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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just blogging about my thoughts. I need your input!!!!

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MOORECENTURY 9/16/2010 10:31AM

    I've never used it unfortunately.

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WIFEOFRUS 9/16/2010 9:49AM

  My Mom used P90X and she had AMAZING results...went from a 16 to a 6 in around six months. I've used Beachbody but didn't really enjoy it.

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No results!! Please Comment!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its been ONE week today emoticon and I have seen NO results! Its kind-of upsetting! I'm going to clean up my room, then go to work out.....And weigh myself while I'm there. The doctors scale says 154, and the scale where I workout keeps telling me 168. Hopefully it has gone down. I seriously doubt it has though.

I just don't understand! I went from eating whatever, to calorie counting and working out 5 days a week. Maybe I'm looking for results too soon... How long did you take to see results on the scale and mirror? I want to know. I am being a little over the top thinking I will see results in a week but when??? 2 WEEKS, A MONTH, A MONTH 1/2? I just need something to look forward to... emoticon

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AKAFIT 9/15/2010 1:49PM

    Soror, don't give up on yourself. I have decided not to weigh myself for the remainder of the year because I need to learn to measure my success by other things.

Those other things come in a myriad of packages. Can I run longer, yes, I ran over a mile today and then did wind sprints. Do I have more energy, yes because I am eating better and fresher food that help to make my body run more efficiently. Do my clothes fit differently, for the most part yes. I have even gotten compliments from people at church.

The bottom line is that this is about more than the weight loss. This is about your health and your well being. Those are more precious than any weight that will be lost on the scale.

KEEP IT MOVING Soror emoticon

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AFTERMYKIDS 9/15/2010 10:10AM

    Hang in there, you can do this. Yes that crazy scale can be VERY discouraging, there are articles here about measuring your weight loss in other ways. You are not as big as some of the others (like me) so it will probably take a little longer for the scale to change but YOU should see it in your measurments and feel it in the way you feel. Do you have More Energy? Are you finding yourself accomplishing more than what you did before? My sister is alot smaller than I am and she has been here since March and she hasn't lost that much on the scale but she is doing things she NEVER could have before. Yes it can be discouraging but Look at the positive as well. YOU can totally do this! You are doing an awesome job! Just asking for Help and advice shows how much YOU really want this. KEEP it UP!

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SNIKWAD 9/14/2010 9:45PM

    Keep doing what you are doing!! Definitely try to find other ways to measure your progress other than on the scale and just trust that "doing the right thing, it actually works"


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MAGGIEX3UK 9/14/2010 9:32PM

    give it a few months, and remember losing weight doesen't happen overnight. Continue to stick with your plan and look at how you feel on the inside with the new habits. When i started i didn't notice until people started asking which was around 2 months. By november girl you will see a differet. You got this!

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AMBOMAE82 9/14/2010 9:15PM

    I think that everyone sees results at different times. I lost 6 pounds my first week, however, I have no doubt that this was water weight (b/c I drank a ton of water and peed like crazy!). I didn't see results in the mirror for a least a month. It's been three months now and 31 pounds...sometimes I feel like I look exactly the same. You may have other people notice the differences before you do. Keep your chin up! If you keep doing the right things, positive results are coming your way! emoticon

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BUZZ780 9/14/2010 9:13PM

    Everybody is different, and how much (and what type) you work out/eat will vary your results. I didn't see results on the scale for a month but my measurements we're shrinking ebcause I was gaining muscle. Just be strong and patient, these results will last you a life time so if they take a little while to come, it's alright!

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So embarasing!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I went into Hollister to see if I could purchase some sweat pants for the changing season. I was on a search for extra-large for a more comfortable fit. I looked and I looked. None to be found, so I asked a girl who worked there who looked at me kind-of crazy. She said she wasnt sure so she asked someone else whom I watched laugh at her. She came back to me and said they must not have any left. So, highly upset at the lack of effort to find out, I went to talk to a manager. A girl that looked 16 came to me and said the manager had just been assaulted and that she would help me.

I asked her the question and she got someone to help me. The guy went to the back to search fr some sweat-pants in an XL. After about 15 minutes, he came back with about 4 different colors in a large. I explained to him that I asked for a XL. He told me they didnt have any and that I might want to try the men sizes. I said no thanks and left.

I was so SAD to hear that. Not because I was insulted, it was kinda funny. I have gotten to the point that someone would suggest men sizes???? WOW....

I know an XL in Hollister's small clothes isn't bad, but its just the concept....

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SONYALATRECE 9/15/2010 1:03PM

    We look to be about the same size. Because I'm bootylicious, people think I wear meds, but I understand wanting a comfortable fit. Darn these deceptive sizes! Convinced I'm not losing the tush, I'll have to go with other brands quite often.
To heck with those rude salespeople in that store!

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LRWHTC 9/14/2010 3:53PM

    Moorecentury, that's EXACTLY what I thought! But I looked on the website, and they don't. They only go up to large.

Comment edited on: 9/14/2010 7:35:47 PM

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MOORECENTURY 9/14/2010 3:07PM

    That's horrible! I thought every store at least had an XL!

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LRWHTC 9/14/2010 10:05AM

    AKAFIT, you are soo right!! I almost went there, but I was out of town and the trip was perfect!! I didnt want to ruin my own trip! I just had to kind of brush it off! And thank you both! No one ever believes me when I tell them what size I wear!! But I know it so it bothers me!

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AKAFIT 9/14/2010 9:38AM

    #1, you look amazing for an XL. #2, it is a shame that you received such poor customer service, and #3 clothes these days are made to fit TWIGGY. It is really ridiculous. However, I am glad that you kept your sense of humor about the situation. I would have probably gone on a serious MBW (Mad Black Woman) rampage. emoticon

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ADZY86 9/14/2010 6:01AM

    Are you seriously an XL?!!! You're a CUTE XL! lol You look so hot in that bottom picture there emoticon

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One week down, and I dont really have an appitite...VERY UNUSUAL..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I started tracking my fitness and calories Tuesday. I was doing well the 1st couple of days, but now, I am having a loss of appetite. I am not eating all of my meals without being OVERLY stuffed, and I don't have much of an appetite any more. This is very unlike me. I can eat a lot and usually I do. I worked out the past 4 days, and everything I have eaten or done is posted. Please help if you have any tips or knowledge for me. Thanks!!

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ADZY86 9/14/2010 6:02AM

    I'm in the SAME boat! I am really struggling to get to the bottom range of my recommended calories (I don't think i've hit it for the past week or so!!!), and I honestly am eating to the point where I am SOOO full!
I've not started trying to add calories without it feeling like calories e.g. adding some mayonnaise to my salad, a bit of olive oil to my stir-fry etc. Give it a go.

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