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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Somehow, I always end up multi-tasking. I may end my day with a goal list of what I want to accomplish tomorrow, but things get added to it. emoticon

Today, my goal was to haul in the tables and set up for the rummage sale at my mother and sisters place for this weekend. It was just going to be me and my daughter Chianna selling things we no longer need. She had so much clothing and different items that were Riddicks that he has outgrown. Six tables worth. This left a couple of tables for me. Well, next thing you know, those tables were filled with stuff from my sister who was not going to participate because she has to work this weekend. I took in our enclosed trailer that is 18 feet long and it was packed from front to back with stuff from Chy and things I had stored for Mom and Brenda that they had no room for in their new home. I'm a little frustrated right now because I am going to be the only one working the rummage sale and there is no room for any of the items I wanted to try and sell. Tomorrow, I will go in there again and work on trying to organize it some more and price things for daughter but little sister will have to price her items.

Came home and went to my daughters and got all of her garbage loaded into the pickup to take to the landfill tomorrow after I drop my Grandson off at daycare. I did get all of ours for the week loaded this time. emoticon Then I need to find more tables or go and rent some for the rummage sale and stop and put the ad in the paper. I will spend the rest of the day working at this.

My daughter Nichole and Grandson Dominic helped and when I finally got home, she was out mowing the lawn for me so I took the time to water the flowerbeds. I cannot believe how hard and dry the ground is already.

Calories today were spot on and nutrient levels look good. Still working on finding more healthy protein. My sister noticed that I have lost some weight and commented on it. That made me feel good.

No structured or planned exercise but I moved a LOT of boxes and did a lot of lifting today. About four hours worth. My legs feel it stepping up into the trailer and back down. One improvement I noticed today was I did not need to use the two step ladder to get in and out of the trailer. emoticon Getting stronger! emoticon

Calling it a night. Everyone have a healthy Wed. Hugs

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SIOL55 7/9/2014 8:40PM


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CALENSARIEL 7/9/2014 11:52AM

    Most excellent about the trailer and dropping some weight. I always say I don't know how you keep any weight on your bones at all the way you go, go, go all the time. Though one of the articles I read said when the exercise we're getting is the same thing we do every day anyway, it doesn't affect your body the same way. Don't know if there's any truth to that. One of these days when I win a lottery somewhere, I'm sending you a few thousand to go have a girly day out with your daughters! Hugs, Calen~

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NHES220 7/9/2014 10:11AM

    Sounds like a pretty active day, I think you got your workout in! Sounds a little frustrating with the rummage sale, I hope you get to get your stuff in there! Nice that someone noticed your weight loss, puts a little spring in your step!

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Holiday tragedy

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Over the 4th, a family in our town lost their beautiful 4 year old daughter to an accidental drowning at the lake. I do not know the family except thru fb, but my heart breaks for them. I cannot begin to imagine waking up the next day and knowing my little bundle of energy would not be standing by the bed telling me in his sweet voice that the sun is up and its time to get up. This little girl was three months older then my Grandson Riddick.

This Summer, I have been busting my backside working on this property and it hit me this morning...there will always be something that needs to be done here. Weeds to spray in the pastures...fence to replace...trees to remove that are dead...gardens to work remodel jobs BUT...childhood is not forever and sometimes...a child is lost to us. I cannot begin to fathom that level of loss and pain. It hurts so much when I lost my Grandmother and then father and that is the natural order of loss but a child? The heart would break forever for me.

Work is never ending but time with family and friends is so precious and fleeting. I should know this because my daughters are now in their 30's . My two Grandsons are now 13 and 3.75 years old.

Every morning we wake up and go about our day, and GOD willing, everyone gets tucked safely into bed at night but...each day could be the last day for someone we love, including ourselves. They say live each day to the fullest. I say... love each day to the fullest. Hugs all.

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CALENSARIEL 7/5/2014 4:07PM

    I think that is one of the most important lessons we all have to learn. For too many of us it takes a tragedy like this to teach us. Even then we become complaisant. Here's hoping that we all learn to keep our priorities in order. My prayers go out to this family... Hugs, Calen~

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PEAR-170 7/5/2014 3:47PM

    Although I did not know the child I wish to express my condolences. One never expects to have to bury a child. Enclosed is my own personal prayer to her.

For My Daughter

Gentle Savior please look down,
There's someone by your side,
A small bewildered four year old,
That needs you as her guide.

You'll know who she is for her smile
could melt a heart of stone;
She's lost, for she has never
In her short life been alone.

There was no stain on her soul,
No hatred and no fear;
You must have loved her even more
Than we who mourn her here.

When night falls, could you tuck her in,
And help her with her prayers?
I'd give so much to hear once more
Her footsteps on the stairs.

Please kiss her silky brow sometimes,
And give her joy and peace;
The glow she brought to all our lives,
Will never ever cease.

God Bless and Keep her safe
emoticon emoticon

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Up and moving again

Friday, July 04, 2014

At 10 am on the neck and shoulders again started to spasm and by 11 am, I had a full migraine. I ended up in bed until 9 am today on the 4th. emoticon It was a long day of ice packs, and running to the restroom to be ill. I finally stopped throwing up at about 4 am.

