification of instructions and love to take on new challenges.
Go get 'em!

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SUNHOME 7/9/2014 12:17PM

    Good luck!

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EVIE4NOW 7/9/2014 11:36AM

  Sure hope you get it.

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Phone Job Interview

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Last night as I was making dinner I got a call from Target saying that they would like to do a phone interview with me! My time slot is 1:40pm today :) My friend applied there a few weeks ago and ended up with a 2nd interview and got hired so I'm really hoping things go well because I REALLY would like to have a job and to be able to work. Apparently they're having a huge hiring spree right now and are hiring new employees left and right so I hope I am able to do well enough to at least get a 2nd interview, one that is in person. Fingers and toes crossed.

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MJREIMERS 7/8/2014 4:53PM

    Good luck! I have a funny story, that I'll make quick. I applied at Target for a part-time job and did get an interview. They wanted me to work in the "soft section" and I was happy with the thought of not having to deal with people, ok at least not a lot.

Then, they mentioned checker training. I expressed that I didn't want to "get stuck" in a check stand as I was looking for a job that I could basically "be away from people" as I deal with them everyday in my full-time job.

Needless to say, I didn't get a call back! emoticon I wasn't too upset, because the kids' activities picked up after that.

Moral, say YES I'd love to check! Let us know how it goes!

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MOMTO6CUTIES 7/8/2014 4:05PM

    That would be awesome. Hope you get it.

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ALIHIKES 7/8/2014 1:45PM

    Congratulations! Good luck on the interview

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WIFE48 7/8/2014 12:49PM

    Wishing you lots of luck. emoticon

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KNYAGENYA 7/8/2014 12:44PM


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CARRENK 7/8/2014 11:41AM

    That's great news - break a leg this afternoon! (In the theater sense, of course!)

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LYNN3732 7/8/2014 11:32AM

    Good Luck, sweetie. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you emoticon

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BRAINBENTT 7/8/2014 11:18AM


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SHTF: Sh*t Hits The Fan

Monday, July 07, 2014

So we got home last night around 8PM and came back to disaster after disaster after disaster. My uncle who isn't sick took the old washer and dryer out of the basement and put them outside right in front of my green house making watering some of my plants a lot harder and not to mention we told him not to move it until my bf got back home so he could help him do it... nope he didn't listen. Uncle left parts and tools all over the kitchen table even after all of the heavy cleaning I did. Not only that but he went out to the grocery store and bought a bunch of junk food (cheeses, lunch meats, pepperoni, boneless chicken wings, chocolate syrup just to name a few things and then went out and got Burger King. My issue with this is there is a TON of food in the cabinets and fridge/freezer so there was no real need to go off and waste money on the junk food. My issue with the fast food is my sick uncle HAS to be on a low sodium and low sugar diet but sorry french fries, soda, and a cheeseburger is not low sodium nor is it low sugar. He doesn't seem to care that these foods and poor diet he's giving my sick uncle can kill him and more than likely can put him back in the hospital.... Last but not least the non-sick uncle ruined the brand new coffee maker... Annoyed, pissed off, and irritated doesn't even scratch the surface of how I feel right now. I want to pack up the car and leave far far away.

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CARRENK 7/8/2014 11:50AM

    Yikes! Hope you were able to go do something to blow off some steam - a day like that is hard to deal with. (I totally get the impulse to just BAIL!)
Hang in there!

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    That's such an incredibly difficult situation. Hang in there!

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BLUEJEANS27 7/7/2014 9:31PM

    Really sorry for your family problems. Not fun :(



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TRYINGTOLOSE64 7/7/2014 8:59PM

    Hang in there!! Family can be very frustrating!!

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MOMTO6CUTIES 7/7/2014 1:19PM

    :( I'm so sorry.

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    OY! Hang in there girlie!

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

We're heading home today... my uncle who isn't sick has been giving my sick uncle junk food while I've been away when he's supposed to be on low sodium and low sugar diet so I'm a bit irritated.

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LACEYKYLE 7/6/2014 10:47PM

    I'd be irritated too. I bet sick uncle isn't feeling very well. I'll be praying for him.

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MJRVIC2000 7/6/2014 3:36PM

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