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Back for some more

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am back from 1 1/2 months of vacation in Brazil (where I am from). I ate like a pig, enjoying all the foods from my culture and huge amounts of fresh produce and I thought I had blown my diet again (which I, in fact, did in a way). But being active on the farm even eating loads I got back home today 3 lbs lighter.

So now it's time to focus back on eating healthy as I did back in Brazil and keeping the activity level up, and I am sure I'll be losing pounds by the week.


While Iīm away

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So, itīs been 3 weeks since I left for my vacations, Iīm half way through them right now. I must say, itīs been tougher than I thought.

I did pretty good in the 1st week, stayed way in my calorie range and made healthy choices, but of course, itīs vacations AND Iīm back home and tasting all those fave foods I canīt get in PR, so for the past 2 weeks Iīve been overdoing it, and I know itīs by far although after the first week and being busy and not in a place with an internet conection I stopped writing down everything I eat so I can just guess that Iīve been going above 2k calories a day, I know it.

I do know I might have lots a little weight in that first week and today I felt bad for throwing my hard work out of the window so tomorrow Iīm writing everything down again and tracking calories and staying away from those "back home" faves that are fattening, and sticking to the fruits and veggies and healthy stuff I canīt get in PR.

I must say that my overindulgence has been with wholesome, natural foods, such as cereals, fish, poltry and wild meats, rich salads and fruits, fresh cheeses, etc ... but Iīve had the occasional pizza, chocolate and fried stuff as well.

So by going back to that first good week (where I did enjoy the nice stuff but without exagerating) I expect to come back home and get on that scale to see at least 1 little pound less, and even itīs 1 lb in a month, itīs still a success, as itīs a lost pound while on vacation.


The first gold star.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally! Since I started my star method I've lost 10 lbs, so today I get to stick a golden star to my diary.

I am a bit frustrated that I haven't gotten below 200 yet, but I still have 2 days before my set goal date to do it. Working hard on it!

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ZESTYLADY 3/15/2008 11:20AM

    Oh yes! I so know what it is like to break the 200 barrier and enter "one-derland"...I am sending you lots of good thoughts. It's one heck of a milestone and you are almost there.

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MONKEYSOX 3/15/2008 10:06AM

    Hooray! Way to go!

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One more week ...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I managed to stay on track this whole week, no nighttime eating, not one day above calorie limit and I got in loads of minutes on my stationary bike.

I still need to work on doing more strenght training, I lack discipline to do it alone and I still can't afford the gym.

There's an interesting topic going about what's the hardest part about weight loss, and here's my latest reply to it:
"Being a now person it's hard when you stay on the same weight even for a couple of days, I wanna see the scale move down daily, and I know it doesn't work that way but I do get frustrated when it's not happening, and frustration is very dangerous to a en emotional eater."

I need to learn not to get frustrated about the scale not moving and see how I feel and fit into my clothes, my energy level and all those other signs of a healthy lifestyle, but how we do learn to understand the scale will not move for a few days? Keeping it strong is hard but I am doing it.

This week I could not use my first golden star since I started my "star" weight loss diary but I did lose 2.5 lbs. I'll work really hard to reach my 199 lb goal by March 17th.

Stay Positive!


I feel good ...

Monday, March 03, 2008

The scale is finally moving down after all these months and I have found new strenght in following my plans. I am exercising, cutting calories and overall improving my confidence in my ability to stick to my lifestyle change. Little by little and step by step I am working towards a better me.

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VEGALEGARRETA 3/3/2008 10:16AM

    Hi again!!! hace tiempo que no te veia en los foros!. Is great see you again, and know you are making progress!!! animo animo animo!!! derby ann - boricuas & friends!!

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