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Baby Steps

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Well yesterday was better, but I was still eating too many carbs. I managed to get in cardio and did some strength training. I am looking forward to a few days off from work. I find it easier to stay on target when I am home.

I am going to the circus with the grandkids so that should be fun.

Have a happy holidays and a sparked day.

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FORZACHANDMATT 12/24/2014 10:20AM

    I have been eating way too many carbs and have backtracked a ton and am not logging like I should BUT I will get back on track as you will

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RICKISMOM1 12/24/2014 9:44AM

    Enjoy the grandkids.!

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SHRINK71 12/24/2014 7:10AM

    Youre doing great!!!! Keep it up and have fun at the circus.

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Posting again

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I am now on a two day posting streak. I did a little better with stress eating yesterday. I think I need to plan my dinners better. I did a step toning workout yesterday, and worked out on my stationary bike.

I am focusing on eating less carbs, but I need to go shopping for more healthy choices.
Hope everyone has a sparked day.

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PAULALALALA 12/23/2014 10:31AM


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SHRINK71 12/23/2014 6:45AM

    Awesome!!! Keep doing it one day at a time.

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LEENTJE71 12/23/2014 6:35AM

    Take it one step at a time and you will become who you want to be.

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Well I am still Here.

Monday, December 22, 2014

I have not posted in... almost a year. I have been focusing on exercising and forming good habits. I have been tracking food, and fitness. But I have not posted. I am struggling with the 8 pounds that I have gained since I got to goal. I have not allowed the 20 + pounds that I have lost creep back. I am careful with what I eat, and I am exercising at least an hour for six days a week. I am in the best shape I have been in a long time. My eating habits are better, my choices are better.

I struggle daily with eating. I am a stress eater. If I did not eat those 200-300 extra calories every day; I would be at goal now. Around mid afternoon every day, I get stressed and eat those extra calories. I need to structure something else into my day.

My goal is to manage my stress eating.

I hope you have a sparked day.

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GORIANA 12/23/2014 1:34AM

    Ah stress eating..i am familiar with that and i have eaten myself to n extra 8 lbs too...good luck finding a strategy to get it under control...and do share when you do...or tell us about your experiments.

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RICKISMOM1 12/22/2014 5:09PM

    Can you give yourself 10 minutes every afternoon of "unwind" time?

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SHRINK71 12/22/2014 11:26AM

    the fact that you have kept off most of it is really a success!!! Just keep on being positive!

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Struggles in Maintenance

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I have not posted in a few months. I am working on controlling my eating. I have gotten the fitness thing down. I exercise 60+ minutes most days of the week. I am generally on program with eating, but when I am tired I tend to eat mindlessly. So while I am making good food choices, I am eating too much and not measuring portions.

So what am I going to do. Well I am moving forward. I won't beat myself up. Every day is a chance to do better. My clothes are fitting, but a few straight pencil skirts are a little tight. So my plan is
1600-1800 calories daily.
Exercise 60 minutes 5 -6 times weekly
No eating when I am tired, or after 8 pm except under unusual circumstances.

I have decided that getting 6-7 hours of sleep is really important and I have been doing that. So I am going to succeed.
I am a work in progress.
Have a sparked day.

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TINAJANE76 3/15/2014 12:59PM

    Oh boy, do I share your struggles. Snacking due to lack of sleep is a big one for me. I hope that you've been able to get more sleep and that your plan has been working like a charm!

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JUSTYNA7 2/23/2014 6:37PM

    Woo hoo for maintenance! So proud of you! For me I love my morning pages to calm the monkey chatter... the little worries that may lead to eating later. I'm sure you will figure something that helps.

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KEEPITSIMPLE_ 1/30/2014 6:12PM

    Good for you. You know just what you need to do, and you have a solid plan.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PATRICIA441 1/30/2014 10:20AM

  The first step is realizing what the problem is then it is doing something about it. Good for you! Big High Five!

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FELINA 1/30/2014 9:33AM

    I do the same thing. I do good with the exercise and my meals are healthy most of the time. Snacking for the wrong reasons is my downfall and I'm still working on it.

You have a great plan. You've identified your problem areas and are working on them.

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STEPH-KNEE 1/30/2014 7:00AM

    So glad to hear from you! The best part is you now exactly what the "issue" is, and you have a great plan to combat it! I have missed you, super happy to see you posting! emoticon

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My Motivation

Monday, November 11, 2013

I woke up yesterday with pain in my left eye. I think I scratched my cornea. Plans for zumba out. Bummer since I got zumba bracelets that I wanted to wear. But I need to be flexible, so instead, I did 60 minutes on my exercise bike and a 60 minute yoga fusion workout DVD with weights, and then a floor work DVD; Later on I went with the grands to the zoo. I didn't get as many steps in because I opted for ST instead of cardio so I could rest my eye.

Today my eye is feeling much better. I was happy that although I was not feeling my best yesterday; I was able to modify my program to meet my needs. Although I did not get in 10,00 steps I still got 5600 steps in.

I was also able to do do some decluttering. So the living room is neater.

Today I am planning for toning zumba.

I am happy I am able to modify my plans when things change, and that I did not use it as an excuse to lie in bed all day and do nothing.

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144AUTUMN 11/12/2013 1:10AM

  Keep up the good work!!

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JUSTYNA7 11/11/2013 9:09PM

    Excellent adaptations. I get sore eye sometimes from dryness but it is terrible. I almost didn't believe the optomitrist when they said it was dry eye as it was just one eye.... terrible pain. Take care of it! Lots of drops to help lubricate it.

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DARJR50 11/11/2013 7:09AM

  I like the posters

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LOVELESMILLS 11/11/2013 6:59AM

  Zumba at noon!

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