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Feeling good!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I have been noticing that I feel really good on Mondays and Wednesdays! No doubt because I take better care of my self these days. I have the gym right after class, have a nice salad for dinner, then hit my yoga class! I love it!

I have been thinking today about motivation - I need to keep motivated all week now to go to the gym - I definitely rely on my roommate as my work out buddy, which works well on these 2 days, but our schedules clash on Tues/Thurs and she is gone Fri-Sun. I have been trying to get some of my other friends to be work-out partners with me, but no one else is ever interested in sweating up a storm in the gym. Poo.

I know that if I just suck it up and stop whining I can do this, but it is just a matter of getting myself up and to the gym.

Goal for tomorrow: go to the gym for 1/2hr from 11:45-12:15. That way I can hang with my roommate between our classes, and still have time to shower before my next class. Although that will be a bit pointless: we are working horses tomorrow and possibly setting up a jump course....


End of a long weekend

Monday, October 17, 2011

Okay, so I am tired; happily so, but still tired.
My bf came to visit this weekend for our 1 year anniversary, and we had a lovely weekend! We went to NYC, got caught up in protests (okay, so that was not so lovely) and got to spend all weekend together! I was so happy to see him!
Unfortunately, I did not keep up with tracking my food, and got no formal exercise (but truth be told, I probably got more out of the excessive walking from Penn Station to Central Park and back then any gym time I may have possibly considered doing this weekend anyway). We stopped by the bread factory for dinner, and I got lobster bisque, which was delicious!
Oh! So proud of myself! My bf and my bff decided to order in Chinese food last night, and I chose to eat an apple, a banana, and peanut butter instead! It was great! I got a room that smelled awesome, and got to feel pleasantly full while my fellow eaters were tummy sick for an hour after eating and had to sleep it off. This was the first time that I realized the immediate benefits of a healthier choice; I felt really proud of myself and was the only one who did not over eat (or eat deep fried, fatty goodness).
I have promised to binge on Chinese during finals week, but thankfully my bff has an awful memory! ;)


Crazy Night Ahead!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tonight is going to be mad busy!
Halfway through my workout with my roommate, I realized that dinner was ending in a few minutes, and that if we were going to eat, we would have to quit or eat late night, which is basically glorified fast food (okay, its awesome, but soooo bad for you! yum!) We ran over to dinner in time and had salads and half of a seafood salad wrap :)
Now I am back in my room, but there is a crazy night ahead! In a few minutes we are going back to the gym for a few minutes to workout some before we go to yoga. Immediately after yoga I have a meeting for IHSA (my riding team, which I cannot ride for, but I am still a member and have to attend all meetings). Right after that I am meeting with my presentation group (for the first time) to throw together our formal, full-suit, fancy scientific worded presentation that we need to present tomorrow at 8am!
I can feel the stress building up! I am planning on just taking my bottle of water to sip on while we work, but I know that if we have food I'm going to inhale it more than a smoker inhale Nicotine!
Maybe I should bring some fruit or gum to stave off of the munchies.
Anyway, hopefully I will go to bed early enough to make it to my presentation tomorrow!


WOW! I am a total slacker!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Haha, so I remember deciding to write in this blog to help keep me on track....well, it has been well over a year since I last wrote! So here we go for another try....haha. I have been rollercoastering through my first year of college, both physically and emotionally, but everything is looking up this semester! Well, not quite: I cannot ride on the Equestrian team because of tendon injuries in my ankle, and I cannot run. On the plus side, I have discovered the beauty of the elliptical, and have been using that rather than the stationary bike (another no, no). has been a tad crazy - I am up by 5:30 every morning to work as a "mommy's helper", driving the kids to school for a near-by family, and helping care for the baby and house three days a week. 8am class the other two days gets me up early, and I have somehow managed to fill up my weekends so that they do not allow for much down-time. Needless to say, my sleep patterns have been completely out of whack! This will definitely have to become a priority before I start to run myself ragged!

I have been taking yoga and Pilates twice a week from free classes offered at my school - I have always loved yoga, and I can definitely feel the Pilates working! I just wish that there were classes more often; I feel that I would be seeing more results if I was more regular.

Last thing, to get myself caught up - I am now a pescitarian (I do not eat meat, but I still eat fish, eggs, and dairy products). There are not many vegetarian options in the dining hall, so I have actually been having a more difficult time eating healthily; most nights the only options I have are salad (with no good dressings) and cheese pizza. I have sent letters requesting more options for vegetarians, to no reply.

Does anyone have any suggestions for working a vegetarian menu into college life? Also, any exercises that would put minimal strain on my ankles would be appreciated! Thanks a million!


It's gonna get crazy!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So, it's my last week home before things star to get crazy! I'm leaving for a mission trip to W.V. on Sunday. I'm hoping I'll lose some weight from the hard work, but we're only eating good southern food. I'm praying for the strength to resist! Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes are my life! haha. Leaving W.V. a day early to visit my school in NJ (once again, the college food is gonna be sooooo bad for me, but I'm planning on packing lunch to avoid it). The real fun begins the tues after NJ. I'm going out of the country for the first time! Heading down to Nicaragua to help build a school!!! XD I havn't been more excited for something in my life! like, not even the release of Harry Potter 7, or getting my own room, or my horse(ok, maybe my horse, but still) I can't wait! It's gonna be mega hot, & we're gonna be living on beans and rice, and rice and beans, so I'm probably gonna lose a ton! Now if I can keep it off.....


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