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6 days in, and 8.1 pounds lighter!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SO far, my family (8 people total) are 6 days in to the 21-Kickstart Challenge and we ALL feel amazing! We are eating delicious, mouth watering meals, and are still able to lose weight. Just by giving up animal products and oils, we are shedding pounds day by day! I can honestly say that I have never lost 8 pounds in a matter of 6 days before, and I am looking forward to my future more and more.
And I'm not just losing weight. I have more energy throughout the day, I am smiling more, learning to cook better, and am really enjoying doing this program with my family. Everyone is so motivating and inspiring. My goal is that this becomes a life long way of living for me and my family...not just until we lose all the weight.
I am really looking forward to the next 15 days, to become more healthier, and bring me toward a new, happy, healthy...ME!

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SMO203 7/25/2011 12:05AM

    So proud of us!!! Week 2 here we come.

Love you!

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EBIELOU 7/23/2011 1:29PM

    Wow. I bet it is awesome to do it with your family~!!

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CRYSTAL8488 7/23/2011 12:08PM

    That's wonderful your family is also doing this with you! Keep it up!


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21-Day Weight Loss KICKSTART

Sunday, July 17, 2011

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart is an amazing book written by Dr. Neal D. Barnard
This book is about boosting metabolism, lowering cholesterol, losing weight, and improving your health.
Took me two days--such an easy read, and so powerful!! After reading this book, I feel overwhelmed with the possibilities that are going to be affecting my body!
No Calorie Counting
No exercise is involved (unless you decide)
And Carb control
**This is a plant based diet, that eliminates the use of animal products, and oil.
There are delicious recipes, plus he gives you tips on how to grocery shop, and still be able to go out and eat a fabulous meal at restaurants.

Best of all, my whole family and two of my close friends are ALL doing it right along with me!
My "Kickstart" is starting Monday, and I can not wait!
This weekend, I wrote down a list of all the health foods that I love and know I will enjoy.
I then went into my cabinets and fridge, and threw away anything unhealthy and that had a fat gram higher than 3!
Thats the only thing you really have to do. Keep watch on gram of fat. Anything over 3g, you should avoid.
Even though this program involves that you do not eat meat, there are ENDLESS meals you can have. Today, I tried some.

For breakfast I had a egg"less" burrito (made with tofu), saute peppers and onions, on a whole wheat soft tortilla wrap...I also had a 1/2 cup of mangoes...and it was DELICOUS!

For Snack I had baked tortilla chips (that I made using whole wheat pita bread, and hummus!

Lunch I had a green salad with chickpeas and lemon dressing

And for dinner, I made whole wheat pasta with oyster mushrooms, in a lemon sauce.

My whole day was so incredibly tasty. I especially love eating, so I was very pleased with my meals.

My daughter who is 3 ate my dinner and kept asking for me!! For a night time snack, I had strawberries and honeydew melon dipped in chocolate. I used natural peanutbutter and mixed it with cocoa powder (learned from my uncle), and my daughter and I inhaled it!!


Good Luck!!

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LUVPJS 7/29/2011 9:53AM

  This book changed my life. I've been a vegan now for about 5 months and I feel absolutely wonderful! emoticon

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SMO203 7/17/2011 1:11PM

    Lauren, I'm so excited!!! Glad you are experimenting with different types of food and recipes. I love that we have a recipe board on our team page. We'll have to post all of our favorites there. Maybe after we have a bunch we can put them all together into a healthy family cookbook!!!

Love you! Talk to you tonight at 8.

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EGR2BEME 7/17/2011 7:42AM

    Lauren that is AWESOME! I am so excited that we are doing this all together. Love the strawberries and chocolate...need that recipe.

Also, can you please tell me how you made the lemon dressing? I made a topic on our team page for recipe you can post it there so everyone can see it.

Can't to you hopefully tonight. You have an equally healthy eating day today.


Ellen emoticon emoticon emoticon - WE CAN DO IT!