The plan is to have a bonfire and BBQ here tonight with family and some friends and I have not begun preparing any of the salads that should have been made up yesterday so....wishing all of you out there a safe, healthy, and fun 4th and I need to prepare here for ours. emoticon emoticon

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CALENSARIEL 7/4/2014 11:54AM

    Glad you're feeling better. But hope you don't overdo since you're having company. The bonfire sounds great, btw. Will there be marshmallows? If so, I'm coming! We haven't been up to our family cabin in three years. Gettin' too old to pack water and everything in there! Give me a hotel any day! Have a great 4th. Hugs, Calen~

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LIVING_WATER 7/4/2014 11:11AM


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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What a beautiful day. I hit the ground running outside at 9 a.m. to start work on our property and did not come in until the mosquitoes came out. No amount of OFF seems to deter them from their LOL

My Grandson Dominic came out and helped me pull weeds in the garden. I feel so accomplished getting the 100 hills of potatoes weeded! Tomorrow, I am going to put mulch around them for weed control.

Soon, I should have the weed issue under control. With all the rain we had in June, the weeds seeds had really germinated. Faster then my garden seed did. emoticon

My mini-goal for the month of July is to drink my coffee black. No added sugar, milk or flavored creamers. I drink so much coffee and a lot of wasted calories there. With Insulin resistance...sugar is BAD for me. I cannot believe how tired I am , having gone two days without sugar. This should be interesting.

Time to call it a night. I am beat. emoticon

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SIOL55 7/3/2014 11:37AM

  Isn't it fun when the grandkids help!

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NHES220 7/3/2014 11:34AM

    Good for you for giving up the added stuff to your coffee! I do not add any sweeteners to my tea and gave up diet soda years ago. I do follow The Metabolism Miracle (book) which is a low carb program based on Insulin Resistance and it has helped me break past my weight loss plateau. Good luck with the weeding and I hear you on the mosquitoes. They love me too!

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CALENSARIEL 7/3/2014 9:31AM

    Mini goals... I'm finding that's really important. I get overwhelmed too easily by trying to live in a totally "fenced in backyard", if I can put it that way. Living on a strict diet, in other words. Seems to me learning to move in and out of that yard in a healthy way is what changing our lifestyle is all about. No guilt. Can go through the gate and visit the "neighbors" whenever we want, knowing fully well where we belong at the end of the day. I'm realizing venturing outside that gate a few feet at a time till I'm comfortable with my mastery is how it has to work for me. Baby Steps, as Toona is always talking about.

Easy to understand, VERY hard to put into practices. So hurray for your baby steps! emoticon emoticon

So get 'em toots!

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LUCKYDUCK2 7/3/2014 1:13AM

    Thank you Hotpinkcamaro49 emoticon Have a healthy and safe 4th with family and friends. Hugs

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 7/2/2014 11:57PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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July 1rst, really?

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I am very happy that the plateau I was on DOES seem to be behind me. It was sure a long argument between me and the scale. emoticon There were times I almost did give up and then there were times I dug in harder. I have added strength training and upped my protein consumption and my calories by 250 and that seems to have been the deal breaker. Take THAT scale!! This month my goal is to stop using additives in my coffee such as sugar or creamers. I drink a lot of wasted calories that way. I will have to be on guard against cravings now for sweets since I am no longer going to have sugar in my coffee.

Mother Nature needs to take a chill pill. Wait. Scratch that and lets just work on attitude adjustment. I cannot believe it is July 1rst and I needed a zip up sweatshirt on to work outside. This feels like the middle of September. Did we even hit 60 degrees today? I don't think we did here. Add the mist, outright rain and wind and it made for a very cool day.

I finally got the first layer of weeds out of my potatoes. My garden is really giving me a workout this year. Between the weeds, bugs, and now a pocket gopher....Grrrr. LOL But, I do enjoy working outside and have always loved gardening. I grow enough for my family and give to my sisters and mom. We all get together in the Fall and can. This year...I had to cut back some because my Mom and sisters still have corn and carrots left from last year.

Time to work in the studio tonight again. I need to put in at least six hours. I have two customer pencil portrait orders and some laser work to do on custom wood boxes Kevin made for a customer.

My youngest Grandson is here tonight and is busy munching on carrots and watching Rescue bots on TV. He should be ready for bed soon and I can begin work. This is my little 3 year old emoticon

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CALENSARIEL 7/2/2014 1:04AM

    He's a gorgeous kiddo! Is his hair really that red? (Or is it my laptop?) The weather has been weird as heck here, too. 93 one day, 54 the next. I can't believe it's the 1st of July and it really doesn't feel like we've had June weather yet. I wonder if the whole summer is going to be crazy like this... Congrats on getting that stubborn sucker to move! You just got to show it who is the boss! Hugs, Calen~

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LUCKYDUCK2 7/1/2014 11:57PM

    Thanks SIOL55. Yep, I will continue to push forward. Hugs

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STEVEN_D 7/1/2014 11:06PM

    Wow, not even to the 60's? I need to send you some of this west Texas heat! Way to go on getting past your plateau, those are so discouraging and make you dig in harder. I know you were there when I was going thru mine and your support is always appreciated. Here's a surprise, I did not realize anyone still canned anymore! I am impressed. I can remember my mom and grandma canning, and I can't say how many peaches and tomatoes I've peeled. What I would give for 60 degrees!

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DLITE719 7/1/2014 10:45PM

    Your day sounds great. I spent most of my day behind a desk. I have a small garden and was thrilled when I picked 4 grape tomatoes off one of my plants. You are fortunate to have your grandchild close to you so you can spend time together. My grandkids live in the Chicago area. You are blessed.

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SIOL55 7/1/2014 10:38PM


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