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Lost 12 pounds in 13 days!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So I've lost 12 pounds in 13 days! Never knew it was possible! I started this Vegan challenge not knowing what the outcome would be, but so far, I am loving every minute of it! Being Vegan is not at all bad! I eat!! ha... a lot of salads, beans, veggies and fruits! I also started walking everyday! I am up to 4 miles a day, plus an additional 30 minutes on elliptical. After the first week of walking, I began to actually enjoy it. And now, I wake up looking forward to it!! Who knew!!! The only problem I am having is I am actually burning more calories than I am eating, and am not quite sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Spark people says I should eat 1200-1550 calories daily, and burn up to 1900 calories a week. Well I burn 1900 in about 4 days, and am only eating 1000 calories!
I decided to treat myself and go and buy REAL walking sneakers.. I finally got rid of the Walmart sneaks, and went to the New Balance Outlet store, and bought an awesome pair for 30$!! Whoo-hoo! As soon, as I got home, I put those bad boys on and walked down to Dunkies for a nice coffee (1.18m), and my feet are enjoying every minute of it!
My friend started walking with me everyday, which is awesome! It definitely makes the time go by faster, and more enjoyable.!
After just coming home from walking, I want to go I becoming obsessive? Well, I'd rather stay motivated than become tired and give up!
Looking forward to another day tomorrow!!
Good Luck Sparkers!!

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EGR2BEME 5/16/2011 12:20PM

    Great job Lauren! So proud of you...I am going to buckle down now too after the vacation! No should not even be an excuse because you can eat healthy anywhere!

I am so happy that you are walking....that is great!

My doctor had told me to work up to 5 hours of walking per week...I think that was his recommendation...then eat within the range that Spark tells you.

Stephen gave me a recipe for a smoothie (he made it for me today), that was awesome! Do you like blueberries and mangos? I will tell you about it if you do!!

Love you so much,


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DLGILBERT 5/15/2011 8:12PM

  good for you!! That is amazing. Maybe I should try it.

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CATANTIGO 5/15/2011 7:50PM

    Woohoo! Good job.

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Mother's Day

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Today I slept in!! Finally!! Nick entertained Addison so I could enjoy this beautiful morning! I didn't want to do anything special, so the family just relaxed. Addie and I walked down to the corner store so she could finally get her 1st slush puppy!! yummy! Then we walked our usual course to the park. Nick wanted to take me out for dinner, but I declined.. I just started going Vegan and didnt want to chance slipping up. Instead, I made vegetable kabobs, and vegan meatballs! The kabobs were delicious. Meatballs, not so much. :(
I have not weighed myself since I started eating better and exercising 12 days ago.. When should I weigh myself for the first time? 2 weeks?
Happy Mothers' Day to ALL the beautiful Mama's out there!!!

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KATHYM316 5/8/2011 9:39PM

    Happy Mother's Day! Glad that you were able to sleep in..that is what I did too..Isn't it funny that we love being able to sleep in..

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Day 4 Vegan, and still going strong

Saturday, May 07, 2011

So this morning, my fiance Nick, our daughter Addison and myself went for a walk. Nick had to go to the bank, so I suggested we walk instead of driving, and was I shocked when Nick said sure!! 6'1, 300 pounds, Nick loves himself! ha..He refuses to eat healthy or exercise, so I was taken back for sure when he said yes, he would walk! It was such a nice surprise! We ended up walking to the bank which should only take 20 minutes or so, ended up taken 45 min, with Addison's little legs trailing behind us! We ended up returning home an hour and half later...but well worth it! Nick stopped by the butcher shop and got a turkey sandwich; which looked and smelled delicious! I just made myself a salad, and added Boca, meatless chicken patty to it!
The hardest part of going Vegan for me is Cream in my coffee!! I am obsessed with my Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee. I must get 2 a day.. I did buy Silk Almond Milk to add to it, but it definitely isn't the same as delicious cream!!
Anyone know what else I could add to it?
And alcohol? Should I not drink? I am not a big drinker anyways, but am going to a concert tonight. Can Vegan's drink alcohol? hmmm... Sound off!!!


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